Watching the Superbowl Online Outside the US

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In this post, I am going to tell you how to watch the Superbowl online if you are living outside the United States.

Like many of you, I am huge football fan and sometimes it can be challenging to find out a good place to watch football games when you are living overseas.  Plus, while many Superbowls often disappoint,  I think the Packers and Steelers might be one of the best Superbowl matchups in a long time.

Anyway, so how if you want to learn how to watch the Superbowl online outside the US, this post is for you.

Throughout the NFL season, I would try to find places to watch the NFL online each weekend.  There are some websites where you can find streaming versions of football games, such as which would stream all games and the NFL Red Zone (which is awesome by the way), but each of these sites proved unreliable sometimes becoming unavailable in the middle of game or, even worse, at the end.

The reason for this is that the NFL has exclusivity deals and, technically, there are no legitimate ways to watch the NFL and watch the Superbowl online.  Except one and it is only available to people who live outside the U.S.

It is called the NFL Gamepass.

I signed up for the NFL Gamepass at the beginning of the playoffs and watched every playoff game there.  I will tell you–it is simply incredible.

If this were available in the U.S., I think every football fan in America would sign up for it.  First off, you can watch every single game for the past two years.  You can fast-forward, pause, and rewind to any play you want…even for live games.  It is like a built-in DVR, but you don’t need to actually have a DVR!

So, what do you need?  You simply need a computer with Internet access.  Of course, if you have a great monitor, that would be even better.  If not, learn how to how to connect your laptop to an LCD TV and you’ll be watching the Superbowl through your computer on your LCD.

The picture quality of the NFL GamePass depends on the speed of your Internet connection and it will adjust the picture dynamically depending on how fast your connection is.  If you have a decent connection, you will get an absolutely brilliant HD picture quality!

I just jumped on over to the GamePass site and it looks like subscriptions are now available for the Superbowl and the whole off-season for $24.99.  That is another thing–you get 24 hour access to the NFL network.

Ok, enough of that…now:  Who will win this Superbowl?  The Steelers or the Packers?

This is just a tough game to call.  I have had a look at all the various stats and they’re just about even.  While the Packers may have a more highly-charged offense, the Steelers experience has to off-set that.

So, who will win this game?

My prediction is that the first team to score will win this game!  How is that for a safety?

So I’ll be watching the Superbowl on the NFL Gamepass and, if you are overseas, this is the best place to see it.  I assure you–I have tried everywhere!

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Richard CummingsWatching the Superbowl Online Outside the US

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