Listening To Google Makes AdSense!

There are many people who did not listen to Google when Google said, “Quality content always wins”.  They thought they could game the system and beat Google by creating cheap made for AdSense sites that succeeded through SEO, not quality content.  Well, guess who won?  Listening to Google always makes AdSense.

Are You In AdSense For The Long Haul?

I talked to some people a ways back who were trying to game the Google AdSense system.  They were making pretty good money by creating shallow content sites chalk full of AdSense ads.  These are often referred to as Made For AdSense, or MFA, sites.

While I was trying to create content that would last over time, these people were making a lot of money but adding no value.  I was following Google’s advice:  Make quality sites, create quality content, and people will come…just like in the old movie Field of Dreams.

These people had a smug look about them.  Who would you bother with creating quality content? These people all make their money with scraper sites–sites that automatically steal content and automatically post to their MFA sites.

Well, their smug look is gone.

With Google’s recent algorithm updates, sites that were MFA with shallow content got slammed.  The smug looks have all but disappeared as those who tried to game the system are now searching for other jobs.

Sure, there are still some sites that sit atop the Google rankings with shallow content.  But, Google will out them eventually.  They have eyes on the results and these eyes are not just bots…they are real people in some cases.

So, you simply need to ask yourself one question:  Are you trying to make money online with AdSense as a career?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, listening to Google not only makes sense, it makes AdSense!

Richard CummingsListening To Google Makes AdSense!

Choosing Adsense Topics

In this article, I am going to talk about choosing the best AdSense topicswho clicks AdSense Ads, and whether it matters to you.

In a post entitled AdSense and Ad Blindess: The Future of Google AdSense , I talked about the idea of “Ad Blindness”.  This term also comes up quite a bit when people consider where to place AdSense Ads on a page.

But, today, I am going to ad another twist to this idea of Ad Blindness which I will call topical ad blindness, which may influence your choice of web site topics.  You might just big a victim of topical ad blindness right now.  Or, perhaps the victim could be me 😉

You are reading this page right now because, presumably, you have an interest in making money online and more specifically, you have an interest in learning how to make money with AdSense.  I know this because this blog is exclusively about my experiences with AdSense.

So, since you are here and wanting to learn specifically how to succeed with AdSense, I have perhaps the most pertinent question to ask you:  Do you click on Ads as you are reading about making money online?

If your answer to that question is “no”, that may lead you to another conclusion:  You should not create a blog about making money online because, if you do not click on ads, then a good deal of others may not as well.  Right?

This is what I am calling topical ad blindness.  Maybe I can trademark that term and make a little money ;).  Seriously though, there are topics on which people click on ads in a much smaller proportion than they do with other topics.

For example, blogs with technology solutions are normally very heavily trafficked.  However, depending on the type of solutions provided, these heavily trafficked sites may not provide much of an advertising return.

Let me give you an example.

If you create a site with basic technical solutions, you will probably do very well with AdSense.  One site that I consistently see placed extremely high in Google for basic technical solutions is a site called Ask Dave Taylor.  As an example, if you type in the term How can I speed up my Windows XP PC? in Google, you will see Dave Taylor’s page on this topic currently ranks #2.  This is a good topical AdSense topic!


Well, when you consider AdSense topics to write about, you need to consider what type of  visitor that the page/topic will bring.  Is it a topically ad blind person or will they click on the ads?   We can conclude that people who want to know how to speed up a Windows XP PC are not computer experts and thus will much less Ad Blind than technical professionals.  Translation:  They will be more likely to click on AdSense Ads.

On the other hand, you may want to create a site that focuses on deep technical solutions like programming a MySQL database.  Now, again, ask yourself who will visit that page? Anybody programming and designing a MySql database is deeply computer literate and will probably click on ads with much less frequency.

What does all of this have to do with you?

Well, a whole lot.

This idea may actually completely dictate the topic of your blog or what you choose to write about.  If your goal in monetizing the site is to make money with AdSense, you will need A LOT more traffic if you choose to write about deeply technical topics to bring good returns since fewer people will click on the ads.

