The Bachelor Finale: Catherine or Lindsay?

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Who will Sean choose in the finale of the Bachelor tonight: Lindsay or Catherine?


The Bachelor Must Decide

The Bachelor Finale: Who Is Right for Sean

We are conducting a survey on our Facebook page (go like us now) about who Sean will pick in the finale of the Bachelor tonight. Right now, people are selecting Catherine.

Do you think Sean will pick Catherine tonight?

I tend to think that Sean will pick Catherine, but that this will be the wrong choice. I am not sure either of them are right for Sean, but Lindsay would be his best choice as a wife.

He’ll probably pick Catherine because he keeps mentioning “someone he can have a lot of fun with” and they do seem to have a lot of fun. However, there is something under the hood with Catherine that I can’t put my finger on that just tells me that they would not work out. Is it the family visit? Their ethnicities? Her actual desire to be serious with someone?

Then there’s Lindsay…and all I have to say is purple bikini! Oh my, did you see her in the Thailand episode–she looked outstanding at the beach!

While it may be a bit rigid to be a part of a military family, Sean did enjoy his family visit with Lindsay and they have fun together too. However, wasn’t she awkward when she was trying to tell Sean that she loved him?

I’ll be tweeting about all of this tonight as I watch so follow me @ARichIdea.

In the end though, does it really matter? None of the bachelors ever stay with the girl from the show. Do you want to know why?

Chris Rock once did a bit about how men are “as faithful as their options.” And, after being on The Bachelor, these guys have endless options and can’t settle down.

That’s my take. What’s yours? Comment below!

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Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Finale: Catherine or Lindsay?

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