Bored On The Internet

What Can I Do On The Internet When I’m Bored [Surprise Me Google!]

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: December 13, 2021
Bored On The Internet

Are you bored or SO bored?

I just found out today that hundreds of people everyday go to Google and type in the term “I’m bored” and they want to be surprised by Google.

I found this out because I was bored and I was wondering what can I do on the internet when I’m bored.  It turns out a lot of people are looking for fun things to do at work when bored and top things to do when bored.

It’s good that bored people have a lot of company; at least they’re not bored and lonely.

But the bored people have it good.  A subset of the “I’m bored” sect trump their counterparts by saying “I’m so bored.”  This should make all the I’m bored people feel a lot better.  They can say, “Well, at least I’m not so bored.”

And get this…a whole lot of bored people search for stupid stuff to do when bored.  None of these people search for smart stuff to when bored.  Does this mean that boring people are stupid?  Or does it mean that boring people are smart but just prefer to do stupid things?  Maybe stupid things are more fun than smart things.

For instance, right now, this is a stupid article about bored people.  It’s much more fun than writing a witty essay about the election of Donald Trump.

But it is possible that bored people are actually stupid.  I can tell because a whole lot of people try to tell google that they’re bored, but instead they search for this term:  “I’m Board“.   These people are fortunate though because they have one glaring thing that they need to do-learn how to spell.  Now that’s exciting!  If you landed on this page by typing I’m Board into google, here is a link to help you spell better.  I provide you this link because you’ll probably type it into google like this:  Lern How to Cpell.

Did you know that when people want to find out about spell check, many type in spell chack?  Is that ironic?  If you’re really bored, which I know you are because you’re here, you can evaluate whether the lines in the Alanis Morissette song Isn’t it Ironic are in fact ironic.  There are hundreds of websites dedicated to this very topic.  In fact one person was so bored, he re-wrote all the lyrics to make them actually ironic.

This brings up an interesting group of google searchers.  The “I was bored” crowd.  Yes, several people type into google “I was bored.”  What are they doing?  Are they gloating?  Are they looking for other people who got over boredom just like them?

That might even be ironic.  If you’re at the keyboard typing “I was bored”, doesn’t that activity kind of imply that you still are.

Google has been searching for ways to improve their search engine.  Perhaps, they could find a way to put the “I’m bored” people, and the “I’m so bored” people, with the “I was bored” people.  This way the people who were bored can tell the people who are bored, and so bored, what to do–how to get over their boredom.

This would be a tough audience though.  You’d have to inspire people who get bored so easily.  And, you’d have to talk to them about boredom, which would probably really easily bore them.

Are you still with me?

Other Links and Notes Related to Stuff to Do Online When You’re Bored:

  • There is a whole website dedicated to stupid things to do when you’re bored.  I read their bored blog but then I got bored and left.
  • A guy named Russ writes a blog post entitled Bored with My Blog.  If he is bored with himself, he is sure to bore visitors.  Pop on over to Russel to be more bored than you are right now.
  • Here’s a blog from a bored and restless housewife.  It looks like she has lots of Oprah moments.  If you like that whole touchy-feely approach,  join her for a spirtual connection.
  • There was a website called bored to death.  I visited it and it contained lots of bird photos.  Sometimes, the cause of boredom should be self-evident.
  • Want to be used?  In a post entitled Bored? Help name my blog, this person hopes to solicit your creativity.  However, if you are bored, you probably are not too creative; otherwise, you would creatively find something to do.
  • A lot of people write about being bored at work.  It is quite ashame that so many people are bored by the work that they do.  Perhaps they should spend less time writing about being bored at work and more time finding work that won’t bore them.
  • Finally, find out why useless information is more valuable than useful information.
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Richard CummingsWhat Can I Do On The Internet When I’m Bored [Surprise Me Google!]

Comments 207

  1. JJ Gunn

    This would be a tough audience though. You’d have to inspire people who get bored so easily. And, you’d have to talk to them about boredom, which would probably really easily bore them.

    Are you still with me?


    No I’m bored 🙂

  2. BoredStupid

    Hmmm….I reached this website by typing “I’m bored I need smart websites”.