As I wrote about in AdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them , there are many factors to consider when you coming up with topics about which to write.  While topical ad blindness should definitely be a factor, it should not be the deciding factor.

You have to create quality content to succeed with Google AdSense and, in the end, this only comes from writing about topics that you love to write about.

Otherwise, I might not have bothered writing this 😉

Want to learn other ways to earn money? Then check out how to make money on Amazon

Richard CummingsChoosing Adsense Topics

AdSense URL Channels: Do You Know Where Your AdSense Earnings Come From?

Once you have learned the fundamentals of how to make money with AdSense, you realize that there is extremely positive earnings potential from AdSense.

In fact, if you don’t believe that there is massive earning potential with AdSense, you just may want to read my post entitled Earn $1000 An Hour With AdSense: Massive AdSense Success! I purposely gave a bloated, hyperbolic name to this article, one more befitting a ClickBank product than an actual article. I did this because people like bloated, hyperbolic titles 🙂

But, if you have tuned into any pages of my site, you realize that I just like to write about what I do. Check out my blog Live Your Way and you’ll be able to always see what’s on my mind. I am not selling anything. I am just one of those people who thinks about what he does and then writes about it. As you see on my blog, I often just write about what I think 😉

AdSense Earnings: Where Are Yours Coming From

So, this find Sunday morning–a beautiful one at that (I’m sitting on the porch writing this), my mind is on talking about where AdSense earnings come from. After you have mastered the basics of making money online, you then realize that you need to go the extra step. To make money with AdSense is to know exactly where you AdSense earnings are coming from.

If you read this and think, “I know exactly where my AdSense earnings come from. I check my AdSense account everyday”, this post is for you. Most people simply know in general where their AdSense earnings come from and have no idea about the specifics.

For example, if you don’t know how much an exact page is earning, you do not know where your AdSense dollars are coming from.

The reality is that most people do not use all of the tools that Google makes available to us.

I know that this is true because I do not use every tool that Google makes available to me. When you first start out with AdSense, you make little trickles of money each day and you do not bother to optimize your AdSense settings. This makes sense. If your site only makes $3 in AdSense everyday, what is optimization going to benefit you? Ooooh-La-La, you may be able to add 50% to your income and make around $4.50 per day with AdSense.

Of course, if you are in this situation, you need not take the time to find out where your earnings come from. You want to be taking the time to produce outstanding content and bring visitors to your site. Because, as we all know, if you don’t have visitors, you will not have any AdSense income. Of course, all of the tools to gets visitors to your AdSense sites are well-covered in my very detailed post about making money with Adsense which easily has passed my AdSense Quality Test.

As I wrote about in the post AdSense Quality Test, you absolutely need to produce outstanding content to make money with AdSense. If you are doing some scam and trying to make money simply using a few keywords in an article, it won’t work. It may have worked in the past and it may work a little bit currently, but it will not work in the future. With the new Google Mayday algorithm, nothing will survive over the long haul except absolute quality.

This is good for Google (they still drum in about 75% of their entire business through their search engine) and good for you because, frankly, most web pages are not quality. So, make sure that all of your pages pass the AdSense quality test and then promote your pages to others.

Now, back to the topic at hand.

Once you begin making money with AdSense, you then want to make more money from AdSense, which is possible. If you make $500 a month and already follow all of the appropriate Adsense tips to optimize your ad placement and content, you may be able to add a few hundred dollars more by knowing exactly where your earnings come from.

Using Google URL Channels To Determine Where You Make AdSense Money

This morning I followed some advice from the AdSense team. They informed me that I may be able to make more money by using combination graphic/text ads instead of just text ads on certain pages. I have made that change and I will be seeing how these recommendations affect my pages.

But, how will I track this?

On many pages, I use text ads because they look better in certain places. Now, I have changed this so they will be text ads OR graphic ads. But, if I make this Google-recommended AdSense change without doing anything else, I will have no way to know whether their recommendations are working.

(Remember, Google has skin in the game too…so they are not going to make recommendations that will lose you money. However, keep in mind, their recommendations are from general “trends” and may not benefit your site as they have benefited others.)

