Is WebSite 1 or 2 words?

Is Web Site 1 or 2 Words?

Is Web site One or Two Words?I have been wondering whether the word “website” is one or two words. What do you think?

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Richard CummingsIs Web Site 1 or 2 Words?

Will The Flu Shot Give Me The Flu?

Will-The-Flu-Shot-Give-Me-The-FluWill the flu shot give you the flu?

This is the question on the table today. In fact, we’ve all heard that vaccinations contain a little bit of the virus so it’s natural to think that the flu vaccine may actually give some people the flu.

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Richard CummingsWill The Flu Shot Give Me The Flu?

What Does YOLO Mean?

The Meaning of YOLO

YOLO is an acronym that one must embrace! We’ll tell you what YOLO means and how it got popular!

You all have probably heard the expression that someone is “like a cat with 9 lives”.  But that is just an expression.

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Richard CummingsWhat Does YOLO Mean?
Kindle Fire Keyboard Disappears

Kindle Fire Keyboard Disappears After I Press One Key?

Kindle Fire Keyboard DisappearsWhen I am using my Amazon Kindle Fire, the keyboard disappears after I type just one key in Google.  I then have to go back and type another key to get the keyboard to stay there.  Why is this and is there a solution?

Fortunately, you can correct the disappearing keyboard problem on the Kindle Fire fairly easily with the quick workaround below.

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Richard CummingsKindle Fire Keyboard Disappears After I Press One Key?

What is Google Now?

What is Google Now

Google Now is all the rage right now especially with the latest release of Google’s Android, known as Jelly Bean.  So, what is Google Now?  We’ll tell you all about Google Now, right here and right now.

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Richard CummingsWhat is Google Now?