Should I Be a Doctor?

Question:  As I look at various career choices, I am wondering, “Should I Be a Doctor?”.  I am currently a freshmen in college and tend to excel in

should i become a doctor

Should I Become A Doctor?

the sciences and, obviously, doctors tend to make a lot of money so this is why I am wondering if I should become a doctor.  It seems like a good career path for me.  What do you think? 
Thanks, Frank, Toldeo, Ohio

Answer:  Is Becoming a Doctor a Good Career Choice for You?

Frank, first of all, that is a great question and one that many in your sitatuion are facing.  Students who think that they should become doctors usually consider this for one of two reasons, one of which is good and the other which should give you pause.

The first reason that many people considering becoming a doctor is the need or desire to help people.  If this is the case with you, if you want to become a doctor to help people, then this is a very good reason to consider becoming a doctor.

The other valid, if misinformed and misdirected, reason to want to become a doctor, is money.  True, right now, doctors still tend to do very well financially.  However, times have changed and continue to change and it’s quite possible that doctors salaries will continue to be challenged by the changes in the healthcare system and how healthcare is paid for.

In fact, even today, you will read stories of doctors who could not sustain their business due to inflated medical malpractice insurance. 

Plus, if your only reason for becoming a doctor is to make money, you probably will not deliver great patient care because, to you, your patients will try your patience–they just represent dollars and cents to you!  

The country needs great doctors who care for patients and do not treat them as disposable objects.

Finally, we should note that these to reasons for becoming a doctor are not mutually exclusive.  We know several doctors who became doctors to help people and earned a lot of money in the process.  Earning lots of money is certainly not a crime, and can be good reason to choose a career, but if it is not accompanied by other reasons, you will often fall short of achieving a satisfactory life. 

Remember, when pondering whether you should become a doctor, it takes an immense amount of time (as you see below) and if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you are unlikely to become a good doctor.

Becoming a Doctor Takes Time, Intelligence, and Money

After you investigate the reasons for becoming a doctor above, there is still much more to consider:  time, intelligence, and money.

While you are in college, the choice of a career may seem daunting at times but it’s certainly easier to make the choice than to realize it.  The choice to become a doctor is an easy one.  The reality of becoming a doctor is many years in the making–it takes lots of time!  And, of course, if you choose to specialize, it can take even more time. 

Let’s just look at the facts of the time involved in becoming a doctor.  First, you need to get your undergraduate degree.  Though you can major in anything that you want, you will need to take the necessary prerequisite classes that are required to enter medical school.  That said, most doctors get their undergraduate degree in the sciences.  That will take 4 to 5 years.  Then, there’s medical school which will consume another 4 years of your life.  Finally, you have to endure residency, which will take another 4 years of your life, at which time you are not beng paid much and you are working at a “feverish” pace.  During medical school and residency, you will not have a whole lot of time to enjoy much of a social life.  The bottom line is this:  You will be dedicating at least 11 years to become a basic doctor and several more to specialize.

Thus, while it is relatively easy to make the choice to become a doctor, the pursuit and actualization of the choice is more than a decade in the making.

Next, when you are considering whether to become a doctor, you need to ask yourself, honestly, if you have the intelligence to become a doctor.  Do you fare well on exams?  Do you have the intellectually capacity and energy to go through these 11 years, being tested at every stage of the game.  Only you can answer this, but it is a question that is not unimportant.  If you can’t make it through some of the exams, you may find yourself middway through the process, having spent mountains of money, only to find that you cannot make it through the later stages of the process.

Finally, let’s talk about the money, the misguided reason that some people choose to become a doctor.  It is true–doctors do make good money, but not for a long time.  There is the age old story of the truck driver vs the doctor:  The truck driver, who began work after high school, had more money than the doctor until they reached the age of 51, at which time the doctor blows him away.

The reason for this is the cost of becoming a doctor, which is exorbinant.  The years of education may run upwards of a half a million dollars and, according to several studies, over 80% of doctors have incurred scholastic and living debts to acquire their education. 