So, I want to track the changes that I made with the AdSense ads. How do I this this?

I currently do my AdSense tracking with URL channels and it works great. If you make money with AdSense, you simply must use URL tracking with AdSense. To do so, click on “Advanced Reports” and then “Manage Channels” within your AdSense panel. There, you will be able to add URL channels. To do this, simply copy and paste the pages that you want AdSense to track and paste them in the box–you can do multiple pages at a time. (You will also see a choice called “Custom Channels” which I will report on at a late date.)

URL channels allow you to see exactly how an AdSense page is performing.

This is absolutely indispensable knowledge.

In the example above, AdSense had made recommendations of changing “text only ads” to text plus graphics ads. I am going to take Google’s advice. However, as I mentioned, while this is a great general recommendation, I do not know if it will work on my site. So, I need to create a benchmark. How were my earnings before and how will they be after I make the recommended AdSense change?

Fortunately, I already have my benchmark setup. I have been using URL channels for a while. Thus, I have the historical “text only” ad data. After I make the change, I will note the date and the time that I made the change and have a very solid before and after picture. I will report on this at a later date…so you better subscribe to my feed if you want to know the results.

But, this is not the only benefit from URL channels. There is a much better one and I’ll tell you right now what it is.

I know one thing: If you are reading this post, you are not mentally uninspired. You are not someone who has visited the Internet for things like I’m Bored What Can I Do?. You are reading this post because you want to know how to make money online.

As I like to travel and spend several months of the year living in Uruguay, I too have a heavy investment in making money online.

However, I am sometimes extremely surprised–and pleased!–to find out that some things make money online that I would not have expected to make money online. And, the only reason I know this is through using AdSense URL channels.

If I just looked at my AdSense statistics on my domain as a whole, I would get a global number of how the site was doing on a whole. I might make assumptions about what pages make money and I might be completely clueless about where my AdSense earnings come from.

In fact, this happened to me before I implemented URL channels on my webpages. I had some pages that I put AdSense on but really only expected to make a trickle of online income from these pages. I created the pages not to make money online but to share valuable information with people and simply to share my experiences. Because, as I expressed above, I simply like to write about what I am thinking or doing.

Well, after I put AdSense URL channels in place, I realized that some of my assumptions about where my AdSense earnings were coming from were wrong. Pages that I thought were not making any money were actually bringing in decent income. Remember, a page that has 100 visitors a day CAN make more than a page that has 500 visitors a day–every AdSense ad has a dollar value (see AdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them) .

This is where the AdSense URL channels really helped me. I assumed (yes, I know how to break that word down) that a page with little traffic would amount to very little AdSense income.  Yes, my assumption was incorrect.  I, rather joyfully, found out that certain pages that are not heavily trafficked actually bring in healthy AdSense income.  The only bummer was that I wish I had implemented AdSense URL channels earlier.

What can you do with this newfound information? Lots! If you discover that an AdSense page makes more money than you thought, you can take more time to optimize that page and, most importantly, promote that page in a more aggressive manner by visiting relevant sites and telling them about it.

URL Channels: The Vital Piece of Information

Once you have implemented URL channels in AdSense, you can get a terrific break down in stats on a per-page basis. The two AdSense criteria that I like to look at are Page CTR and eCPM.

Page CTR and Page eCPM

The page CTR will tell you what the Click Thru Rate is on a particular page. This will tell you whether you have effectively optimized AdSense and, in general, whether people are interested in clicking ads on a particular topic. As an example of how I benefited from this information, I have two pages that have similar content. On one, the CTR was 5% points higher than on the other. Thus, I visited the one with the low CTR rate and matched it up exactly with the one with the high CTR rate. Because, as we know, more clicks equals more money 🙂

The eCPM stat is even more important. As I said, a page with 100 visitors a day might earn much more than a page with 500 visitors a days. How do you know this? You use the AdSense eCPM statistic. It will tell you how much you make per 1,000 AdSense impressions. This stat is extremely important. I made some great discoveries that pages I considered not too important really do well in terms of AdSense dollars. This let me know that I should create more similarly themed pages and promote these pages more.