    Haven’t found any yet.

    I would ask you for suggestions, but your post makes me skeptical that this would be a satisfying strategy.

    Maybe people who are bored are indeed stupid, because boredom *makes* you stupid (not the other way around).

    1. Darryl

      Interesting juxtaposition, but I do not think boredom has an intelligence quotient associated with it. The advent of Covid-19 has taken away so many normal activities and the absurd heat today has confined many of us to our homes. This in after a protracted period of nearly six months.

  3. Bored

    Being bored has led me to some of the coolest websites and/or games i have ever found. if you are bored alot install a “Stumbleupon” tool bar and make an account, it will save you alot of browsing for boring things

  4. not bored anymore

    hi i wos bored but do ya know wot i do when im bored have a fat bucket and spliff and u will not be bored any more try it and rate it


  5. Squid

    What the hell? This doesn’t really say anything about what to do when you are bored on the internet. And what if I don’t have a WII? What do I do then? Sit here and do nothing? Or try and brush up my spelling even though I don’t need to?

    To me, this post is a load of crap.

  6. megan

    this website is preety gay yet im compelled to read it? idk y im even here im siten in class watchen Juno and i love the movie alot but it gets old after the 30th time lol g2g ppl r reading my commnt :]

  7. Agogo

    I stumble upon this when I google, ‘what do people do when they are bored’ just for the sake of personal research. (It’s a topic I brought up myself. Just curious). I find this post very entertaining and mostly true. (I am currently reading a chapter of serial killer story while googling more about it on the web). Though I am wondering. If you are at work, why are you here? Get to work, people!

    And if you are really bored and have nothing to do on the web, my advice will be get off your chair and go somewhere that would let you breath fresh air. You are bored because you have been sitting in front of your computer too long.

    Go see the world, people!

  8. nastiee raver

    i want to know why people come on the internet christmas day, looking for stuff to do because they are bored… go and chill with your family or friends man!! lol, i am bored now but could easily find something to do just don’t know what it is yet lol want to write or something i like doing that… but it is knowin what to write about

  9. John

    yaa i looked up what to do when you get bored of the internet and this came first.this did not make me made me read stuff.i read past the picture and lost gonna use yahoo search now.

  10. Emppu

    Hey, thanks for this! I was looking for something I could do before teacher comes back. This was it. I think I don’t belong that “I am bored”-group anymore, but I’m actually “I was bored” now. Isn’t that great? Now where else can you get promotion that fast?


    (Also, I think there are a lot of people who spell in wrong ways because they don’t speak English as their native. Like me, for example.)

  11. Thefunone

    Huh you all are funny…I’m soooo bored that I’m having fun. Ha ha you are all lame asses get a life. If bored masterbate…watch porn.

  12. V

    If you landed on this page by typing I’m Board into google, here is a link to help you spell better. I provide you this link because you’ll probably type it into google like this: Lern How to Cpell.

    i laughed. so. hard. ahahaha.

  13. kittykat

    I’m a kitty who jumps on my owner’s PC when he goes out, I searched ‘catnip bake recipes’ and found your post…

    People who can’t spell makes me want to scratch their eyes out! Go read a book kids!

    Nice post, bookmarking your links for later, miaow! ^^

  14. the bored guy

    i am soooo FREAKIN bored!!!! 😛 sum1 plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me wat 2 do 4 fun!!! the 1 who tells me……….ill do anything 4 him/her……i prefer her…lol. 😉

  15. navi

    Yepp, this sure bored me, but i liked the link that you said had birds, i had tons of beautiful pictures of animals, it amused me, i got here by typing “Im bored what can i do” like jenelyn said, reading gets me bored, so this was boring 😀

  16. Brittany

    hahahaha lmao hehehe that was great the article cracked me up cant believe someone actually spent time making this site, tis hilarious! but now !,w bored 😀

