Family Christmas Games: Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition

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Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition:   Scrabble for Christmas
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Scrabble Diamond Edition: A Great Family Christmas Gift Idea

Scrabble is always one of the best family Christmas Gift Ideas and this year it’s even better with the Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition.

Do you know what number a diamond anniversary represents?  Sixty!  That’s right.  For 60 years, Parker Brothers  has been putting out Scrabble and for generations families have been enjoying this wonderful game.

One of the reasons that families love to play Scrabble together is because the whole family, from ages 8 and up, can enjoy this great game.  And now, with this sleek new 60 year version, the pleasure is multiplied with cool new tiles and lots of colors.  Also, this anniversary edition of Scrabble contains a raised grid so that your letters will not go flying all over the place.

As you see below, the feedback for the new game of Scrabble is terrific, achieving nearly perfect reviews.  Both kids and parents love the price, portability, and new features.

To enhance your family fun this Christmas, buy the Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition now while sales and supplies last!

Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition by Parker Brothers: Product Description

Parker Brothers has been making outstanding games for longer than most of us have been alive.  Here is what they have to say about their latest Scrabble incarnation:

Sixty has never looked so good! This Diamond Anniversary Edition Scrabble features sleek black and silver tiles, a rotating board splashed with color, curved letter racks of smoky red plastic, and much more. With two built-in side trays for storing game pieces and a raised grid that keeps your letters in place, this anniversary edition of Scrabble will…read more“.

Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition: Customer Reviews

As mentioned above, nearly everyone who has purchased this game sings it’s praises.

Recent, on October 27, this traveler quipped: “I play a lot of Scrabble on the go (at coffee shops, on vacations, etc.) and this set is perfect for that. Small enough to tote around, but folds out into a full size, rotating scrabble-board in a durable hard shell…” She named her  review Nice budget scrabble set and gave Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition a 5 star rating.

In a review on October 26 entitled Perfect 1st Scrabble game, lilnightmist wrote, “This set is so perfect for our kids!

The set up is easy enough for them and i love that even after a year they have yet to lose a piece unlike many other board games we have…For us this was the perfect 1st Scrabble game to get the kids to love playing!” This reviewer gave Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition a 4 star rating.

On October 24, this reviewer said: “I bought this for my parents… They LOVE scrabble…The whole playing board is in a durable and portable carrying case. I recommend this to any scrabble lovers! Enjoy!” This person named their review Travel friendly and they gave Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition a 5 star rating.

In a review on September 16 entitled Great scrabble set!, John wrote, “I highly recommend this set. It is sturdy and well made of high quality plastic. ” This reviewer gave Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition a 5 star rating.

On September 07, another parent added: “This is a great educational toy for children, of any age, I have four year olds playing, not correctly of course but they enjoy using the letters that they know, so I think its a great start for them.”

Based on all 90 reviews, the Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition has achieved an average rating of 4.5 STARS out of 5!

Buy the Scrabble, Diamond Anniversary Edition now.

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