Why You Should Make Your Terminal Emulator Transparent

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Working in terminal emulation software can be tiresome at times. It has less to do with the work itself, but the environment in which you are working. After all, staring at a black background can get to be really hard on the eyes after a while. It is true that some programs provide different colors for the fonts, but again, it comes down to the fact that the background is just too boring.

The wonderful thing about using some types of terminal emulation software, like BlueZone by Rocket Software, is that you can configure the software so the window is transparent. The result is an appearance that you are typing right on the background of your home screen. While this may not be a lot of fun if you have a blank screen, it is a lot of fun if you have the kind of background image you love to look at.

Some Assembly Required

In order to alter terminal emulation software so that it is transparent all the time, you will need to make a few changes to the software itself. This means writing a few lines of code. Since you are going to use the terminal for code anyway, this should not pose a big problem for you. You will need to change the variables as well as adding some code. Make sure you are adding in the code exactly as prescribed or it will not work properly.

Enjoying the New Environment

Now that the terminal emulator is merged with your desktop background, you are ready to use it whenever you want to. Simply open your terminal emulation software and use it as you normally would. It will open up with a clear background on the main screen. You will also notice that you are at the command line. This will allow you the ability to start working with a full screen and a more enjoyable work environment.

One of the first things you will notice once you have made the change is that you are not the only one. This is a very popular new way to use terminal emulation software by those who use it every day. It is not only different and fun, but it truly does provide you with more space. The increased amount of space makes it possible to get even more done, because there will be less scrolling around to see everything.

The one thing to watch out for when you are considering making your terminal emulation software transparent is that not every company is wild about their IT guys tinkering with the software. Even though the software is not protected like some of the big name software companies, the concern is that the code will be entered incorrectly or that you will make the decision to make other changes to how the software operates. So, make sure that you get permission from your superiors before making the change and then go have fun with the new look you create.

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