Great Family Christmas Game: Seinfeld SceneIt

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Scene It? Seinfeld:   Seinfled SceneIt for Christmas
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Family Christmas Games: Seinfled SceneIt Leads the Pack

There is no doubt about it…Seinfeld SceneIt is fun for the whole family and makes one of the best Family Christmas Gifts that you could buy this year.

Too often, we buy Christmas Gifts for specific people but neglect the family as a whole.  However, isn’t family what Christmas is all about?

And, if you have Seinfeld lovers in your family, you will all enjoy a good time with Seinfeld SceneIt!

Do you remember all the old Seinfeld shows?  Test your Seinfeld knowledge with fellow family TV lovers with Seinfeld SceneIT?

Will you be master of your domain at home with Seinfeld SceneIT?

This is rated as one of the best Family Christmas Games because it brings everyone in the family together and allows you to have great laughs with the family as you test your Seinfled knowledge!

Scene It? Seinfeld by Scene It: Product Description

SceneIt makes great games that can be enjoyed by many at one time.  They describe Seinfeld SceneIt this way:

Prove your TV trivia prowess to friends and family with the Scene It? Seinfeld Deluxe Edition DVD board game for adults. This entertaining trivia game will have you racing around the game board as you try to tackle brainteasers and answer questions as you relive some of your favorite scenes from all nine seasons of one of America’s most popular television…read more“.

Scene It? Seinfeld: Customer Reviews

Seinfeld SceneIT has been a big hit with those who have purchased it.  Here is what recent reviewers had to say about Seinfeld SceneIt.

On July 29, this reviewer said: “Enjoyed the game. Wish you could adjust the timer in “Party Mode”. My boyfriend and I really know this show and we get the answers pretty fast, It would be nice not to have to wait so long for the answer. Otherwise, it had very good questions!” This person named their review Lot’s of fun! and they gave Scene It? Seinfeld a 4 star rating.

On April 12, this reviewer added : “If you are a fan of the TV show, this game is for you! Lot’s of fun and a good variety of questions. Even non-fans can play as there are some categories that don’t require in depth knowledge of the show.

Great party game and the “party mode” makes for a laid back session if you don’t want to get the board out and play a more serious game. ” This person named their review Great for the true Seinfeld Fan (or fanatic!) and they gave Scene It? Seinfeld a 5 star rating.

Based on all 67 reviews, the Scene It? Seinfeld has achieved an average rating of 4.0 STARS out of 5!

Get one of the best Christmas family gamesBuy the Scene It? Seinfeld now.

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Richard CummingsGreat Family Christmas Game: Seinfeld SceneIt

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