  17. arial

    I’m bored…
    I like cake…
    It’s kinda great…
    Omg I’m bored…
    My life isn’t very fulfilling…
    I feel as if I have nothing to live for…
    Haha I sound emo…
    But I’m seriously not…
    I’m just a very bored person with nothing to do besides spend her whole life typing on a computer…
    I don’t like people…
    Sometimes people smell…
    Like bad body odor…
    I hate body odor…
    Oh I also hate hair…
    It’s soooo gross…
    I have to shave a lot…
    I mean if my legs aren’t shaved every day…
    I look like a ferocious beast…
    They just get soooooooo hairy….
    Aw……. I was shaving yesterday and I cut myself…
    But not on my legs…
    It was in my armpit…
    And on my wrist…
    I bet you are wondering why I had a cut on my wrist…
    I shave my arms too…
    That’s how much I hate hair…
    I think I’ll be going now…
    I have better things to do…
    HAHA not really…
    That’s kinda the reason I’m on here…
    i seriously gotta go now…

  18. bored.. but not alone

    That was quite clever and funny 🙂
    i didnt even think about hy i typed im bored into google :S
    kudos for three minutes of entertainment and buisness studies distraction (Y)

  19. Bored of being bored

    HaHa…actually a ‘mispelt’ word is okay…but i HATE it when i have to read a whole article with mistakes that arent intended.

    but the article was funny… 🙂

  20. Theresa

    Wow, guys…. Those of you who expected to get un-bored from this website need to lighten up a bit…. It’s just a witty lil thing to make you laugh at yourself for typing in what SOOO many other people do everyday. Sit back and enjoy! 🙂

  21. arial

    okay… well i got bored again… and this website popped up, and you may have noticed my comment from a while ago… im veeeery strange, lol jk but im bored, and that ariticle has tooooooo many words and i’m not in the mood!!!!!!!!!!
    someone like email me or something…

  22. andrea

    ^.^ That was stupid. Not all bored people are dumb. It’s plain and simple, man.
    We’re just bored as helllll. :p

  23. Ryan

    funny article.. sometimes the best thing for boredom is to just crack a smile at a perfectly created piece of bored writing

  24. Mel

    Lol tbh reading this wont keep u bored for long lol u’ll be showing this everyone you have to say this really fast and people think wtf???


  25. chanice

    well if your bored do something im bored to but i am looking for things to do but i cant seem to find anything as nothing help and id say thier is alot of bad language !! anyway please help !!

  26. Billy Cyrus

    I type in, “When I am bored”, in hopes that the bots will give me an article that someone wrote with the topic being “what they do when they were bored.” That is all.

  27. JOhNny

    Nice. Although I suppose you know that this can only entertain you for about five minutes… at least it can make you smile. Good job.

  28. bored as crap

    yeh reading this makes me even more bored so congrats!!
    maybe a little yes yapping and alittle more actually putting funny pictures of games or anything to amuse people

  29. Funny Translator

    A good way to kill time when bored at work is Funny Translator. It uses Google to translate any phrase from English to 56 other languages and back again, with often funny, usually bizarre, sometimes even insightful/ironic results.

    Here’s a good example: “Hi my name is bob.”

    56 Translations Later:

    “Hi John.”

  30. kboredusr

    Google is so boring. There is nothing as boring as the internet. I’m so bored that I’m typing this. I like being bored. Being incredibly boring is a sure way to get rid of unwanted guests. No two cases of boredom are ever the same. There is no known cure for boredom. Some people take it to extremes though.

  31. bored 5

    when im bored i go to bed or tell my brother about it intell he thinks of something to do.

    Im at school what can i do with less than an hour?!


  32. robalabob

    I’m not one to criticise peoples vocabulary, if I can grasp what the person is saying when they type ‘I’m really board’, I can understand that they do not think they have turned into a block of cedar. I have noticed that most of the time this criticism is used by people as a tool to win arguments when they realise they have already lost said argument. It can also be used by certain groups of people who have the need to correct everyone’s statements in life; most of the time to self-masturbate their own ego. However I found that however much i despise these ‘Grammar Nazi’s’, none will rub salt in my eyes more than those which make mistakes with their grammar. Incredibly in the same post or blog they are crucifying other people for the same little mistakes. I can’t even say if this is ironic anymore because this post itself will surely be mocked for it’s terrible grammar and misuse of irony. In the end though, this is my point and I’ll be damned if I stop saying what I think for fear of ridicule. So here it goes….

