Seahawks Beat Saints!

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The Seattle Seahawks beat the New Orleans Saints! Will this be the headline in 60 minutes? Currently the Seahawks are leading by 14 going into the 4th quarter. Unbelievable!

And, just as I write this, the Saints drive down the field and make this a 7 point game.

How do you watch NFL football from outside the United States?  It’s quite amazing actually and it’s not available in the USA.  It’s called the NFL Gamepass.   This site allows you to watch every single NFL game live and see recorded versions of any game for the past several years.  Additionally, you have stats available at the touch of a button.  While there are many articles about how you can watch the Superbowl online, there certainly is no better place to watch football than NFL Gamepass.  I believe that the NFL Gamepass is not available in the US because of Direct TV’s exclusive deal with the NFL.  But, if it were, I think just about every football fan in America would subscribe.

Ok, back to the Seahwaks-Saints.

Uh-oh, my headline of Seahawks beat Saints is in serious jeopardy.   The Saints scored a TD the last time they had the ball and the Seahawks seem to have lost a lot of momentum as they just went three and out and the Saints have the ball again.

Alright, while it looked like the Saints would score another touchdown, the Seahawks held the Saints to just a field goal.  The score is now 34-30 Seahawks but the Seahawks cannot currently move the football.

The Seahawks just got a critical first down with a Hasselback pass to Stokley, who has had a great game.

The Seahawks are now forced to punt with  6:10 remaining and the Saints down by 4.

For all of those talking NFL heads who were saying that the Seahawks did not deserve a spot in the playoffs, I wonder if this game changes their mind a bit.  This is one incredible football game.  You just gotta get there…and the Seahawks did that (unfortunately,  they did it by beating my hometown Rams).

The Seahawks hold the Saints  and the Saints are forced to punt with just 4:20 on the clock.  The Seahawks now have the ball and will try to win this thing by eating up the clock.

Touchdown Seahawks in an unbelievable run!  Marshon Lynch just ran about 70 yards breaking at least 6 tackles.  That might be the best run play of the whole NFL season.  I think the fat lady is about to sing.

The Saints are down by 11 with only 3 minutes left!

The Saints score a touchdown with 1:42 left.  The Saints will go for two to make it a 3 point game….and they don’t make it.

Now, presumably, the Saints must do an onside kick down by 5 with 1:40 left…and it fails.

The Seahawks have the ball now with 1:20 left and successfully run out the clock.

It’s official now:  The Seahawks best the Saints!

This may be the one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history as the 7-9 Seahawks beat the 11-5 Saints.

What a game!

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Richard CummingsSeahawks Beat Saints!

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