Funkilicious Fridays, September 19th

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Back, for your Friday Funkiness.

It’s Friday…time to lighten your load, knock down that sign that says “Follow the Rules”, have a cocktail at lunch (go on…you only have 4 more hours!), and get your Friday Freak On with these five videos.

“But what if I don’t like the songs you choose?”

“Buts” are for Monday. Butts are for Friday.

Now, get off your chair, and move your butt. The weekend is here! And if you want Funkilicious Fridays in your box, your mail box that is, get it automatically delivered!

The first song is for all those who can’t find lovin’ this weekend. You always have an option my friend.

The Divinyls: I Touch Myself

Kid Rock Wastin’ Time

Kid Rock kicks as* and if you don’t agree, you have no taste. He’s a blend of hip-hop, Southern Rock, and Classic Rock. Ever watch his VH1 Behind the Scenes. In spite of being from a well-to-family, he hit up Detroit with all his tunes, sleeping on couches and finding pennies in fountains before finding fame on Sunset Blvd. Kid Rocks!

You may notice in the first video that there’s no video. Because, quite literally, there is no Wastin’ Time video. So, I’ve given you a “live” bonus!

And the Live Version of Wasting Time

Nelly: Batter Up

Straight out my home town in St. Louis: Nelly and the St. Lunatics. And, of course, Mr. Jefferson!

Numb (Encore): Lincoln Park and Jay-Z

Great question in this is song: What the Hell Are You Waiting For?

Black or White: Michael Jackson

In honor of election year!

Now go have kick-a*s weekend!

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Richard CummingsFunkilicious Fridays, September 19th

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