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gifts for teenagersIf you are looking for gifts for teenagers, this list of Top 10 Gifts For Teens has great teen gift ideas. Here you will find all the hot gifts for teens that your teenager will love!

In our list of Top 10 Gifts For Teens, we have something for every teenager. Teenagers all differ in many ways but also have commonalities. We have teen gift ideas for the both the guys and the girls. All of them of course love music and each want the latest and best MP3 player to hear their favorite music. And what teen does not clamor for a one of the best digital cameras?

But each teenager is different too. We will look at cool teen gifts for the guys who like sports. We will find hot gifts for teen girls who are into fashion and makeup.

There are other teen gift ideas as well. Not all teenagers are aspiring athletes or models. Many have other hobbies. We will present gifts for teenagers who prefer the written word; yes, some teens still do read. And of course, all teenagers have their favorite movies so we’ll take a look at those too!

Join us on our journey for hot gifts for teens.

Without further ado, we present to you the Top 10 Gifts For Teens.

MP3 Players: Teens Love Their iPods

#1 of the teen gift ideasApple iPod nano 8 GB Purple (4th Generation):  One of the top 10 gifts for teensNo matter what type of teenager you are buying for, there is one certainty–they love having the latest and best MP3 players. Today’s MP3 players can hold just about as much music as any teenager has. However, now, kids love to view their favorite videos on their MP3 player as well.

Though iPods certainly lead the group, they are not the only game in town. Other companies manufacture great MP3 players at very competitive prices. A new MP3 player is one of the best gifts for teenagers. You cannot go wrong in giving a teen a new MP3 player. If the teen already as an MP3 player, consider getting them one of the many iPod accessories which they are sure to love. One of the leaders in this category is the Digital Speaker System for iPods which allow you to plug it in and have your music available on speakers so that every one can here.

Click the link below to discover all the great MP3 players that teenagers love!

View all the cool MP3 Players for Teenagers.

Video Games (especially Wii): Hot Gifts for Teens

#2 of the teen gift ideasPunch-Out!!:  One of the top 10 gifts for teensThe love of video games is common to almost all teenagers, male or female, sporty or studious.

Currently, the game Punch-Out is doing extraordinarily well and so is the new UFC video game for those who are fan of combat. On the other side, we have many great games available for the sporty set. One of the most popular right now is EA Sports Active which provides your teenagers with a great exercise routine. Just next to that, we find the ever popular Wii Fit. There are also great explorer games for those who want to be intellectually challenged.

Teens love their video games. Find out what they are interested in and consult the link below for the bestselling video games on the market right now!

View A List of the Top Selling Video Games and Accessories

Great Gifts for Teenge Girls

#3 of the teen gift ideasphilosophy - beach-party - cocktail inspired bath and body set:  One of the top 10 gifts for teensThere are many great gifts available for teenage girls. Of course, they enjoy the gifts presented above but there are some gifts exclusively for teenage girls. Coming in at #3 on our list, we present to you today’s hot gifts for teen girls.

What we see in the picture to the left is a set of body lotions. Teen girls love to pamper themselves and look great. For them, lotions and fragrances make extraordinary gifts. You may also want to consider some fashion items or hip jewelry. All of these items come in a variety of prices. Click the link below to see a great sampling of all that is available for teen girls.

View all the great gifts for teen girls!

Hot Gifts for Teens: Sporting Equipment

#4 of the teen gift ideasRipstik Caster Board:  One of the top 10 gifts for teensDo know what the item to your left is? It’s a new type of skateboard referred to as a Caster Board. This is one of the many exciting, action sports gifts that teens love. If you want to buy some truly cool teen gifts, take a further look at these action sports gifts.

In this section, you will find a variety of skateboards, scooters, and snowboards. Both scooters and snowboards make extremely hot gifts for teens. If the teenager in your life likes action sports, this is the place to go!

View All Sporty, Action Gifts for Teenagers.

Digital Cameras Are Great Gifts for Teenagers

#5 of the teen gift ideasCanon PowerShot SD780IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD (Deep Red):  One of the top 10 gifts for teensA new digital camera is perhaps the coolest gift that you could get a teenager. Digital Cameras keep improving by the day. A model from 2 years ago just does not have the horsepower of today’s cooler, sleeker, smaller models.

The camera that you see to the left, the Canon Powershot SD780IS, is so small and great looking AND is 12.1 Megapixels! Your favorite teen will be the envy of everybody with this small 4.2 ounce camera that takes amazing pictures and video.

