AdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them

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adsense-high-paying-keywordsThis article is about AdSense High Paying Keywords and how to find them.  But more importantly, I will answer the question:  Which are the right AdSense high paying keywords for you?

It’s not difficult to find which AdSense words will pay well.  There are web pages and websites out there dedicated to this one thing.

I remember when I first became interested making money with AdSense and I checked out all of these lists.  At the time I thought, “Oh, I must try to find out how to capitalize on these Google AdSense words that pay a lot.”

But do you know what is the problem with that strategy to make money with AdSense.

Everybody and their mother shares this strategy.  Translation:  There is an insane amount of competition for these high-paying AdSense terms.

Perhaps even more important than the competitive aspect of these terms is another critical part of making money online:  Do you enjoy the topic?  Unless you are one of these people who can work and dislike what you do (which I am not), you simply will not have the passion that is required to make money with AdSense on this particular term.  Read Making Money Online: Do You Have the Time to find out why it can take time to succeed online.

Thus, unless you want to be spending your time on AdSense terms that you do not enjoy, you are better off trying to discover an ideal combination: Keywords that pay relatively well that you actually enjoy writing about.

AdSense High Paying Keywords: The Lists

Let’s look at how many first timers will try to find AdSense terms that make money and why they should rethink this approach.

Here’s is what most of them do. They go to Google and type in AdSense High Paying Keywords.

You see several sites when you type in this term. If you look at the results of this search, notice that their URLs all have the keywords in them. Each of these sites is trying to capitalize on that search term…a good AdSense Practice.

But, the first one that we find that gives us a quick up-front list of Google Top Paying Keywords is here. Now, let’s take a look at some of the Google AdSense words listed here that pay a lot and found out why. Here is a sampling (visit the site for a full listing):


Google Highest Paying Keywords of 2020

The numbers that you see in the columns represent the max payment that you receive for clicks and then the average payment that you receive for clicks.

That’s a lot of potential money for clicks…but there are two problems with this list as mentioned above: (1) Everybody is looking at this same list which means competition will be fierce and (2) you might not want to write about any of these topics.

Let’s look at what each of these high paying keywords has in common: They are all either big one time upfront payments, like Laser Hair Removal or something that you will pay a lot for over time through monthly payments like insurance.

We will also find that lawyers pay a lot for AdSense advertising. Why? Well, as with everyone, people who pay a lot for AdSense keywords hope to get a lot in return for their payments.

For example, lawyers always pay a lot for DUI terms, like DUI Attorney and DUI Lawyer. Why? Well, they probably charge their clients anywhere between $10 and $20k for their services so they are willing to pay a lot for a click.

Historically, some of the highest paying Adsense Keywords come when there is a class action lawsuit involved. The word “mesothelioma” comes to mind as this is often listed as one of the highest paying AdSense keywords of all time. I don’t know if it still is and really I don’t care because I will not be making a webpage or site about it.

My point here is this: By looking at these lists of high-paying keywords, you can identify their characteristics and find high-paying–or decently high-paying–AdSense keywords that you actually like to write about.

How To Find Your Own High-Paying Keywords

The people who come up with these lists of AdSense keywords are not performing any type of Rocket Science that you are unable to do yourself. They are simply using freely available tools and then adding each of these words to a database to create a comprehensive list of high-paying keywords.

So, how can you come up with a list yourself? It’s easy…you simply use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool or UberSuggest to get an idea of what keywords will pay.

You already know the presiding principle. If the advertiser’s item pays a lot over the short term, or long term, the cost per click has the potential to be quite large. If the item does not cost a lot–or costs nothing–some people simply want to promote their website for visitors, then the cost you receive per click will be lower.

Let’s have a look. Go ahead and visit the Google AdWords Tool. First, put in a keyword or keywords that you would like to write about then put in the verification code and click “get keyword ideas”. Now, you will see a list of words based on your keyword.

To see what keywords will potentially pay, click the “Choose Columns To Display” box and then “Show Estimated Average CPC” and this will tell you approximations for cost per click of each term. Remember, this is the “AdWords” tool and is designed to tell advertisers what they will probably have to pay. You, as an AdSense person will be splitting these AdSense proceeds with Google.

But, it gives you a great idea of what terms will pay.

So, let’s say that you do not want to write about insurance because you could care less about that. You like Beyonce!

So, let’s take a look at keywords for Beyonce. Using this tool, we can see that the average Cost Per Click for Beyonce is $1.05. Not bad…since as we see Beyonce is globally searched for about 68 million times a month. Those AdSense dollars would quickly add up. However, to be realistic, you cannot compete for the term Beyonce…it will probably take you 10 years to even get near the top of Google.

But, don’t just give up!

Notice that you can sort by each of these titles. So, do a sort on “Estimated Avg. CPC”. You can see that “Beyonce Tour Dates” is the highest paying term and searched for quite a bit. Why is this the highest paying Beyonce keyword? Well, think about it. People who are searching for that want to buy tickets…they want to spend money! People simply searching for Beyonce may just want information.

Does “Beyonce Tour Dates” have a lot of competition? Well, one of the tools that I use to determine this is called UberSuggest.   Using this, we can find great Beyonce terms that people search for all the time and have little competition. Using a tool like this, which is better than Google for “long-tail” keywords, we find that people search a couple thousand of times a day on words like “how tall is beyonce”? And, to find out the competition, you can purchase UberSuggest or use many of the other tools out there on the Internet.

AdSense Keywords: Look Towards the Future

You have often heard it said that “once you hear about an idea, it is too late to capitalize on it.” To a degree, this is true with AdSense Keywords though I believe that if you are good at what you do you can always compete with most keywords.

However, think about this…who will be the next Beyonce? If you create a website right now about that person, and they get even semi-famous, you can really capitalize on it.

Here’s an idea: Watch the next season of American Idol. After the first show, pick who you will think will win. Next, create a website with or something like that and write all about them. Then, when they get famous, you get rich! Like that idea?

Just imagine…what if you did that after viewing the first season of Idol and now had the leading site for Kelly Clarkson. Result: $$$.

AdSense High Paying Keywords: Summary

There are ample lists that you can find on the Internet about which AdSense keywords pay the most. Using UberSuggest or the Google Keywords Tool, you may be able to find a way to be competitive in the niche.

However, this is not the best way to succeed using AdSense.

I recommend identifying the topics that you love most and determining how you can succeed in this market. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find out what AdSense pays for the keywords that you will go after.

And remember, the higher paying the keyword, the more competition there will be.

Would you rather have a big slice of the millions of searches for Beyonce or a small slice of the thousands of searches for DUI attorneys in Atlanta?

Both are good. One makes a lot of money because it brings in a lot of traffic and the other can make a lot of money based on a few very pricey clicks.

Bottom line: With just about every topic, there is a way to make AdSense money. Find what you love to write about, become an authority, generate inbound links, and you will succeed with AdSense.

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Richard CummingsAdSense High Paying Keywords: How To Find Them

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