Why Men Hide Out in the Bathroom

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Almost everyone has a favorite place to relax and unwind after a long day or an even longer night. Perhaps an individual loves to sit quietly outside under the sun or stars and enjoy a bit of nature. Someone else may prefer to head for the beach and, under a colorful sun umbrella, fall asleep to the sound of playful seagulls. Yet another lucky soul may find respite in the clanging of weights and several different television or radio channels chanting out encouraging messages in their local gym or fitness centers. While the activity and venue may vary from person to person, the truth remains that every person needs a personal hideout. Living in an extremely social world with most things moving at light speed through an overloaded schedule takes so much out of a person that rejuvenation is in order every once in a while.  Although the above examples all deal with places outside the home, there are plenty of peaceful sanctuaries to be found inside the home.

The Appeal of the Throne

If a man’s home is his castle, what does that make the bathroom? Men are drawn to take some private time in the bathroom because it is sometimes the only place where they know for sure no one will be waiting with a request from them. There is no need to call up Luxury Restroom Rentals, it’s just that there are no “honey do” lists in the bathroom. There are no power tools ready for an odd job in the bathroom. There are no toddlers with a puzzle to complete in the bathroom. There is no anxious golden retriever holding a leash in the bathroom. There is not even an impromptu good friend with a golf bag in the bathroom. Whether out of respect or common courtesy, people are unlikely to bring distractions when someone is using the bathroom. There is an unspoken rule that when the door is closed, you simply do not ask any questions. You just wait.

So What is Really Going on in There?

Well, besides the obvious, of course. There is no need for a luxury bathroom—the commode has a special appeal for men because this is the one place where they are not being watched, judged, evaluated or questioned. There is no one to impress in there. It is just a man and his thoughts. While you probably will not catch most men relaxing in the tub to modern jazz music, it is a possibility. And they will not be apologetic for that, because it happened in the bathroom. Maybe they will read the newspaper, catch up on an article from their favorite magazine or even begin a new novel. There is no sense of time in the bathroom. The quietness of this makeshift abode, closet or sanctuary lends itself to spending time listening to that still inner voice. The bathroom is where new inventions are dreamed up, where to-do lists are created, new home projects are drafted, and even where marriage proposals are rehearsed. Usually, men are at their most productive and creative frame of mind when they emerge from the bathroom, so let them take their sweet old time!


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Guest AuthorWhy Men Hide Out in the Bathroom

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