Top Ten Valentine Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands

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Top Ten Valentine Gifts for Boyfriends and HusbandsValentine’s Day emerges quickly after the Christmas Season.  In fact, there are only 6 more days to go before you have to present your loved one with a great Valentine’s Day Gift.  Thus, we are dedicating this column as the Top Ten Valentine Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands.

Most of these gifts can be purchased online and delivered by Valentine’s Day. But remember, the big day is Saturday, so make your decisions and purchase quickly.

10 Great Valentine Gifts for Your Husband or Boyfriend

  1. Watches:  Watches are perhaps the best Valentine Gift for a man.  It is often the only piece of jewelry he wears and he always uses.  Watches come in all sizes and styles.  You are certain to find a watch that he will love!
  2. Cameras:  Cameras are a terrific gift for him, but it is really a couples gift.  Who is he going to take the most pictures of?  You, that’s who.  It’s a gift that allows him to document your relationship.  Any guy loves a new camera.
  3. Magazines/Books:  All men like to read.  Some men read books while others spend their time reading the sports or finance pages.  Consult the Top Ten Magazines for Men for a great list of magazines.  And of course, is the leader in books.  For the avid reader, the Amazon Kindle 2 would be the absolutely best gift.
  4. Tool Sets:  Is he a fix-it type of guy or would you like him to be?  Tools make great Valentine Gifts for your boyfriend or husband.  Consider the Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit which just went on a big sale.
  5. Wii Games: If he is a gamer, there is nothing better than a new Wii Game.  Wii Games offer active fun of all types.  If he is a gamer, he’ll surely love this gift.  Did you know you can also download Wii Games and save A LOT of money?
  6. Sexy Coupons:  All men like this gift.  Ladies, do you have what it takes?  This is a book of coupons of sexual favors that you will do for him on demand.  (PS:  There are also sexy coupons for her.)
  7. LCD TV:  This would the best gift that he could receive…although it can be expensive.  Each day as he turns on the set, he’ll be reminded when and where he got.  Prices have come down drastically and LCD TVs can now be had for Valentine’s Day for less than $500.
  8. Music: Music makes for terrrific Valentine’s Gifts for husband or boyfriends.  Especially music on a new iPod.  Make it a music-filled iPod Valentines day to show him how much you love him!
  9. Gadgets:  Yep, men and their toys.  Men love gadgets and these are the latest and greatest that he is sure to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.
  10. Grills:  One thing a man loves to do is be the BBQ master.  A man has to have a great grill.  And do you know what you could get him with the grill?  Fresh delivery of Omaha Steaks–the best steaks in the world!

As I researched this topic, I found several articles that I enjoyed.  First, if your boyfriend is a sports lover, you may want to take a look at Ten Best Valentine Gifts For Sports Lovers. For boyfriends, the article Cute Valentines Ideas For A Boyfriend provides great suggestions.  And finally, in the challenging econmic times, you may enjoy 10 Inexpensive Valentine Gifts For Him.

This list of the Top Ten Valentine Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands should help you in your Valentine search. Remember, if you want to order online, do so soon…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

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Richard CummingsTop Ten Valentine Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands

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