Black Friday: Where Will You Be Tomorrow?

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I just learned that tomorrow is called Black Friday.

For a moment I wondered…is this like Black Tuesday?  Are they now pre-predicting catastrophic days for the stock market?

Thankfully, no.

Black Friday is that day after Thanksgiving when, apparently, everybody goes to shop.  I am not one of them because I don’t enjoy a crowded day at the mall, much less a day at the mall.

But there is one option that I just discovered:  Black Friday at has all the great shopping deals without all the hassle.  You can venture through the virtual mall while you are sipping coffee, hanging out with the family, and watching football.

Not a bad deal.  I like Black Friday at

I also like that the stock market closes early on Black Friday…maybe I’ll have some money left over to buy all the great stuff on


For those of you who check in regularly (my site has been visited by well over 100,000 of you 😉 ), I apologize for my recent absence.  I have been visiting various websites to find the Best Christmas Gifts for 2008, including the iPod Nano Purple (my personal favorite) or the more simple Digital Photo Keychain.  These pursuits lead me to this newly acquired knowledge of Black Friday at

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Richard CummingsBlack Friday: Where Will You Be Tomorrow?

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