Sony Decides to Release The Interview

The Interview: Now Available on YouTube!!!!

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Sony Pictures has just released the Interview on YouTube!!!

It’s Christmas morning and I just had a visit to YouTube before hitting the breakfast table with family and there it is: The Interview available on YouTube. It’s available as a rental for $5.99 and you can also buy it for $14.99. This might just end of being the biggest hit of the Holiday season and it’s not even in theaters. Oh, wait, yet it is. Sony has also released The Interview on Google Play, xBox, a website called, AND in select theaters.

How can you watch with the whole family if the video is on YouTube? Well, if you don’t have a SmartTV, pop on over to best-buy and get a Chromecast–it lets you watch YouTube videos on your LCD in high-quality HD.

Here is a preview of The Interview (for the few who haven’t seen it yet):

When and Why Did Sony Decide to Release The Interview?

Sony received a lot of negative press after they decided not to go ahead with the release of The Interview in theaters…including from President Obama himself.

They have now reversed course and are not only releasing it on YouTube but in the other places mentioned above: Google Play, Xbox, (a site Sony created) AND live in many theaters throughout the world Christmas day.

It’s now more available than it would have been previously.

So, tonight, make it a Christmas treat: sit back and enjoy The Interview with family and friends.

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Richard CummingsThe Interview: Now Available on YouTube!!!!

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