    In this particular post you mock the spoon licking public for poor spelling without the forethought that god forbid, people who are dyslexic may have figured out how to use a computer. One link in particular – here is a link to help you spell better. – was obviously used to undermine and oust the dyslexic cretins. Then I realised that only a few lines up the page you wrote ‘For instance, right now, this is a stupid article about bored people. It’s much more fun than writing a witty essay entitled Will American Elect a Black President?’.

    Being so uptight and readily available as you are to throw your own faeces at anyone who spelt boaerd wrong, oops, I mean board…. Wait its more difficult than I thought actually……..

    Anyway, your ‘Witty’ essay title doesn’t make sense. I am going to put my future happiness online, ‘on the line’ and say that I indeed find this ironic. Now feel free to publicly bash my argument over the spelling mistakes and/or grammatical offences, I’m sure that spell check will have missed some of my crimes.

    P.s. I’m actually going to look for the fully ironic Alanis Morisette lyrics now, it sounds hilarious……. And im still quite boerd!


  33. Are you serious

    I searched “what to do on the internet when bored” no “how to spell corectly so you can find the answer to your quiestion.

  34. warbler

    talk about irony! this site surpasses in boringtude. couldn’t get through most of it; just skipping around a bit made my lids droop. outahere.

  35. Anna

    i am always bored and have nothin to do because i dont have a facebook because it has to much drama on 🙂 some people dont start drama though thats the kinda people i like 😉

  36. Autumn

    Right now I am in school. I am researching “Does boredom lead to trouble?”. I was searching for something that will help me know what people do when they are bored. Apparently, this is what people do (search random things). It has come to my conclusion that yes, people do stupid stuff when they are bored. I am not necessarily bored, but this is gettting to the point where it is stupid.

    Don’t Do Stupid Stuff When You Are Bored…..Doesn’t Help At All.

  37. vannie

    i got bored reading this stupid article an only read the first paragraph. the only thing i liked is when you dissed people who can’t spell and that inspired me to shit you up and commend you xD ^_^ *_* 😉 🙂 xp <3

  38. blbla youou

    this is dumb no one is going to look for this pluse stupid thing are fun and its more fun when people read this because this is stupid i think you had nothing to do but crap and wast fuking peoples time you need helth problems jerk

  39. Chashmenoor

    Your post is inspiring me to shut down this electronic hypnotist and go do something realistic to get unbored!! ( No I don’t need spell CHACK that last word is made up….)

  40. rosalie alice

    It is really stupid how many people commented on this cause their bored. i always feel bad cause it is like i have no friends cause i am constantly at home saying “im bored, im bored, im bored” and i watch tv so much that when i went to take a tv quiz and they asked me how much tv i watched thaty said i couldnt take it cause i watch way to much tv.yeah my mom wants to get me to make friends so she is sending me to Australia with a group of people idk and guess what…I AM GOING TO BE ALL ALONE CAUSE I HAVE NO FRENDS IN THIS WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Yeah and i really need a boyfriend to do something on a friday night. i was doing my french hw and it said yes or no in french and then did you go to the mall?,movies?, a friends house?, and it was no to all those but then it said did you stay home saterday night and i said yes cause it was true. MY LIFE IS GOING TO WASTE!!!! HELP ME SAVE IT!!!!! no you cant help me cause it is my life and i am in charge of which direction it is going to go in. now it is shameful that instead of living my life outside i am typing on a computer. so i am going to exit out and go outside and tan on my driveway

  41. kayla(;


    if youre bored go to and play casualty.

    or go to cool math games, click strategy, scroll down either go to coffe shop or page 2 lemonade stand game.

    Or a great game to play where youre a scientist and find the cure to cancer but find out that not only does youre cure kill cancer cells it kills all cells so you make everyday choices but you can only make one a day for a week to find the cure to your panacea. either be woth your family, have an affair, got to work, etc. its soo fun! go to google and typen in “one chance” you litterally only have one chance. click on a different link when youre done or you cant play

    ill post more another time(:


  42. Boredinamathtest

    Doing a math test… took a computer coause I was getting bored… serched up google HELP im bored what shoud I do… ths ste came up and well im no longer bored 😀 this site is awesome… too bad my teachers giving me the look 😛

  43. doesnt matter

    You are so mean! What don’t you ever get bored? And you talked about spelling but not punctuation and grammar. But anyway that was fun!

    notice how good my spelling and grammar are took me forever to make it like this.

