Condoleezza Rice for Vice President

Condoleezza Rice Would Reject VP Job

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Condoleezza Rice for Vice President

Condoleezza Rice Would Not Accept Vice President Position

In an interview with CBS this morning, Condoleezza Rice said that there is no way that she would accept the job of VP if Mitt Romney offered it to her.

“There is no way that I will do this,” were her exact words that the Romney campaign certainly did not want to hear.

Of course, the choice of a VP is all about politics rather than political affinity. Must the VP candidate share the views of the president elect? Absolutely not. It’s all about shoring up votes.

And, one senses that a nod to Condoleezza Rice would be to garner support for women and blacks, two groups Romney hopes to sway in this campaign.

But, Rice made it abundantly clear that she would decline.

See the full video below.

Condoleezza Rice: Interview on CBS This Morning

This video will be available shortly.

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Richard CummingsCondoleezza Rice Would Reject VP Job

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