Quiddler: A Great Christmas Gift for All

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Quiddler:   Quiddler for Christmas
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Christmas Gifts for Kids: Quiddler

Quiddler makes a great Christmas Gift for children and adults alike as it provides endless hours of Holiday fun for the whole family.

You know by now that we only pick the Best Christmas Gifts and Quiddler is no exception.  As you see below, based on more than 200 reviews, Quiddler has received a perfect score.  This is nearly unheard of!

Why is Quiddler one of the best Christmas Gifts for Kids and adults alike?

Well, first of all, it is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  A little bit like Scrabble, Quiddler comes with cards that contain letters of the alphabet and combinations of letters that are used to build words.  Your goal in playing the game is to turn your cards into real words that can pass the dictionary test.

Your kids love it as it stimulates their minds and allows them to have a fun game to play with everyone in the family.  You will love it as it allows you to spend time with the family and enjoy a great game in the process.

As you see in all of the perfect reviews below, the common sentiment is “I love Quiddller!”

You will too…buy the Quiddler now before Holiday supplies run out!

Quiddler by SET Enterprises: Product Description

Quiddler is desinged by SET Enterprises, makers of great games.  Here is how they describe their product:

The challenge of Quiddler is to arrange your entire hand into words. Draw and discard in turn. Try to use those high point letters, but don’t get caught with them uncombined! Quiddler is fast paced because you can play using everyday words. A bonus is given for the most words in each round (so little words can help you win), as well as for the longest…read more“.

Quiddler: Customer Reviews

As mentioned, Quiddler is a great Christmas gift for the whole family.  It has received flawless reviews from all those who have it.  Currently priced under $10, it makes a great game for the whole family.  Here is what others have had to say about this great game.

On September 23, this mother said: “I played this game on vacation with some friends, it has become a family favorite and we love to share it with all our friends. They are all hooked too!” She named her review I love Quiddler and gave Quiddler a 5 star rating.

The family praised then continues.

On September 14, another reviewer added: “We have a family of game players and crossword puzzlw addits. We loved the game.” This person named their review We love to play cards and they gave Quiddler a 5 star rating.

The love continues in the review below.  Again, it is mentioned what a great family game this is.

“..Llove this game. its fun and teaches your to explore new words. highly recommended for a family night game.” This person named their review Quiddler and they gave Quiddler a 5 star rating.

In a review on September 08 entitled Easy to Learn and Play, chocobunne wrote, “Great game to learn and fun to play. Order was easy and arrived quickly. (It was a gift for a family member). Great service.” This reviewer gave Quiddler a 4 star rating.

On September 05, another reviewer summed up the sentiments of all: “An excellent game that enhances vocabulary, exercises use of the dictionary, and gives an appreciation of the abilities of the English language.” This person named their review Quiddler and they gave Quiddler a 5 star rating.

Based on all 230 reviews, the Quiddler has achieved an average rating of 5.0 STARS out of 5!

Buy the Quiddler now.

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