Turn Off Verizon Cellular Wireless Balance Notifications!

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In this post, I will tell how to turn off those annoying Verizon Wireless notifications that pop up after nearly every call.

Oh my gosh…are these things annoying!!! I have been a Verizon Wireless pay-as-you go customer for a long time. I do this because I live overseas half of the year and so I don’t want a monthly plan that I will have to pay for for the 6 months that I am away.

Anyway, after every phone call and text, I was receiving like 2 messages with my updated pay-as-you-go balance. This has been incredibly annoying for the last 2 years…and my lazy self has done nothing to turn off these Verizon Wireless messages.

So, finally, today, I acted and it actually took longer than expected. But, I will tell you how to turn off these notifications from Verizon right now and you should be able to accomplish it much quicker than I did.

Without further ado, here you go:

How To Turn Off Balance Notifications From Your Verizon Cell Phone

Step 1: Dial *611 from the cell phone that you want to turn off these pesky, annoying Verizon messages.
Step 2: Press 4, then 2, then 3, then 1.
Step 3: Select the option to set your Verizon Cellular balance notifications to “low”.

And, that’s it.

Now, since I just implemented this feature, I don’t think this turns off your Verizon messages totally since the option that you selected was “low”.

However, it’s much better than getting texted after every single phone activity!

I hope that this quick post helped you to turn off the balance notifications from Verizon Wireless!

If there are any updates, go ahead and add them in the section below.

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Richard CummingsTurn Off Verizon Cellular Wireless Balance Notifications!

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