In the end, you will earn good money as a doctor, most of whom earn between $200,000 and $400,000 per year.  However, the rigors of achieving this steady, substantial salary are intense and you need to enter this journey with your eyes wide open.

Conclusion:  Should You Become a Doctor?

In this article, we have presented the plusses and minuses of choosing a career as a doctor which will hopefully assist you in deciding whether it is a career path for you. 

Finally, if there are any other doctors out there who would like to contribute more of their personal experiences, we welcome you to do so in the commments below.

Guest AuthorShould I Be a Doctor?

The Difference Between Men & Women As Seen In A Bathroom

The Deciding Factors

When it comes to judging bathrooms, you have to carefully weigh the criteria and clearly outline the parameters. To be fair, men and women will have very different criteria when it comes to what makes a restroom desirable.  Not that we’re saying all men are slobs and don’t care if their bathrooms resemble a cross between a gas station bathroom and a magazine or newsstand. It’s just that, in most cases, women tend to be a little classier when it comes to household décor.

What Women Want

When you think of a room decorated by a woman, chances are you will picture a tidy space with colorful flowers, exotic perfumes and lots and lots of pink. Contrary to popular belief, not every woman chooses pink as her favorite color, and I am not sure how this vicious rumor got started in the first place. At any rate, most women prefer matching guest towels and sparkling clean fixtures in a fresh-as-daises bathroom. In general, a woman’s restroom or powder room will always be clean and well stocked, with extra everything in a drawer or under the sink. After all, you never know when there will be an emergency that requires a bandage, scented soap, nail polish remover or a red button. Anything potentially embarrassing is not kept in the bathroom; because of course ladies assume that people are going to search the area during their rest stop. Women also tend to prefer large, clean bathtubs, whirlpools or Jacuzzis in which to relax with scented candles, soothing music or a good book. At this point you may be thinking, “so this is how luxury restroom businesses make their money.”  Most women want great lighting for which to adorn themselves with makeup. I mean to read; women want ambiance lighting to read. Yes, that’s it. To read a good book while relaxing in the tub.

What Men Want

It would be fair to make a generalized statement that most men are not that particular when it comes to housework. The bathroom is usually a private zone, and men see that concept differently than women, who treat bathrooms as if royalty could walk in at any given time. Maybe we should let them know that is not why they call it “the throne.” Men want to make sure that they can find everything they need in the bathroom, and may not even be aware of how things stay stocked. Here’s a tip: it was probably recently cleaned and fully stocked by a woman. Men do care about cleanliness, and would not want to go around all day having dried up, crusty toothbrush clinging to their shirt. However, if that same toothbrush is hanging out in the sink, it usually will not bother a man. In fact, it is practically invisible to most men. Likewise, dark rings around the bathtub, water (or worse) on the floor and lack of frilly guest towels are not a tragedy in the male bathroom. Men probably will not notice if the bathmat and paint match the shower curtain – in fact, they may not even notice if there is a shower curtain.

About this post:

As the full time administrator for a website marketing organization, D. Holdeman operates as a posting guest as a means to compliment corporations in the U.S. like Luxury Restroom Rentals. He lives in The City of Angels, delighting in his special better half and their three squirts. Dan-the-man invites folks to scan through his G blog at some point.

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Jennifer Aniston engaged to Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Engaged to Justin Theroux: Rachel Getting Married!

Jennifer Aniston engaged to Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniiston annouces her engagment to Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston annouced this weekend her engagement to boyfriend of one year Justin Theroux.

Rachel getting married?

Yes, after many years of seeing our beloved friend Rachel–Jennifer Aniston–in the headlines with endless men, Rachel is getting married.

If you are like me, you have followed Jennifer Aniston in the news since her Friends days, always rooting her on in love but sensing that she may be one for whom it would never happen.