Moral of the story: You need to know where your AdSense earnings are coming from and the AdSense URL channels tool will allow you to discover this. If you are not using AdSense URL channels, you are just blindly throwing darts and hoping you hit a bullseye.

Richard CummingsAdSense URL Channels: Do You Know Where Your AdSense Earnings Come From?

AdSense Quality Test

There has been much in the news lately about how you need to have quality material on your AdSense sites

This news has been brought about because several leading sites that were made especially for AdSense with no real value to the end user have been earmarked for inspection and removal.

This makes sense as Google wants to provide quality content for their advertisers.  If a site does not focus on quality, Google advertisers are guilty by proxy or so the thinking would go.

As I wrote in my initial post called how to make money with AdSense, my focus has always been on quality.  I always ask myself:  “Does this post provide value to the people who visit it?  Is it worthy of a place at the top of the search engines?”

If my answer to those questions is “no”, then I will rework the article and make it better. It takes a long time to research a topic and provide valuable information in a page.  But, if you do it right, people will come and they will link to your site and you will rise in the rankings.

Last week I wrote the post called Earn $1000 An Hour With AdSense: Massive AdSense Success! which was a look at the true way to earn money with AdSense over time (in fact, a lot of people have already stolen this article with their Internet Scraping technology which irks me to no end).  It is not gimmicky and it is not quick, but it works.  It works because you take a long time, investing in both research and your forthcoming words, and are rewarded by readers over the long haul.

Any offer that promises overnight success is just gimmicky.  And, even if the gimmick works, it is not a sustained income.  You continually have to come up with new gimmicks.  So, wouldn’t you rather focus on quality content that lasts more than a day, a week, or even a year?  That is the best way to earn money over time with AdSense and many other programs. 

How do you know whether you are writing quality content?

Well, the reason that I am writing this post in the first place is because of something that just happened.  I wanted to take a YouTube video and put it on my iPod, but I forgot how.  However, I had written about in the past in a post called How Do I Save YouTube Videos On My Computer and it all came back to me in a matter of moments.

So, perhaps, that is the best test of all.

If you are referring to your own content, others will too and it will be successful…just give it time.

Richard CummingsAdSense Quality Test

Earn $1000 An Hour With AdSense: Massive AdSense Success!

This article is about how to earn $1000 an hour with AdSense.  Does that get your attention?  It does mine!

It sounds like one of those ads that you see from marketers, doesn’t it:  “Earn $1,000 a day with AdSense” or something like that.

Those who read this blog may at first be disenchanted.  “Nobody can do that,” you think.  If you make $1,000 per hour, and work 8 hours a day, then you would be earning $8,000 a day with AdSense.  Maybe I should have titled the article that 😉 .

I know that those who read my make money with AdSense blog are the real deal.  They are not the type who believe the hype of doing practically nothing and then earning a boatload of money.

So, why am I writing a post that is similar to many embellished ads that we see?  I am writing this article because it’s true.

I am not telling you that you can earn an AdSense income of this size without doing anything.  When we talk about making money online, those of you who are sensible know that you have to work for money that is earned online.  Aside from a few lucky avenues you may find that can use to Make Money Online Fast, most of money earned online is money that is made from hard work.

So, why the outrageous title?  Well, I’m getting to that.

Before I answer the $1000 an hour question, I want you to ask yourself:  “Do you really think that this is possible?”  Earning $1000 an hour online?  Seriously?  That is a huge amount of money.

I remember when I first started and I saw all of those bold but bogus claims of earning so much money through the AdSense Affiliate program.  I was drawn in by a few of them.  Who could not be?  They promise grand returns with simple plans.  The only problem is that everybody else, and their mother, are doing those same things.

When you do these programs, as i believe that I have mentioned before, the only person who is getting rich is the creator of the program.  You will be stuck earning your paltry $5 a day and wondering what you are doing wrong and why everyone else in testimonials is earning giant income.

Well, those testimonials are probably false…or they took the first few people who signed up to the top and everyone else who tried those strategies was too late.

This is truthfully why most people quit the making money online game early.  They are promised riches that are never delivered and they become disillusioned with the whole process.

