Google Nexus Featuring Jelly Bean

Google Nexus With Android Jelly Bean: Let the Fun Begin!

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Google Nexus Featuring Jelly Bean

The New Google Nexus With Jelly Bean!

The latest variation of Google Android–Jelly Bean–is now available on the Google Nexus HSPA+ and will soon be incorporated into many other smartphone and tablet devices.

There are several new features touted in Jelly Bean and one of those is Google Now. What is Google Now? Google Now packages many features together that you probably use separate apps for. For example, Google Now will automatically deliver you weather, traffic, sports scores, and much more all in neat little notes called “cards”.

Another feature being touted with Android Jelly Bean is like butter. It’s actually known as Project Butter, designed to make Jelly Bean faster and more responsive. In addition, Project Butter enhances your Smartphone and Tablet keypad experience.

Google Nexus With Android Jelly Bean:  A Video Look Inside Jelly Bean

Here is a comprehensive video of Google Nexus using Android Jelly Bean. The presenter gives excellent examples of Jelly Bean and we see just how awesome and quick Jelly Bean is on the Google Nexus.

Is the Google Nexus with Jelly Bean better than an iPhone?

Let’s have a look at some sites that discuss this matter.

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Google Nexus with Android Jelly Bean: Conclusion

If you have not laid your hands on the Google Nexus, it is quite a product. Many objective observers prefer it to the iPhone. And, with Android Jelly Bean, it’s even better. You owe to yourself to play with it and let the fun begin!

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Richard CummingsGoogle Nexus With Android Jelly Bean: Let the Fun Begin!

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