Funkilicious Fridays, September 26th

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It’s Funkilicious Fridays, that day when the stoplight changes from red to green.  You’ll social life has been on stop.

Now it’s time to GO!

To start the day, grab a cup of coffee, feel it going down warm, and imagine yourself somewhere, somewhere different than where you are, somewhere relaxing, somewhere where dreams come true…

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Pon De Replay: Rihanna

Alright, you’ve had your coffee, you realize the worlds that await you this weekend, now do a little Pon De Replay (and while you’re at, —Subscribe to Funkilicious Fridays by Email –it’s totally secure and you won’t receive anything but 5 great music videos each week!)

Rolling Stones- Sympathy For The Devil

How do you go from Rhianna to the Rolling Stones? You put a little ice in a glass, throw in a little shot of hip-hop, and mix it with several dashes of the best Rock N’ Roll of all time. Then, you add a twist and you’ve got a devlish little cocktail…

Do Ya Thang: Ice Cube

Ice Cube is still rollin’ through LA, a little more polished than his days with NWA, but he’s still got it! Do Ya Thang with Ice Cube!

Ants Marching, Dave Matthews

Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge DMB fan. So what better way to close out The Funkilicious Five this Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching

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Richard Cummings

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Richard Cummings
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Richard CummingsFunkilicious Fridays, September 26th

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