But, I am here to tell you:  You can make money with AdSense and you can earn $1000 an hour with AdSense.

There it is again.  That bold claim.

I feel like that I am writing one of those pitch pages…you know the ones…the ones that have no sidebars and no links off the page that do everything that they can do to keep you on their page to buy their product.  Then, when you try to leave the page, they say, “Wait, we have a discount for you.”  You know what i am talking about.  Pages like this.

They all have good stories, don’t they.  I was down and out until I discovered BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…  You can succeed just like I did.

Well, look around at this page.  I am not trying to sell you anything.

Luckily, you have just found someone who likes to write and write about experiences with AdSense.

And I am telling you that IT IS possible to earn $1,000 an hour with AdSense.  Probably not all the time, but definitely on some days.

It all has to do with your AdSense Mindset and whether you are ready to have AdSense success.

To succeed with AdSense, you need to have a whole new mindset.  This is especially true if you are an AdSense beginner.


Because when you begin with AdSense you will make no money.  Earning money with AdSense takes time.  Every single person who has honestly succeeded with AdSense will tell you exactly the same thing.

This is the problem and it is why most people quit trying to earn an income online.  It takes too long.  But, once you start seeing returns, you will be motivated to keep it.  The beauty of passive income is alluring to everybody.

So, what is all this nonsense about $1,000 an hour?

It is not nonsense at all.  It’s absolutely true.  However, you have to change your mindset to the AdSense success mindset to totally understand it.

Let me explain.

When I sit down in the morning to review what I am going to do that day, I don’t ask myself:  “Will I make money with this today?”  You will not.  You simply will not.

I ask myself, “What will I earn on this idea in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years?”  This is the AdSense success mindset.

Example:  Read the last post that I wrote entitled AdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them.  This article is about how to find great AdSense keywords that are not too competitive that will pay you a good return.

Now, let’s say that you can generate 500 hits per day on variations of this term, which you can if you follow all of the steps in how to make money with AdSense.

Ok, now, assuming that you found some good terms, there is the very reasonable possibility that these 500 hits will pay you $5 per day beginning several months from now.  And, if you write a quality article, it will get more and more popular over time.  So, 2 years from now, it will be more popular than 1 year from now because more people will link to it.

“$5 per day?” you ask, “that sucks”.

Well, my friend, you simply don’t have the AdSense Success Mindset.

$5 per day is $1,780 dollars per year.  Assuming that your article(s) has a life span of five years, and in many cases it’s much more, you will earn $8,900 on this one article (or series of articles–this is better!).

Well, how long did it take you to write those articles?  About 7 to 8 hours?

You, my friend, just made yourself $1,000 an hour!

Richard CummingsEarn $1000 An Hour With AdSense: Massive AdSense Success!

AdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them

This article is about AdSense High Paying Keywords and how to find them.  But more importantly, I will answer the question:  Which are the right AdSense high paying keywords for you?

It’s not difficult to find which AdSense words will pay well.  There are web pages and websites out there dedicated to this one thing.

I remember when I first became interested making money with AdSense and I checked out all of these lists.  At the time I thought, “Oh, I must try to find out how to capitalize on these Google AdSense words that pay a lot.”

But do you know what is the problem with that strategy to make money with AdSense.

Everybody and their mother shares this strategy.  Translation:  There is an insane amount of competition for these high-paying AdSense terms.

Perhaps even more important than the competitive aspect of these terms is another critical part of making money online:  Do you enjoy the topic?  Unless you are one of these people who can work and dislike what you do (which I am not), you simply will not have the passion that is required to make money with AdSense on this particular term.  Read Making Money Online: Do You Have the Time to find out why it can take time to succeed online.

Thus, unless you want to be spending your time on AdSense terms that you do not enjoy, you are better off trying to discover an ideal combination: Keywords that pay relatively well that you actually enjoy writing about.

AdSense High Paying Keywords: The Lists

Let’s look at how many first timers will try to find AdSense terms that make money and why they should rethink this approach.

Here’s is what most of them do. They go to Google and type in AdSense High Paying Keywords.

