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A List of the Latest DVD Movies & New Releases

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Since I am a huge movie fan, I have compiled this page called DVD Movies New Releases for everyone who wants to have immediate access to a list of new DVD releases.

The list of popular new DVD releases below was put together for you today, . I do this automatically with a little bit of technical ingenuity 😉 The picture you see to your left is the top DVD rental at this very moment!

Below, you will find the movie or television DVD release ranking, movie box cover, movie stats, latest movie review, and the overall rating given to the movie.

My favorite part is the new DVD release movie reviews. It’s always amazing to me the different perspectives people have: one person will hate it and another will love. This diversity is what makes the reviews so interesting. Since these reviews are automated, you can sometimes reload the page and see an entirely different review. Pretty cool, huh?

I have also set up this list of the DVD Movies New releases so that you can click the movie and watch or preview it in real time! Yes, that’s right, all of these DVDs are also watchable online on your computer screen or your TV. (Read my article connect PC to TV and How To Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV for more info.)

So, enough with the jibber-jabin’, here is the list of top DVD releases for today .

List Of New DVD Releases

DVD Movies New Releases: Summary

I hope that you have enjoyed this list of the new DVDs that are just hitting the market. If you are fellow movie lover like me, you enjoy knowing exactly what is the latest and great in movie releases.

Remember, you do not need to go to the video store any more or use NetFlix to rent DVDs. You can Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV. It’s actually very easy to do and you may have the devices needed to do it already.

The other alternative is to watch the downloaded movies on your computer. But, even with this option, you can learn how to connect computer to TV, download the movie to your computer, and then watch on your Top Rated LCD TV.

If you are like me and love movies, these are pretty cool ways to get your movie.

Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed my list of new DVD releases. Remember, this page is constantly updated so go ahead and bookmark it so that you will always know the top 10 DVD rentals in real time.

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Richard CummingsA List of the Latest DVD Movies & New Releases

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