Verizon 4G Wireless Internet 5GB Bandwidth Limitation: The Fastest Internet You Can’t Use!

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Verizon Wireless 5GB Bandwidth LimitIf you are considering Verizon 4G LTE Wireless Internet, you might want to stop right now. Their current package has a 5GB bandwidth limit, which makes Verizon Wireless Internet the best Internet service that you can’t use.

A few days ago, I wrote this Verizon 4G LTE Wireless Internet Review. I wrote glowingly about this Verizon 4G Wireless Mi-Fi product because it was truly remarkable: easy to setup, easy to connect to, and Internet speeds the likes of which I have not seen in a home network. And, on top of that, it was all wireless–you could literally take it with you anywhere you wanted to go.

And then, as I was filing away the contract paperwork, I saw a little note that said: 5GB Bandwidth Limitation.

Verizon 4G Wireless Internet 5GB Bandwidth Limitation: You Can’t Be Serious

Excuse me? I thought I had read this wrong. A 5GB bandwidth limitation?

The reason people need fast Internet is to do things that consume bandwidth! I dont’ need superfast Internet to check email or view web pages. All of these things are fine on DSL. I, and you, need fast Internet to watch YouTube videos, NetFlix movies, Hulu Online TV, and everything that is “downloading” or “buffering” when I wish I could start watching it right away.

Most people are unaware just how limiting 5GB of bandwidth really is. Well, let me tell you. One movie of decent quality video consumes about 1GB of bandwidth. A Netflix HD movie may consume a little more and 1 to 2 hours of not-so-quality YouTube videos will consume a little less.

Thus, if you watch one movie, you have consumed 20% of your Internet bandwidth for the month. If you exceed your Verizon 5GB Bandwidth limit, their current contract stipulates that you will pay $10 per each 1GB that you go over. After you see your first Internet bill, you may need to get a second job 🙂 And that Netflix movie that you just paid $1.50 for may have just cost you $11.50.

If you are heavy Internet user, you might just be able to blow through your monthly data cap in 32 minutes. Yes, as PC Magazine found out:

Verizon’s new 4G LTE network is so fast that you can use up your entire 5GB, $50 monthly allotment in 32 minutes.

In this article, the author posits that Verizon, as a “major seller of home broadband”, wants individuals who are going to consume lots of bandwidth to sign up for DSL. Hmmm.

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At the Verizon store, they actually pitched the 4GB LTE Network as a replacement for DSL. And, they mentioned nothing about the 5GB bandwidth limitation. On the contrary, they said things like: “The Verizon 4GB LTE network is ideal if you like to watch movies and videos all the time. It’s so fast.”

Currently, on Verizon’s own Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi™ 4510L page, they also mention nothing of the 5GB bandwidth limitation. I simply cannot imagine what Verizon is thinking. Why even offer this type of Internet speed if it is accompanied by such restrictive limitations? And, why are they not more up front about this bandwidth limitation? Are they trying to deceive customers and then hit them with huge monthly bills or simply being negligent?

In the end, the speed claims of Verizon Wireless 4G are absolutely true. It is easily the fastest Internet out there.

However, with their 5GB bandwidth limitation, it is the fastest Internet that you can’t use. I returned mine yesterday.

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Are you, or have you been, a Verizon Wireless 4G customer? Let us know if you have experienced problems with their bandwidth limitations below.

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Richard CummingsVerizon 4G Wireless Internet 5GB Bandwidth Limitation: The Fastest Internet You Can’t Use!

Comments 8

  1. Leviticus Maximus

    Um, well THAT just sucked wind out of my 4g sails… This is yet another reason why I should always read the fine print. I haven’t checked to see how much data that I’ve used since, oh, 6:30pm today (today is the first day of Verizon’s 4g in Olympia, WA). I’m sure I’ve burned up AT LEAST 50%. Damn you YouTube!

  2. mike

    The sales girl said 5 gb is about 23 movies. Just got the service, watched one netflix movie last night (well part of one and part of another) and 3 days into the month I have used over 2 gb. Taking it back within the 14-day cancellation period.

  3. thewhafor

    Exactly. It may be that 3G is the sweet spot for bandwidth pricing plans. Even Verizon web site shows that for the same amount of bandwidth usage, (e-mail, music downloads, video streaming, etc), you have to spend 2 to 3 times more $$ with 4G compared to 3G. I would like to know how all this is going to play out.

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  5. steeler101

    I was talking to a Verizon Representative and they said that it was because no one really used over 5GB a month. I was very mad, because I need Unlimited Internet, so I sent them an email and now they’re forwarding it to their corporate boses, because of what I said. Well Verizon sucks, luckily I have Sprint Now with UNLIMITED DATA:)

  6. Scott

    This is why I refuse to invest anything into 4G.

    These totalitarian companies are all imposing bandwidth caps on consumers who don’t really understand the terminology, or the consequences. The problem is companies don’t want to update their bandwidth limitations because the consumers that use more end up paying for higher-tier bandwidth plans. Folks, you gotta vote with your wallet and stop funding companies with policies designed to give you the least amount of service for the highest amount of money.

  7. Carl E. W.

    I decided to try Verisons 5g service as i live in a small town in ohio. I did like the ease of use and the speed was good. Now when I went into the store I asked a lot of question. They told me I had 14 days to try it out. If I didn’t like it I could bring it back and all I had to do is pay the restocking fee of 35 dollars. They also told me it was 10 dollars more for going over the 5G. they DIDN’T tell me it was for each GIG. I also read all of the paperwork (I’m anal about such things) but somehow missed that. I received a call from Verison after 12 days and they informed me I owed them nearly a thousand dollars. I LOST IT!!! I immediatly took the card back intending to explain the issue and pay the restocking fee. Thats when I found out I had to pay for all the extra that I had used, when they told me I had 14 days to see how I liked it. WTF?? I also DIDN’T pay either the bill or the restocking fee. I did however receive a check from the (privately owned) verison store for 45 dollars. Now I am considering taking this to either the FCC or THE BBB. but what options do I have? PLease and Ty…….

    1. John

      Well, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for this. Pay better attention next time and take responsibility for your mistakes.

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