Funkilicious Fridays–Because a Sunset Without Music is Boring

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This is the long awaited return of Funkilcious Fridays (subscribe to Funkilicious Fridays by email), those 5 videos each Friday morning that inspire you each weekend to be your best…or your worst.

Have you worked all week like a slave, laboring for the the man, to not live it up this weekend? Do me a favor. Be honest with your co-worker today. Liberate yourself.

At the water cooler this morning, when he/she asks you “what are your plans for the weekend?”, you know they don’t really care what you say. They are just making conversation. This morning, you need to respond: “I think I’ll probably get laid tonight and smoke a fatty with some friends. You?” This is the way to a better workplace and better weekend!

John Mellencamp – Wild Night Video Featuring Me’Shell Ndegeocello

If you don’t like John Cougar, you might not have a heartbeat…or a wild night!

Toes in the Sand Video

I made this video special for you…and for me as I head off on the Sailing Southern Ground Cruise. I have posted it before, but it brings that special Funkilicious Friday feeling that you need today, right now.

Katy Perry California Girls Video

Funkilicious Fridays loves California Girls especially when they come after a Snoopilicious intro and are wearing Daisy Dukes bikinis on stop

Katy perry – california girls music video
Uploaded by tevochannel. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

Kid Rock All Summer Long Video

I am not sure there is a better song for the summer or a sexier image than a woman in small blue jean shorts drinking a PBR. Today might just be the day of setting aside your rap collection, letting go of the top ten songs and embracing Southern Rock…maybe all summer long.

Is there a better idea than singin Sweet Home Alabama all summer long? I think not!

Kid Rock Wastin’ Time Video

Once I start with the Southern Rock, it’s hard to get me off it. In these days of “taking advantage of the time we’re given”, it might be better to spend your time Wastin’ Time…

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Richard CummingsFunkilicious Fridays–Because a Sunset Without Music is Boring

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