  44. the strokes

    i am sooo bored i just want to leave this class i am soo bored a thousand times someone please come help me i am just to and soo bored to be here :'(

  45. the strokes

    wow i am like soo proud that mii sister is going ro graduate tomorrow omgg i just can’t wait but anyways i amm so bored buht ill find sumthing to do.

  46. Lynn

    I’m sorry to say, that this article was so boring… I couldn’t finish. Note: Reading a really LOOONG boring article when I’m bored is WORSE than boredom!!! It just sucks… like honestly dude…. You must have been bored writing it lol…

  47. luelue

    im soooooooooooooo bored and its summer vication and i got more bored its good im gong back to my homeland after tomorrow this is my first and last comment by the way

  48. KiltedKrew

    I am not bored. I am reading all of your replies. You guys are hilarious and dang funny! You all took my boredom away!

  49. comment

    I was so bored, i typed in what to do when one is bored on the internet. The only thing that has relieved my boredom is reading comments and thinking of comments on those. Wow i feel really bored typing this.

  50. Warren B

    per the suggestion of a comment from Boredon poested 01 Dec 2008 at 5:15 pm , i went to the recommended website stumbleupon and I think this sight is really cool. So it you are really truely bored, check it out. It really has some great stuff.

  51. Anon

    I stumbled across this incredibly childish article whilst cruising through Google, it seems as though a 14 year old has typed up his feelings on notepad and then ”copy and pasted” them here, in all honesty, someone who lacks linguistic abilities themselves is in no position to comment on the intelligence of others, nor are they in any position to write a little article, detailing the ramblings of their obviously pretentious and needlessly wordy mind. I find it pathetic that someone would write an article about all this, critisizing the people who spell bored and check incorrectly when they cant even use proper grammar themselves.
    e.g. ”None of these people search for smart stuff to when bored.” ~ Word missing
    e.g. 2: ”they have one glaring thing that they need to do-learn how to spell.” one glaring thing is not proper sentence structure, however, one glaringly obvious thing about this sentence is its improper use of a hyphon in place of a semi-colon.

    Regardless, im board now……

  52. clara

    the song is not “isn’t it ironic”, it’s “ironic”. maybe you’re bored, cause you got the name of the song wrong, 😛

  53. alalalal

    LOL nice adsense article here, bet you’re making a lot of money from these bored people 😛

    Guys, use “Google keyword tool”, it’s really fun, google it if you don’t know it.

  54. Someone Random

    Lol! This made me laugh. Though it probably wouldn’t be funny if I read when I’m not bored. Well….what would I be on here for if I’m not bored? Anywayz, I just typed what should I google and this came up.

    Btw I just randomly wrote a fake name and email tehee. ;P

  55. julianna diaz

    soo im just bored and everytime everyday i think about himm and theres no way i can stop and i just cant stop thinking about himm i just wish tht somehow i jussgt stoped liking himm and well my friend said tht he asked her out and now i feel bad buhht i mean i cant control is life and if just sucks tht he dont even like mee or notice mee at school buht youuh no what??? imma jusst have to find a way to stop thinking about himm somdehow so jusst imma try to stop thinking about himm and its also tht hes not the only problem i have because i am stupid and i am weak when it comes to when someone asks me to do or let them do something and i cant say no nomatter how hard i try so just nevermind

  56. katie

    julianna hope you read this so.. you shouldt care about him you will find a guy who will like you and love you for what you are and who you are so just forget about him and start living your life be funny be happy just think about you and look forward

    julianna diaz hope you email me (

  57. Michael

    It’s quiet simple. Whenever I’m bored I go offline and do something fun with friends. Or I plan to do something fun with friends. I recently discovered an activity planning website called that helps me with that.

