The N-Word, Huck Finn, and Racism in Society

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In the past couple of days, I have been incidentally exposed to three instances in which the topic of racism surfaced. The first illustrates how alive racism is in some circles, the second is just funny, and the third is about removing the “N” Word from Mark Twain’s classic “Huckleberry Finn”. I will share those with you here. If I actually use the word (which, as we will see, I am really not suppose to because I am white), I do not intend to be offensive but it seems silly to say the “N” word all the time.

I use the word “incidentally” above because I was not searching for issues on racism in any of these situations. They found me and just got me thinking on the topic.

The first incident occurred on Saturday as I was searching for animal attack videos after watching a show called “When Animals Attack”. I know…it’s a bit morbid but we’ll leave that for another day. So, I visited and searched for the term When Animals Attack. The fourth search result returned the video that I have posted below:

Black Females Attack a White Pregnant Women

As you can see, this is a provocative, inciteful video. The name of the video itself–When Animals Attack–hearkens back to a deep, racist past when blacks were considered less than people and not allowed to vote or commune with white people. You can be sure that the person who uploaded the video knew the title would be offensive to many. In fact, I just looked at his YouTube Profile and we can see glaring racism. All of his videos are about black crime and malfeasance.

The film itself is very disturbing. The girls in the film who perpetrate the crime are indeed “animals” lashing out and punching without any restraint, just as animals in the wild might. Unfortunately, in this film, they happen to be black girls and provide ammunition to all of those with racist strains as we see in the 412 comments below the video. Here are some highlights of the comments:

niggers in america get away with this..coz americans are dumb..if this was in some european country,,people will cut these little chimps into pieces!

Who made that quote? None other than a user named SuperAryan1980!

you fucking piece of shit not all blacks are like this and most of them are really ashamed when they see stuff like this its a disgrace so for you to judge all black people based on this one video is really fucking low ! i hate racist people like you . have you ever stopped to think what white people do to black people like what the KKK is still doing no you haven’t ! so shut your fagot mouth up before it gets you in trouble !


Iam a blackman and this incident shows why i hate niggers, they are the most violent people on earth and they deserve to be treated harshly by the cops. black people need to get off welfare and get over it. Where is bernard geotz when you need him most. niggers , niggers, niggers, i simply hate them.

…Well, I just went through nearly all the comments under this video and did not find nary a one that was not hateful in some form or another. Here is the closest that I came:

Lmao..I think its funny people stand on being educated and smart then you make racist ignorant comments and then call all black people monkeys in the next breath..fucking or white this shit right here is wrong..and those girls need their ass whooped period..but the ignorance that comes out of some people’s mouth these days makes you just as look just as disgusting.

In the end, this video shows us five people doing a horrible thing. There would be outcries no matter the race. If they were white, people would shout “white trash gang bangers” or if Asian it might be “slanty-eyed gooks” or something like that.

The commentary on the video tells us more than the video. It tells us that, in certain circles, racism is still rampant today. So, for those non-black racists who are tempted to use the “N” word, I give you Chris Rock on the issue:

Chris Rock on the N-Word

After viewing the When Animals Attack video, I moved on to lighter subjects to elevate my mood after realizing how much hatred exists with some people. And, when I need to lighten up, who better to turn to than Chris Rock? Here is the first video that popped up:

The “N” Word Being Removed From Huck Finn

Every Monday morning I like to check out the previous evening’s 60 minutes. One of the segments last night was called “Huckleberry Finn” and the N-word about removing the “N” word from Huckelberry Finn. Here is that feature:

From the outset, I found it interesting that 60 minutes did not use one of their regulars to do this feature. Where is Leslie Stall or Morley Safer? No, they chose someone from the outside, someone who was black. Heaven forbid a white person uses the “N” word!

In the end, I tend to agree with the black professor who thinks that the “N” word should be kept in Huck Finn. However, I also empathize with the sole black student in the classroom who felt uncomfortable every time the word was mentioned.

Though many of us might like it to be, the world is not–pardon the expression–black and white. It’s a nuanced world and you must embrace it. I find a cocktail helps tremendously 😉

And a song!

Michael Jackson Black or White Video

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Richard CummingsThe N-Word, Huck Finn, and Racism in Society

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