Bored On The Internet

What Can I Do On The Internet When I’m Bored [Surprise Me Google!]

Bored On The Internet

Are you bored or SO bored?

I just found out today that hundreds of people everyday go to Google and type in the term “I’m bored” and they want to be surprised by Google.

I found this out because I was bored and I was wondering what can I do on the internet when I’m bored.  It turns out a lot of people are looking for fun things to do at work when bored and top things to do when bored.

It’s good that bored people have a lot of company; at least they’re not bored and lonely.

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Richard CummingsWhat Can I Do On The Internet When I’m Bored [Surprise Me Google!]

The Usefulness of Useless Information

useless-information-searchI was searching for information today and discovered that people prefer useless information to useful information.


Yes, that’s right.  There are more searches on the Internet everyday for the term “useless information” than for the term “useful information“.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this chart.


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Richard CummingsThe Usefulness of Useless Information

Chat Roulette: A Live Review of ChatRoulette.Com

chatroulette-review-1I am just reading in the entertainment section of the newspaper about this website called

It´s a website where everybody is LIVE on webcams.  No doctored photos or photos of people from 10 years before.  It is all apparently live, pimples and all.

So, I´m gonna pop on the computer and see what all the fuss is about — this is my official ChatRoulette review.

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Richard CummingsChat Roulette: A Live Review of ChatRoulette.Com

How To Focus…Or Not

how-to-focusThis morning I lost focus which happens with regularity.

Fortunately, I can control it because I am aware of it.  If you are aware of losing focus, does that by definition make you focused?

My intention was to create a page on my how to video site about how to copy a DVD to a DVD because a lot of people want to know how to do this.  I had already written about how to copy DVD to hard drive and people really liked it so I thought I would expand on the topic.

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Richard CummingsHow To Focus…Or Not

The Movie 21, Variable Change, and Monty Hall

variable-change-movie-21The movie 21 introduced many to the concept of variable change. But what is variable change? Stay tuned for a lively discussion!

During the movie 21 (read my 21 movie review here), we are introduced to a seemingly simple example of probability often referred to by three different names: Variable change, the Monty Hall Problem, and/or conditional probability.  The scenario is this:

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Richard CummingsThe Movie 21, Variable Change, and Monty Hall

Sex and The Three Different Types of Women

women-sexual-preferencesI recently had a Skype chat with my friend Lynne about sex and the 3 categories of women.

Lynne is French, resides in London, and she runs a Sex in the City type of blog about being single in the city of London.   She mentioned to me that she had not had sex in awhile.  She speculated that, at this point in her life, she was dormant.  Her femininity was there and ready to be activated but, currently, she had no libido.  She joked that she should rename her blog No Sex in The City.

So, I said:  “I wonder what category you fall into?”

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Richard CummingsSex and The Three Different Types of Women
Michael Lewis on Princeton Speech

Luck and Success: Michael Lewis Princeton Speech [Video]

Michael Lewis Princeton Speech

Michael Lewis Princeton Speech, 2012

Michael Lewis, author of the acclaimed books “Liar’s Poker” and “Moneyball”, delivered the baccalaureate speech at Princeton on June 3rd, 2012 and put forth some interesting theories regarding the role of luck in successful people.

These words have caused quite a stir, most notably among successful people who refuse to acknowledge that luck played quite a role in their successes.

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Richard CummingsLuck and Success: Michael Lewis Princeton Speech [Video]