  58. rhiannon

    things to do if your bored answer questions on yahoo
    watch tv
    take a shower
    do your hair
    call a freind
    make cookies
    computer games
    here are some websites

    diaster date stories .com
    funny news
    do not press the

    hope theese help u love from rhiannonxxxx

  59. itse me

    I m bored and I’m in a math lesson I am really bored so i searched it in google. i clicked on everythibng but my school has everything blocked. I find this article pretty funny and I m so bored that I even read all the comments.

  60. reymarose

    well,it’s good to know that there are are others out there,who feel the same boredom that i do,i read all the articles on your blog,it helps a little but it doesnt have a big impact.i still feel bored…

  61. Alexa

    hey to who ever is reading this I dont know about you but I am so bored who agrees with me good I can see that you all are

  62. Skizer1

    U know what i’m even more bored reading about being bored.So i take some Morphine Sulphate. Guess what there to weak…Still bored so i smoke some skunk..OMG. so now i think more about how bored i am.. Been out scored some scag.. Guess what yet again still bored,as the shi£ is to weak. Traffickers smashing it to bits in Afghanistan… GOD i am bored Last cure i’ll score some KraK OH no.. now i am just wired…!!! to death… stripped my other system into bits… So now my head is spinning feel like shi%
    my gaff is a doss hole with stuff every where..Guess what i am saying is drugs do not cure the bordem. I was never bored until i went on line, if your not a programmer then computers are crap… So there we have it the only cure must be sack paying an isp. Dont do drugs .Sell everything you own and do1 to paradise. That s if you can find it# Do not even think that the chat crap can repair bordem, as you dont know them most likely that you never will.You only chat to who they want you to chat with…What! you say i may have mental illness The whole world is mentally ill…Do not deny it.. F*C* imagine if we actually lived for a millennium at a time… Hell… the planet is a wonderful place the life within is not… Look at the fundamentals of existence NO THANKS as i am bored shi%less with it all. The Internet: A Glorified Telephone: We can’t bare arms legally Imagine how boring that is:: you get caught you’re looking at a 7 stretch for possession…Discharge it and your getting a possible life.. Why was i born at the wrong time in the wrong place??? Not that it truly matters as i am to bored to give a shi% …. later …

  63. E.T.

    “What do people do on the Internet” well i guess a lot of you read all this. That’s insane. Wtf is wrong with all of you. And why am I no better? We should be spending our last days in the physical world. Stop. If Only.

  64. Kim

    At first, I searched “surprise me”, and then came a song lyrics.

    Then I went a bit more specific: “surprise me, google”, and happily it autocompleted to “google im bored, surprise me please”.

    Now Im both unbored and surprised 🙂 thanks.

  65. JOHN17

    YEES ..finally i’m bored..really i know the reason …i quit thinking about my job n i got bored..i have a nice job n nice clleauges…but the moment i quit thiinkin abt job i got bored..
    my work is my inspirattion ..gotta learn more guyzz. but itzz a decent thread at some point everyone shall reach here..if not..then ur the most lucky one or ur the most foolish person.

    letss search for the time being the most sexiest girl in ur locality.

  66. mememememe

    ok so if all of you people are bored then there is defenatly something wrong with the way we (as people) are living our lives… haha i laugh at all you bored people cuz the only time i was acualy bored was when i was reading this article. :p

  67. GOL

    *BOREDSTUPID, how does boredom make you stupid? someone who’s stupid would never be bored because they would never question who they are or what they’re doing. boredom arises when every attempt to distract yourself from the way you feel fails so the real question is, is there a difference between being emotionally aware and being the opposite of stupid? i love this article it made me laugh! i was slightly bored when i came across this page but now i don’t feel bored at all, so i haven’t just stop being bored, but also found out how to stop being bored whenever i am bored, so this website answered the question i asked Google which was what do i do when bored? so the purpose of this website is more than justified (at least to me) …

  68. Ashley

    I was bored. Then, this article entertained and surprised me and I was not bored. Now, I’m bored again. Will you write another article so I will not be be so bored? 😉

  69. Autumn

    I came upon your website not because I was bored but because I have found many places on the web listing ‘(insert number here) things to do when bored’ actually are quite funny and I needed a good laugh. Your website had me rolling. Thank you so much.

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