How To Focus…Or Not

how-to-focusThis morning I lost focus which happens with regularity.

Fortunately, I can control it because I am aware of it.  If you are aware of losing focus, does that by definition make you focused?

My intention was to create a page on my how to video site about how to copy a DVD to a DVD because a lot of people want to know how to do this.  I had already written about how to copy DVD to hard drive and people really liked it so I thought I would expand on the topic.

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Richard CummingsHow To Focus…Or Not

Sex and The Three Different Types of Women

women-sexual-preferencesI recently had a Skype chat with my friend Lynne about sex and the 3 categories of women.

Lynne is French, resides in London, and she runs a Sex in the City type of blog about being single in the city of London.   She mentioned to me that she had not had sex in awhile.  She speculated that, at this point in her life, she was dormant.  Her femininity was there and ready to be activated but, currently, she had no libido.  She joked that she should rename her blog No Sex in The City.

So, I said:  “I wonder what category you fall into?”

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Richard CummingsSex and The Three Different Types of Women
all news is bad

Time to Stop Watching the News

all news is badIs all the news bad and is it simply time to stop watching bad news?

Let’s have a look at my recent viewing of news. I was not seeking bad news. In fact, I prefer good news. But here’s what I got.

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Richard CummingsTime to Stop Watching the News

Waking Up

waking-up-morning-coffeeThere are many different ways to wake up.  You can’t control them; they just are.

I liked the way I woke today.  Normally, I wouldn’t have liked it because I woke up too early.  When you wake up too early, it often means that you did not get enough sleep.  Who wants to start a new day without enough sleep the night before?

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Richard CummingsWaking Up
tuesday at work

Why Tuesday Sucks

tuesday at workIf you’re in a bad mood today, let me tell you why. It’s Tuesday.

Tuesday has no raison d’être. If your unfamiliar with that term, look it up. It’s Tuesday after all and you feel like shit…might as well learn something.Read More

Richard CummingsWhy Tuesday Sucks

Hillary’s Hypocrisy

hillary-clinton-hypocriticalDid Hillary Clinton fail in her Presidential bids because people found her hypocritical? I wrote this piece back in 2008 when she was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

We all know what happened in 2008 … and then again in 2016, when we witnessed the instructive election of Donald Trump.

Some people find Hillary dislikable, others disingenuous, and still others hypocritical.

These were my thoughts back in 2008. Let me know what you think.

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Richard CummingsHillary’s Hypocrisy

My Condition

mild-ocd-essayThe word for it  currently escapes me.  (I think that it will come to me within two paragraphs).  But I am semi-it.

I haven’t even had two sips of coffee yet and I don’t know that the brain is turned on.  Although, when I was in bed, debating whether to arise, thoughts were rapid-fire but in a mellow feel good fashion, not frenetic.  That may be the perfect state.  In bed, all comfy, enjoying ideas a-flowing.  Perhaps I should go back.

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Richard CummingsMy Condition

Contacting Paulo Coelho, Part III, The Email

(Read Contacting Paulo Coelho… to learn the background of this email)

Dear Paulo Coelho,

In The Alchemist, you mention that “…when someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”Read More

Richard CummingsContacting Paulo Coelho, Part III, The Email

Contacting Paulo Coelho, Part II

(click here to read part I of the story)

David knew what that normal life entailed.  He had lived it the past 5 years.  At 28, he thought, if I go back now, that will be it.  I will probably never return.  And he was probably right.

A traveler who returns home from his journeys always wants to travel again.  Perhaps he need not travel to the same physical place, but he will want to travel to recapture the feeling, the spirit, the adventure of meeting new people and having new experiences each day.  He wants to, but he probably won’t.Read More

Richard CummingsContacting Paulo Coelho, Part II

Contacting Paulo Coelho…

contacting-paulo-coelhoIt’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.   Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I am seated in South America writing.  Would I be seated here writing Contacting Paulo Coelho were it not for The Alchemist?  Probably, but not certainly.

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Richard CummingsContacting Paulo Coelho…