What Is The Best Way To Cook Lobster Tail

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Cooking lobster tail can be a great challenge.  This is probably why many of you ask the question:  What is the best way to cool lobster tail?  Well, we are hear to tell you the best way to cook lobster tail.

In fact, more than telling you, let’s start by showing you.  Let’s start with a video which shows you how to prepare a lobster tail for cooking. This video includes how to  manipulate the shell on on the lobster tail for cooking.

Preparing a Lobster Tail To Be Cooked

Preparing a Lobster Tail for Cooking — powered by ExpertVillage.com

In this next video entitled How To Cook a Broiled Lobster, Chef John Guinivere walks you through in detail the procedures he uses to choose the best lobsters and then how to cook the lobster detail. He even discusses the difference between a male and female lobster. Take a look:

How to Cook Broiled Lobster

So, what is the best way to cook lobster tail?

You have several choices. You can broil lobster tails. You can bake lobster tails. And you can grill lobster tails.

At the best list, we prefer them grilled. But in this lobster tail discussion on Yahoo Answers, the contributors cannot reach a consensus.

There is one consensus though. However you cook your lobster tails, be sure to cook them right. In conjunction with the videos above, you may enjoy this WikiHow page on how to cook lobster tail as well as read How to Cook Lobster Tails — From Steaming to Grilling and More.

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Now get to it and cook the best lobster that you possibly can!

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