Richard Cummings is a writer, technologist, and traveler who chronicles his thoughts and opinions on his daily blog A Rich Idea which can be found at:  https://arichidea.com/.  He’s also uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person.

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  1. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Suarez is a friend of Richard who really enjoys his articles and really thinks that he, (rich) has a good sense of humor, even in the About tag, they both share the thought that it is very uncomfortable to refer to themselves in the third person.

  2. simon Krause

    I take part in a competition from fanta zero in germany where you can win something with a creative video or photo or poem.

    I worked on a photoshow with parallels to How I met Your Mother with my own story.
    It is a video with a fotoshow and i would like to use one of the pictures from your site.
    It is one of the pictures from the bikini beach. I paste barney from the show ito it and say it is a photo from his holiday.

    So I have to make shure I may use the photo. (because of the copyright).
    It is non commercial and I won´t use it for anything else.
    May I use it for that video?

    Have a nice day!
    Simon Krause / germany

  3. Gunvantray Gajjar

    I have Philips Plasma HDTV model # 42PFP53329(42″) & Dell Insperion 1545 laptop. What type of cable need to connect my laptop to my TV? Yes,You will help me,because,I had read your articals with perfect detail/I am 63 yrs,with little computer operating knowledge.

  4. Noelle

    Hi Richard,

    I saw your posting about JibJab.com—where you can insert a face onto dancing bodies. hahah. I am looking for someone to make a few templates for me (of a simple animated clip..or real video) , where I can insert a human head. I work with kids with autism and its for educational purposes. Do you know the easiest way to do this? I heard Adobe After Effects can be a simple solution, but i need something quick and easy to show a bunch of different kids.

    Thanks so much. I enjoy your articles!!

    Noelle Escovedo, Ventura County CA

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