You see several sites when you type in this term. If you look at the results of this search, notice that their URLs all have the keywords in them. Each of these sites is trying to capitalize on that search term…a good AdSense Practice.

But, the first one that we find that gives us a quick up-front list of Google Top Paying Keywords is here. Now, let’s take a look at some of the Google AdSense words listed here that pay a lot and found out why. Here is a sampling (visit the site for a full listing):

119.63 66.15 law lemon wisconsin
135.94 51.14 hair removal washington dc
121.86 37.29 hair laser removal virginia
121.27 36.59 peritoneal mesothelioma
46.38 36.55 ca lemon law
81.58 34.13 best buy gift card
96.87 31.10 adverse credit remortgage
234.33 30.98 mesothelioma information
48.68 29.77 law lemon ohio
54.31 29.34 att call conference
83.22 29.10 insurance medical temporary
82.33 28.95 illinois law lemon
82.33 28.78 mesothelioma symptoms
60.86 28.51 angeles drug los rehab
36.88 28.26 personal injury solicitor
61.47 28.03 accident car florida lawyer

The numbers that you see in the columns represent the max payment that you receive for clicks and then the average payment that you receive for clicks.

That’s a lot of potential money for clicks…but there are two problems with this list as mentioned above: (1) Everybody is looking at this same list which means competition will be fierce and (2) you might not want to write about any of these topics.

Let’s look at what each of these high paying keywords has in common: They are all either big one time upfront payments, like Laser Hair Removal or something that you will pay a lot for over time through monthly payments like insurance.

We will also find that lawyers pay a lot for AdSense advertising. Why? Well, as with everyone, people who pay a lot for AdSense keywords hope to get a lot in return for their payments.

For example, lawyers always pay a lot for DUI terms, like DUI Attorney and DUI Lawyer. Why? Well, they probably charge their clients anywhere between $10 and $20k for their services so they are willing to pay a lot for a click.

Historically, some of the highest paying Adsense Keywords come when there is a class action lawsuit involved. The word “mesothelioma” comes to mind as this is often listed as one of the highest paying AdSense keywords of all time. I don’t know if it still is and really I don’t care because I will not be making a webpage or site about it.

My point here is this: By looking at these lists of high-paying keywords, you can identify their characteristics and find high-paying–or decently high-paying–AdSense keywords that you actually like to write about.

How To Find Your Own High-Paying Keywords

The people who come up with these lists of AdSense keywords are not performing any type of Rocket Science that you are unable to do yourself. They are simply using freely available tools and then adding each of these words to a database to create a comprehensive list of high-paying keywords.

So, how can you come up with a list yourself? It’s easy…you simply use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to get an idea of what keywords will pay.

You already know the presiding principle. If the advertiser’s item pays a lot over the short term, or long term, the cost per click has the potential to be quite large. If the item does not cost a lot–or costs nothing–some people simply want to promote their website for visitors, then the cost you receive per click will be lower.

Let’s have a look. Go ahead and visit the Google AdWords Tool. First, put in a keyword or keywords that you would like to write about then put in the verification code and click “get keyword ideas”. Now, you will see a list of words based on your keyword.

To see what keywords will potentially pay, click the “Choose Columns To Display” box and then “Show Estimated Average CPC” and this will tell you approximations for cost per click of each term. Remember, this is the “AdWords” tool and is designed to tell advertisers what they will probably have to pay. You, as an AdSense person will be splitting these AdSense proceeds with Google.

But, it gives you a great idea of what terms will pay.

So, let’s say that you do not want to write about insurance because you could care less about that. You like Beyonce!

So, let’s take a look at keywords for Beyonce. Using this tool, we can see that the average Cost Per Click for Beyonce is $1.05. Not bad…since as we see Beyonce is globally searched for about 68 million times a month. Those AdSense dollars would quickly add up. However, to be realistic, you cannot compete for the term Beyonce…it will probably take you 10 years to even get near the top of Google.

But, don’t just give up!