When your teenager is on the computer, they are most likely on Facebook. The #1 thing to do on Facebook is share pictures. And with a great new digital camera, teenagers can record their teens years in style!

View this section of Bestselling Point and Shoot Cameras.

DVD Boxed Sets Make Cool Teen Gifts

#6 of the Hot Gifts For TeensGilmore Girls - The Complete Series Collection:  One of the teen gift ideasDo you know what the teens are watching on TV? Well, there are many TV series devoted to teenagers and they all come in DVD boxed sets. Series on DVD make great gifts for teenagers.

From the Gilmore Girls, to the OC, to Lost, all teenagers have their favorite TV series. If they missed an episode or want to relive the moments of the show, teens love to huddle up in front of the TV and watch their favorite TV teenagers go through the exact same thing that they are going through. DVD boxed sets make really cool gifts for teens!

View a selection of DVDs that teens love.

Teenagers Love TV: New LCD TVs Make Great Gifts

#7 of the Teen Gift IdeasAxion AXN-8701 7-Inch Widescreen Portable Handheld TV with Built-In Tuner (Black):  One of the Cool Teen GiftsDo you see that little TV to your left? This is one of the coolest new LCD TVs. It is a portable, handheld LCD TV with automatic tuning for only about $100. Thought all LCDs were expensive, huh? This little LCD is one of the coolest gifts for teenagers. Plus, it can be plugged in to any source for movies and surround sound stereo.

There are also many great LCD TVs on the market that are great for your teens bedroom that will not break the bank. LCDs have come down in price drastically and are an extremely cool gift for any teenager.

Check out the Best-Selling LCD TVs.

Books Make Great Gifts for Teenagers

#8 of the Teen Gift IdeasThe Twilight Saga Collection:  One of the Cool Teen GiftsContrary to what we may read in the media, many teenagers absolutely LOVE TO READ. Currently, the Twilight Saga Collection is extraordinarily popular with teenagers. The featured item to your left is the complete collection in hardcover.

There are many other titles that teenagers absolutely love. But do you know what they are? We do. Here you will find a list of many popular teenager titles…and you will notice a recurring vampire theme. What can we say? The teens love vampires!

View great books for Teens.

Top Ten Pop Songs: The Gift of Music

#9 of the Teen Gift IdeasBoom Boom Pow:  One of the Top 10 Gifts For TeensEarlier we talked about the Best MP3 Players but they need to have something added to them: Music. Music is perhaps one of the best gifts for teenagers that you can buy. Teenagers love music and today’s best way to distribute music is on MP3.

But how do you know what is hot? Well, we are here to the rescue. Check out our daily list of Top 10 Pop Songs and Top Rap Songs to find out what is happening in the world of teen music today. If you have a teen who likes musical history, they may also want to consult the list of the best songs ever. Give the teen in your life the gift of music, one of the best teen gift ideas.

View and Listen to the Top Ten Songs right now.

Cell Phones Are Great Gifts for Teenagers

#10 of the Teen Gift IdeasBlackBerry Bold 9000 Phone, Black (AT&T):  One of the Top 10 Gifts For TeensWhat are your teens doing all the time? Yep, talking on the phone and texting ALL THE TIME. So it makes sense for them to have a great cell phone! There are many fantastic cell phones on the market that make extremely cool teen gifts.

Phones these days do it all: talking, texting, photos, and even videos. What does your teen need? Many teens today want sleek little phones that do alot but are easy to carry around. Find out what the teen in your life wants and consult the list below for the hottest cell phones for teenagers.

View Cool Cell Phones for Teens.

Top 10 Gifts For Teens: Summary

In this top ten list, we have provided teen gift ideas in the form of the Top 10 Gifts For Teens.

When you are buying gifts for teenagers, you want to give them the best, hippest gifts out there. We have brought this list of hot gifts for teens to fulfill this need. As we see, teens love many tech items. From MP3 players to the best LCD TVs, teenagers love the latest and greatest in electronics.

But teenagers are more than that. They also love books, action sports, and looking good. In our list of Top 10 Gifts For Teens, we have brought you all of these great teen gift ideas. During the holiday season, look for more teen gifts at the Christmas Gifts for Teens page at the Christmas Store Online.

We hope that you now have a great teen gift ideas for the teenager in your life!

PS: If you would like us to include more items to the list, submit your cool teen gift ideas in the comments below!

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