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The other day I found myself wanting to watch some good óle American TV.  As I am traveling, American TV is a rare commodity and the only option that I have available is the Internet.  So, I searched for where to watch TV online.

And what did I find?  Gimmicks, gimmicks, and more gimmicks. 

Why do people advertise Free TV when it’s not really free?  Probably so I’ll click on it.  But I did find some needles in the haystack that are worth checking out if you want to watch free TV online.

When I typed in google, “Watch TV Online”, I found this article:  13 Places To Watch TV Online for Free.  This was a good place to start.  However, after visiting many of the links, I was just given more links.  I fell into a link abyss without finding any TV that I wanted to watch.

I wanted to watch the show 24.  And, I was thinking that since many people have Tivo, they would just record the shows and post them on the Internet.  After much surfing, I found one site that I really liked.  It had every episode of 24 and Entourage that I could want to watch.

Be sure to check it out soon as the availability of these sites tends to change quickly.

If you want to watch 24, Entourage, The Office, and many other programs, visit

The great thing about this site is that you can pause the videos and they will load in the background.  Come back 15 minutes later and the whole program will be ready to watch!

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