Notice that you can sort by each of these titles. So, do a sort on “Estimated Avg. CPC”. You can see that “Beyonce Tour Dates” is the highest paying term and searched for quite a bit. Why is this the highest paying Beyonce keyword? Well, think about it. People who are searching for that want to buy tickets…they want to spend money! People simply searching for Beyonce may just want information.

Does “Beyonce Tour Dates” have a lot of competition? Well, one of the tools that I use to determine this is called WordTracker. Test out the free version of Wordtracker here. Using this, we can find great Beyonce terms that people search for all the time and have little competition. Using a tool like this, which is better than Google for “long-tail” keywords, we find that people search a couple thousand of times a day on words like “how tall is beyonce”? And, to find out the competition, you can purchase WordTracker or use many of the other tools out there on the Internet.

AdSense Keywords: Look Towards the Future

You have often heard it said that “once you hear about an idea, it is too late to capitalize on it.” To a degree, this is true with AdSense Keywords though I believe that if you are good at what you do you can always compete with most keywords.

However, think about this…who will be the next Beyonce? If you create a website right now about that person, and they get even semi-famous, you can really capitalize on it.

Here’s an idea: Watch the next season of American Idol. After the first show, pick who you will think will win. Next, create a website with or something like that and write all about them. Then, when they get famous, you get rich! Like that idea?

Just imagine…what if you did that after viewing the first season of Idol and now had the leading site for Kelly Clarkson. Result: $$$.

AdSense High Paying Keywords: Summary

There are ample lists that you can find on the Internet about which AdSense keywords pay the most. Using Wordtracker or the Google Keywords Tool, you may be able to find a way to be competitive in the niche.

However, this is not the best way to succeed using AdSense.

I recommend identifying the topics that you love most and determining how you can succeed in this market. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find out what AdSense pays for the keywords that you will go after.

And remember, the higher paying the keyword, the more competition there will be.

Would you rather have a big slice of the millions of searches for Beyonce or a small slice of the thousands of searches for DUI attorneys in Atlanta?

Both are good. One makes a lot of money because it brings in a lot of traffic and the other can make a lot of money based on a few very pricey clicks.

Bottom line: With just about every topic, there is a way to make AdSense money. Find what you love to write about, become an authority, generate inbound links, and you will succeed with AdSense.

Richard CummingsAdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them

AdSense Tips: Stop Checking Your AdSense Account

When we look at how to make money with AdSense, there is one mistake made by beginners–and often advanced users–all the time:  Constant Checking of Your AdSense Account.

Why is this a mistake?

Because it takes away from what you should be doing!!!

As I wrote in Making Money Online: Do You Have the Time?, you cannot simply write an article and it will generate a ton of AdSense income.  Making money with AdSense takes times.

Usually, when people are constantly checking their AdSense account, they are hoping in vain that somehow they are going to have hit the jackpot that day on some post that they have created. 

Folks, it ain’t gonna happen!  Well, I suppose that there is an isolated chance that it could but usually it will not happen. 

I am not saying that you should not check your AdSense account.  In fact, there is a lot to be learned from doing so.  However, most people are checking their AdSense accounts simply hoping that today will be the big payday. 

They are doing like a raindance–hoping beyond logic that some external forces will make this the day that money rains down on them. 

If you are just starting with AdSense, you are not going to make much money.  It’s a simple matter of statistics and you can find those statistics in your web log files. 

How many people are accessing your website everyday?  100, 200, 500, 1000?  Well, that’s not enough.  You can plan on making probably about $2-15 per one thousand users each day.  Yes, I know it is a wide range but there are many factors too consider:  Are the AdSense ads relevant?  Are they ads properly placed?  Is it a high-paying AdSense topic? 

So, let’s say on average that you are going to make about $5 per 1000 visitors to your site.  Do you need to visit your AdSense every hour of the day to see if you earned an extra 5 cents in the last hour?

Here’s is how you win over time.  Create compelling content that people want to read and make sure people know about through an inbound link program.  To learn the essence of making money with AdSense, visit my initial article called how to make money with AdSense which teaches how to enter the AdSense game and make money from it.

Checking your AdSense account every hour will only divert you from what you should be doing!

Richard CummingsAdSense Tips: Stop Checking Your AdSense Account