What Are The Weirdest Foreign Toilets?

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Notice the title is weirdest foreign toilets, not weirdest foreign objects found in toilets. So, if you were able to flush a flaming arrow, a pound of salami, a pair of socks or eight miniature model cars, you won’t find a celebration for your efforts here. Good for you, but that is not what we will discuss in this article. We are going to take a virtual world tour, travelling the globe in search of strange, unusual and even uncommon varieties of commodes. Names will be withheld to protect the innocent and the embarrassing. If you happen to be reading this in the bathroom right now, you may just thank your lucky stars for your comfortable dwelling.

Squat Pots

Perhaps the most natural (and disturbing) ways that people of the world relive themselves is by simply squatting when the urge strikes. Usually near or in water, this habit can be beneficial for local vegetation, but harmful for the water safety levels. The upgraded version is found in public facilities that are semi-enclosed concrete structures. It is still basically a hole in the ground that requires the user to squat naturally over the hole, which can be an awkward aim the first time. Kind of puts a new twist on the idea of a portable restroom. One practical tip for visiting countries where this method of restroom use is common, bring your own toilet tissue.

Common Use Restrooms

So, at least you are inside and have toilet paper readily available. But common use restrooms can be a surprise when visited for the first time. In these fun toilet facilities, men, women and children are welcome to use the toilet, shower or wash up, and even make a quick wardrobe change.  These public restrooms are commonly found in touristy areas, beaches and public or national parks. Not exactly what you would find offered by Luxury Restroom Rentals, but they add convenience to weary travelers and harried mothers trying to make a bathroom stop during a busy day. Everyone enters and leaves together, safe and sound. It may sound like common use restrooms are not for the modest folks, there is an unwritten rule of mutual respect and these are family-friendly toilets.


Bidets are rising in popularity among first-world countries, but are by no means new creations. They actually date back several centuries and are replications of the systems used by members of royal families. Bidets may be found next to traditional toilets in resorts throughout the world, giving travelers a choice in their restroom preferences. Because most homes cannot support both a traditional toilet and a bidet in limited space, and because homeowners cannot financially support their installation, toilets can be purchased with bidet plumbing and hardware already installed in them. Users still have a choice, but the options have been conveniently combined into one easy unit. Bidets work by offering a splash of water to clean and refresh the user at the end of their visit. There is usually an automatic sensor or manual nozzle for the user to engage when ready for the stream of warm water to do its work. Less expensive versions may not have the luxury of warm water, but it is usually at least room temperature and still gets the job done.


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