Has Roger Federer Won a French Open?

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As I am sitting here watching the French Open online, I am wondering has Roger Federer won a French Open?

I believe that the answer is “yes” but I need to put on my research cap to confirm this.

As I am a tennis fan, I think that I remember Roger Federer winning the French Open in the year that Rafa Nadal was hurt. I remember this year because Roger had never won a French Open and it diminished his career accomplishments a little bit because it meant that he did not have the career grand slam.

In fact, this year (2012), he is now again in the semi-finals, and is playing Novak Djokovic. One of these two will win and then they will probably lose to Rafael Nadal, who just crushed his semi-final opponent, in the finals.

But, back to the question at hand. Has Federer won a French Open?

The answer is “yes”. Roger Federer beat Söderling, who had beaten Nadal in the fourth round, in the finals of the 2009 French Open. Thus, Roger has completed the career grand slam.

The better question may be: Will Roger Federer ever be able to win another French Open?

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Richard CummingsHas Roger Federer Won a French Open?

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