And you felt for her, didn’t you?  I did and it seems odd.  How do you feel for someone who is worth probably $100 million dollars and was married to Brad Pitt?  By all accounts, her life is better than yours and mine.

But Rachel is our friend and we always root for her!

And you could see–couldn’t you?–that in spite of being a free, highly successful woman, Jennifer Aniston always wanted to be settled down and married.

Yet I recall that she was the one who wanted to wait on creating a family with Brad Pitt for career reasons.  I wonder if she regrets this decision?

Now, at 43, Rachel is getting married.  I hope that she finds all the happienss in the world because Rachel is our friend!


Guest AuthorJennifer Aniston Engaged to Justin Theroux: Rachel Getting Married!

Enjoy the Many Benefits of File Sharing Programs

Individuals and companies alike can use file sharing programs to benefit their office and operation processes in great magnitude. Numerous ways exist in which companies can benefit with the use of these programs, and here we are going to examine a few of the very best benefits that are found with their use. But first, let’s take a look at file sharing programs and learn just what they are!Read More

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A Unique Battery Charger—Really!

A not-so-common integrated motor drive and battery charger for electric vehicles has been developed by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Not only is this an incredible break-through from a technological point, but it is great news in terms of practicality.  When compared to current electric vehicle chargers, the charging time is shortened from eight hours to two.

The painstaking research to develop an optimal electric vehicle charger has resulted in a new power transfer method involving what is termed as a “rotating transformer”.   It should be noted, however, that the concept is still at a laboratory level since the price is cost-prohibitive at this point— a charger powerful enough to charge a vehicle in 10 minutes or less would hover at around $10,000.  Progress towards perfection, however, is continuing to forge ahead.

What The Researchers Were Thinking:

The on-going challenge in the minds of the researchers was how to minimize the size, weight and price of an on-board charger.   Researchers also realized that even though electric cars could, at least in theory, be a viable alternative to reduce carbon emissions, it remained unclear how this mode of transportation would realistically become a reality.  With that being said, optimistic scientists believe electric transportation will become much more embraced—trains, trams and plug-in hybrids—if solving the main problems with the battery and battery chargers is perfected and  affordable.

The Research Continued:

Since the electric motor and the inverter would not be used during the actual charging of the battery, Chalmers scientists dabbled with the possibility of incorporating the motor and inverter in the charger circuit, thereby, constructing some type of integrated motor and battery charger.   The intent was to use the motor and inverter in the charge circuit to increase the charging power while keeping the cost very affordable; and keeping everything very cost-effective was a major hurdle.

According to Saeid Haghbin, a head researcher at Chalmers, stated:  “Instead of having a separate isolated battery charger, we introduced a new concept for the power transfer, the rotating transfer, which was developed to transfer electric power while rotating.  The battery is charged through the transformer and a split-phase electric motor that was especially designed for this purpose.”

But Who Knows:

One shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of electric vehicles all together; and in fact, the University of Michigan has developed a breed of electric cars named the “ultimate electric vehicles”.  They run off a battery and likely require a magnum inverter or similar; however the concept is not nearly as complex as the research going on at Chlamers University.  The University of Michigan cars are run off a battery charged by sunlight—solar cars, plain and simple.

Solar cars are powered, almost exclusively, by direct solar energy using photovoltaic cells contained in solar panels.  Photovoltaic cells convert the sun’s energy into useable electric energy.  That electric energy fuels the battery to run the motor.  Some solar cars don’t use a battery, at all, but direct the sun’s energy straight to an electric motor.

Ford and Mazda conglomerates are testing the waters with solar hybrid cars in an on-going attempt to bypass gasoline dependency.

The idea of utilizing electric energy, whether solar or otherwise, to power the family car is an exciting thing to think about; and we’ll just have to wait and see where all the research will lead us.


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Daniel employs guest posting as an aid for companies like Don Rowe. He works in California from where he functions as an office manager for an online marketing business.  He welcomes guest readers to view his profile on Google +.

Guest AuthorA Unique Battery Charger—Really!

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