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Richard Cummings

Richard Cummings is writer, traveler, and web content developer.

Get your copy of his latest book entitled Obvious Conclusions, stories of a Midwestern emigrant influenced and corrupted by many years living in San Francisco and abroad. It just received its first outstanding review "...reminiscent of David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs" on Amazon UK.
Richard Cummings
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A Star is Born Review 2018: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?

In a Star is Born, we have the actor Bradley Cooper playing a singer and the singer Lady Gaga acting.  Did this role reversal work?  Were they able to pull off a great movie?  Read on to find out!

First, a disclaimer:  I’m not impartial — I am a huge fan of both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  I’ve always respected Lady Gaga’s independent spirit and enjoyed her music.  And, Bradley Cooper  has an equally interesting backstory.    Did you know he speaks fluent French and wanted to be Ninja?

And then, I watched the preview for the movie, and BOOM – there’s Dave Chappelle acting.  A singer, an actor, a comedian?  All my favorites!  What’s not to love?  I’m so in.

But, viewer beware, high expectations are often the death knell for a movie.  Even if it’s good, you’re disappointed as you expected great.

I went to see A Star is Born the first day I could.

So what did I think?

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Richard CummingsA Star is Born Review 2018: Did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Great Movie?

Donald Trump – For It or Against It?

If you’re having trouble figuring out Donald Trump’s stance on issues, you’re not alone. He’s right there with you.

In the video below, Donald Trump expresses mixed views on the majority of vital issues facing America and the world.

Video: Donald Trump: For It or Against It? That Depends…

In this video, Donald Trump expresses contrarian views on numerous issues of vital importance to America and the world.

Richard CummingsDonald Trump – For It or Against It?
Tiger Returns to Golf

Tiger Woods Return!!! Dec 1st, 2016

This must be the most popular day of golf that December has ever produced:  Tiger Woods has returned for the first time since August 2015, more than 400 days.

I saw this coming on The Golf Channel and had to put down the work files and pick up the enjoy golf files for at least 2 hours.

Of course, the most important shot was the first one, his tee shot.  He swang smoothly but pulled it left in front of a bunker and into deep grass.  Second shot?  Perfect!  Landed it on the green and two-putted for par.

And, his chipping yips were just tested on 3, a test he passed perfectly, an easy up and down for a birdie on 3.

He’s now -1.

Easily the most anticipation of a golf event that I have felt since the Ryder Cup.Read More

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Return!!! Dec 1st, 2016
Donald Trump election reaction

The Instructive Election of Donald Trump

Donald Trump election reactionI am so proud to be an American today!

It is seldom that I realize we have so much opportunity — opportunity to learn and become a better nation.

Based on our collective decisions last night, I realize these new roads await.

What are these new roads and opportunities?

Let’s get started:

I now realize that many people still have not learned that lying is wrong.  We elected a new President who lies 91% of the time and tells the truth 4% of the time.  Clearly, so many still don’t know that lying is not a good thing.  And, now, when we try to teach our children that lying is not a good thing, we will have so many examples to readily share.

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Richard CummingsThe Instructive Election of Donald Trump
Holly Holm knocks out Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Knocked Out Cold By Holly Holm: Memories of Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman

ronda rousey loses fight

The Knockout!

I’ve watched every Ronda Rousey fight since the beginning and cannot help but think she is one of the hottest babes on the planet – the perfect exemplar of strength and beauty.

Her lead-up to this fight was uncharacteristic. She manufactured malevolence towards her opponent Holly Holm where none was really warranted. I sensed fear.

Then I watched some of Holly Holm’s fights and saw her leg kick in action and I knew why. Read More

Richard CummingsRonda Rousey Knocked Out Cold By Holly Holm: Memories of Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman
find a cheater on Ashley Madison

Is My Spouse on Ashley Madison – Here’s How To Find Out!

We just received an email from a concerned spouse wanting to know whether her husband was cheating on her using Ashley Madison. She added, “If I find that he’s there, he’s going to pay big time!”

Well, as many of you know by now, the cheating/affair website Ashley Madison was hacked recently and the hackers had threatened to release all user information.

Today, Wednesday, August 18th, they made good on their threat to release nearly all of the information, including names, emails, partial and full credit cards, and the secret desires of many.

So, for all those concerned spouses who find themselves asking that dreaded question — “Was my spouse a member of Ashley Madison?” here are three websites where you can enter the known email addresses of your spouse to find out if they were a member.

Websites to find out if your spouse is on Ashley Madison

  1. (best option right now)
  4. (currently down due to overloaded searches)

Richard CummingsIs My Spouse on Ashley Madison – Here’s How To Find Out!
cast of true detective season 2

A Quick Review of True Detective Season 2

Most people were compelled to watch True Detective Season 2 because they salivated for each episode of season 1. My desire for season 2 sprang more from the news of the cast than from my experience with season 1.

Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn? Are you kidding? I’m 100% in. Vince Vaughn is a Swinger. Taylor Kitcsh is a Savage. I fell in love with Claire Cleary and Phone Booth (easily Colin’s best) may be one of the most underrated movies of all time. So, yeah, I’m 100% in! You had me at hello.

But, like the beautiful girl you begin dating, life is not a picture (nor a movie for that matter). No, True Detective, like a relationship, is a commitment; eventually, it must have meaning.
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Richard CummingsA Quick Review of True Detective Season 2