Spotify Virus on Install

Spotify Installation Causes Virus Warning: The Issue and How To Fix It!

With all my friends telling me that Spotify is the best thing since sliced bread, I attempted to install it and this triggered a virus alert on my computer.

Spotify Virus on Install

Spotify: Terrible First Impressions With Virus Alert

As a tried and true Pandora user, I was not too excited to make the switch from Pandora to Spotify. However, once I was told by my music loving friends that you can choose the exact song that you want to listen to, I was sold. I thought I would at least give it a try.

So, I went to the Spotify home page to see what it was all about. Following the instructions, I clicked on the “Get Spotify for Free” button as you see in the photo below.

Installing Spotify

When you click this button, it prompts you to download a file called SpotifySetup.exe. I figure that this is fine because Spotify is a professional company and would not do anything to cause my computer harm. So, as you see in the photo below, I chose to download the Spotify setup file.

Downloading Spotify

This also disappointed me because Pandora does not require you to install software. It just runs completely online, which I love. In fact, I use Pandora so much that they have just sent me a message that they may have to start charging people like me who use their service extensively. Well, that’s another reason to look at Spotify.

What happened after I downloaded the file? Take a look at the message below.

Spotify Setup Virus Alert

Well, if first impressions are the most important, Spotify immediately fails to impress. What kind of legitimate software reports a virus when you download the file?

As someone who has been involved in technology all of my life, I have rarely seen something like this–a prominent piece of software that everyone is talking about causing a virus on your computer?

Well, I guessed that this is probably a misreported virus because a company on the uptick like Spotify would not be malicious software. I confirmed these suspicious by searching the Internet but was still left with a highly negative first impression of Spotify.

So, when I try to run this file to install Spotify, I am unable to do so because I get another virus notification that you see below.

Spotify Virus Detected

Now, even though I am pissed off at Spotify and really don’t like the product and don’t want to install it because of this bad experience, I’ll continue for the sake of this article and tell you how to get around the Spotify virus warning and actually install Spotify.

How To Remove Virus Warning and Install Spotify

Ok, after much Google searching for things like “spotify setup threat detected“, I found that the Spotify installation file is being flagged by my AVG virus program. There were many articles that talk about this and many proposed solutions that failed to fix the Spotify virus warning.

However, I found one that completely solved the problem in a short and sweet fashion. In this AVG forum post, one user provided this quick solution which worked perfectly for me and took just about one minute. The instructions to the remove the Spotify virus warning and install Spotify are as follows:

1. start AVG user interface (right click on AVG in system tray)
2. select components -> resident shield
3. select click manage exceptions
4. select Excluded files, click Add
(I modified steps 5 & 6…see NOTE below).
5. browse over to c:\Program Files\Spotify\spotify.exe and select the file then click open
6 spotify.exe appears in the list with a selected tickbox – click apply

NOTE: I left the original instructions above intact but I did something a little different for steps 5 and 6. Because the file that was causing the virus error on my computer was SpotifySetup.exe, I excluded this as the problem and it was located in my “downloads” directory.

Success! After going through all of this, I am now successfully installing Spotify as you see in the graphic below:

Successful Spotify Install

Conclusion: The Spotify Virus Warning

I hope that this article has helped you all out there who are getting the same or similar virus warning when you install Spotify.

There is no question that this annoyance is a terrible introduction to a program that I have heard so many people rave about. Spotify should remedy this immediately. I should never have to go through all of this to install a piece of software…neither should you.

I hope it’s worth it…I’ll let you know in a future Spotify review.

Richard CummingsSpotify Installation Causes Virus Warning: The Issue and How To Fix It!
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Many countries have banned Pam Anderson’s new commercial for Australia’s Dreamscape Networks and their Crazy Domains web hosting service. Below, we will show you the commercial and discuss whether it should be banned.

The Banned Pam Anderson Commercial: Video

Should This Commercial Be Banned?

When I first heard about this issue, I, like many of you, rushed to actually view the commercial to see what all of the fuss was about…and to see Pam Anderson, who seems to have disappeared from the radar a little bit.

The commercial was not at all what I was expecting given the outrage expressed by many. According to many reports about this commercial, you had a man spraying cream all over Pam Anderson’s face. The implications of this scenario would be obvious and I was somewhat understanding of why people would want it banned.

Then I saw the commercial.

Are you kidding me? Are people that tightly wound-up that this commercial must be banned?

In the ad, who is in charge? The woman. Who is the underling, the subordinate? The man.

So, for all women who claim that this commercial degrades women, let’s remember that the heavy in the room is the woman. She’s the boss as they say.

What’s left? She’s sexy! There are many, many women who like to be sexy in the work place. You think those form-fitting skirts are for comfort? Women, and men for that matter, all use their looks in the workplace.

Finally, we have the man fantasizing about the woman in the workplace. When did fantasizing go from flattery to degradation? 90% of men have had mild to intense fantasies about attractive women in their workplace. It’s just human nature. And the other 10%? Well, you know the statistics.

So, everybody, just relax. There is nothing in this commercial that implies that the woman in charge is stupid. She’s the boss and she’s sexy. That’s it.

Get over it!

Richard CummingsPam Anderson’s Banned TV Commerical: Video and Discussion

Tiger Woods “Illegal” Drop at The Players Championship

After winning The Players Championship, people are discussing ad-nauseam whether Tiger made an illegal drop on the 14th hole after hooking his ball into the water.


Tiger Woods Drop on the 14th Hole

Tiger Woods can’t buy a break these days. Well, actually, he could probably buy anything given that he has already won 4 times on tour this year, the fastest in any year that he has achieved that many wins.

In fact, his win total might be 5 were it not for the first illegal drop that started “drop-gate” at The Masters. There, he readily accepted the penalty assessed and went about his business.

Now, all the talk is of Tiger Woods’ illegal drop on the 14th hole at The Players Championship. On YouTube, as you see below, a user named John Ziegler spends about 5 minutes on the issue:

And certainly, if you watched the coverage, Johnny Miller was not going to let this go without expressing his opinion that it seemed to be a very generous drop.

However, the coverage that we are all seeing, which makes it look like the ball traveled over water the entire time, is from the blimp and is not what anybody on the course saw.

And Tiger saw nothing. He had lowered his head in disgust, as all of us golfers do when we realize that we have just hit a duck hook. So, according to how the rules work, Tiger must consult with his playing partner(s) to determine the proper place to drop the ball. His playing partner that day was Casey Wittenberg and here is what he had to say: “I saw it perfectly off the tee. I told him exactly where I thought it crossed, and we all agreed.”

So, Tiger dropped where Casey pointed out that the ball had crossed the hazard. That’s the rule and Tiger did the right thing…as he did at The Masters.


Richard CummingsTiger Woods “Illegal” Drop at The Players Championship

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After seeing the interview, we have concluded that she is completely innocent and the Italian legal system should be ashamed of itself.

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