How Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano

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how do you download songs onto an iPod Nano

In this article, I will answer the question, “How Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano?”.  I recently purchased an iPod Nano and realized that many people want to know how put music onto an iPod.

iPod Nano’s Are the Coolest

First, off congratulations! If you are on this page, you probably own an iPod Nano, by far the coolest and best MP3 player that exists today.

I bought mine because my old iPod Shuffle was not allowing me to do the things that I needed to do. I was investigating the best way to learn Spanish and I realized that I needed to buy audio books in Spanish to have my best shot at learning Spanish. However, with the iPod Shuffle, you do not get a screen so you cannot choose your songs.

I still have my Shuffle though because I love it. If you read my post Two iPods, One Computer, you can see that it is not that difficult to have two iPods and use them both at the same time. iTunes knows that you have two and it says, “Right on, two iPods, you rule”.

Anyway, I purchased the iPod Nano because I had heard great things and I did not want get an iPod Touch–too big.

I could not be more thrilled with my Nano–it rules. And if you have one too, chances are that you have become instantly cool if you were lacking in that area.

But back to the point of this post: how do you download songs onto an iPod Nano?

Does Everyone Know How to Download Songs Onto a Nano

Obviously not everyone knows how to download songs onto a Nano or not everyone would be asking how to do it.

We’re not all young hipsters who “own” a technology the day that we get it. (Well, I am, but that is because I’m cool like that.)

Need proof? I just read a funny article called Buying Your Parents an iPod is a Pain the Arse. In this article, we find a grandma who thinks that she can somehow play records through her new iPod.

So, some people need to know how to put music onto an iPod and it doesn’t just come completely naturally.

Putting Music on Your iPod Nano: A Good Place To Start

For those that are just beginning this process, there is an article called how do you download songs onto an iPod that is a very good place to start. This page has how to videos on how to put songs onto your iPod.

How Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano: The Quick Start

For me, since I owned a shuffle in the past, I am familiar with the basic process of transferring music to my MP3 Player.

There are two components: the hardware (physical stuff) and the software (the computer programs that allow you to transfer music to your iPod).

The hardware part is pretty easy. Your iPod Nano comes with a cable. One end of this cable plugs into your iPod Nano and the other end of the cable plugs into an available USB port on your computer. After you get this setup, your computer will recognize your iPod Nano. At this point, the hardware portion of the iPod Nano setup is complete. But you are not done yet!

Now, you need iTunes. Ironically, many people ask How Can I Get Free Itunes For My Ipod when iTunes is actually a free product…you do not have to pay for it. So, don’t pay for it.

After you download iTunes, your system will then recognize the new iPod Nano in your system as long as you have your iPod connected to your system.  It will be under the “devices column”.   When you click on your iPod Nano under devices, you will see a sync button in the bottom right of the screen.  You will click that to synch your music.

But wait!  You are not done transferring music to your iPod because you have not yet selected the music to be transferred…and this is where the iPod Nano really rules.

Transferring Music and Much More to Your iPod Nano

The iPod Nano not only allows you to play music, but you can view photos, watch TV, watch Movies, play games, and all different sorts of things.

Think that the screen is too small for movies and TV shows? Well, I beg to differ. I recently had an overseas flight and wanted to watch some movies. Instead of relying on my new top rated netbook to watch the movies, I wanted to give it a shot with the iPod Nano. This rocked!

I held the screen close to my face and it was like watching it on a big LCD TV. I loved it.

Anyway, back to transferring music and more to your iPod Nano. After you have clicked devices, you will see a bunch of tabs in the right hand column and these tabs allow you to click the things that you want to transfer to your iPod Nano.

For my music, I create playlists and then select the appropriate playlist to be copied over to my iPod Nano. This is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Where’s the Music?

Believe it or not, some folks think that they just are entitled to music with their iPod and can get whatever music that they want for free. (Well, they can if they know the tricks 🙂 ).

But for most of us, we have to pay for the music and movies that we want to listen to and view. If you already have music on CD, you can place the CD in your computer and it will automatically convert it to an iPod compatible format and place it on your computer.

If you want more music, this is what iTunes is all about and why iTunes is free. iTunes makes all of their money by selling you music, movies, TV shows, and more. However, truth be told, it is a great deal. You can get new songs for about $1 and, in today’s world, you do not have to buy the whole album…you can just buy the songs that you like.

This is very cool. How often in the past did you have to buy a whole album just to get the one song that you wanted? Those days are over my friend!

How Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano: Summary

It is fairly easy to transfer music to your iPod Nano. Simply connect the hardware by using the cable provided. Place one end in the iPod Nano and the other end, the USB end, into your computer.

After this connection is established, you will install iTunes and this will enable you to transfer music to your iPod.

If you already have music, simply place your CDs into your computer and iTunes will convert them. If not, you can buy whatever you would like on iTunes, including movies and television shows.

If you purchased an iPod Nano recently, you probably have one with 8 or 16GB, which will hold thousands of songs, photos, and up to 8 hours of video.

With all the colors and small size, I vote the iPod Nano as the coolest of all iPods and fully recommend it. I hope this article has helped you with your question of how do you download songs onto an iPod Nano and provided the necessary information for you to start enjoying the coolest iPod on the market.

Transferring Music To Your iPod: Further Information

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