What Are Some Unique Ways to Transform A Garage?

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Remodeling your garage door into a spare room or office is old hat. If you don’t need your garage to park your cars or store your sporting or gardening equipment, you can get as creative as you want. When you think about it, outside of the space required to store a vehicle, the garage represents an underutilized area of the home. Many garages are not only larger in square footage then the living areas, but they also have taller ceilings. Here are a few bizarre things you can turn your garage into that just might add a bit more to your life.


While many a garage has played host to bands (hence the term ‘garage bands’) there is nothing to stop you from taking it one step further and transforming your garage into a nightclub. The high ceilings are ideal for lighting tracks and special effects machines. The concrete floor can easily take a treatment to create a dance floor that can withstand high use. With the right soundproofing, you can create an open space that can handle a small crowd, live music and a night of fun.  Imagine the look on the garage door repair man when he shows up to this call?

Wine Cellar

Many garages are made with concrete walls and are set half in the ground beneath the living space of the house. This makes them as cool as a basement. By adding in a bit more insulation and getting creative with lighting and decoration, you can transform the garage into a fully function wine cellar and tasting room.


Think of a private club set off from the house with a few choice tables for Baccarat or Roulette. This is a new twist on the old idea of a game room but it is definitely for adults. The quiet of the garage can be enhanced with soundproofing to allow the players to focus even more. For serious poker players, this can allow for the installation of professional quality tables and spectator tables as well.

Home Gym

The garage is ideal for a home gym. With a concrete floor, it can support the weight of gym equipment without any special structural additions needed. All you have to do is install a carpet, finish the walls with insulation and boards, hang mirrors and put in an electric heater and you can work out at home. This gets your treadmills and other equipment out of the bedroom and into a dedicated space that will encourage you to use them more.

Movie Theater

A cheaper way to create a home movie theater is to renovate the garage into a dedicated cinema space. The high ceilings will allow you to use a larger screen than what is available indoors and you can bolt down actual movie seating as well.  Of course this one might be out of Texas Overhead Doors’ expertise

Broadcast Studio

Create a fixed studio for your video blog or Internet radio show to increase production quality. The windowless garage makes it ideal for soundproofing and you can install a permanent set to give your productions more continuity. You can also dedicate a section of the garage for audio recording and mixing.


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Guest AuthorWhat Are Some Unique Ways to Transform A Garage?

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