The Difference Between Men & Women As Seen In A Bathroom

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The Deciding Factors

When it comes to judging bathrooms, you have to carefully weigh the criteria and clearly outline the parameters. To be fair, men and women will have very different criteria when it comes to what makes a restroom desirable.  Not that we’re saying all men are slobs and don’t care if their bathrooms resemble a cross between a gas station bathroom and a magazine or newsstand. It’s just that, in most cases, women tend to be a little classier when it comes to household décor.

What Women Want

When you think of a room decorated by a woman, chances are you will picture a tidy space with colorful flowers, exotic perfumes and lots and lots of pink. Contrary to popular belief, not every woman chooses pink as her favorite color, and I am not sure how this vicious rumor got started in the first place. At any rate, most women prefer matching guest towels and sparkling clean fixtures in a fresh-as-daises bathroom. In general, a woman’s restroom or powder room will always be clean and well stocked, with extra everything in a drawer or under the sink. After all, you never know when there will be an emergency that requires a bandage, scented soap, nail polish remover or a red button. Anything potentially embarrassing is not kept in the bathroom; because of course ladies assume that people are going to search the area during their rest stop. Women also tend to prefer large, clean bathtubs, whirlpools or Jacuzzis in which to relax with scented candles, soothing music or a good book. At this point you may be thinking, “so this is how luxury restroom businesses make their money.”  Most women want great lighting for which to adorn themselves with makeup. I mean to read; women want ambiance lighting to read. Yes, that’s it. To read a good book while relaxing in the tub.

What Men Want

It would be fair to make a generalized statement that most men are not that particular when it comes to housework. The bathroom is usually a private zone, and men see that concept differently than women, who treat bathrooms as if royalty could walk in at any given time. Maybe we should let them know that is not why they call it “the throne.” Men want to make sure that they can find everything they need in the bathroom, and may not even be aware of how things stay stocked. Here’s a tip: it was probably recently cleaned and fully stocked by a woman. Men do care about cleanliness, and would not want to go around all day having dried up, crusty toothbrush clinging to their shirt. However, if that same toothbrush is hanging out in the sink, it usually will not bother a man. In fact, it is practically invisible to most men. Likewise, dark rings around the bathtub, water (or worse) on the floor and lack of frilly guest towels are not a tragedy in the male bathroom. Men probably will not notice if the bathmat and paint match the shower curtain – in fact, they may not even notice if there is a shower curtain.

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