Tiger Returns to Golf

Tiger Woods Return!!! Dec 1st, 2016

This must be the most popular day of golf that December has ever produced:  Tiger Woods has returned for the first time since August 2015, more than 400 days.

I saw this coming on The Golf Channel and had to put down the work files and pick up the enjoy golf files for at least 2 hours.

Of course, the most important shot was the first one, his tee shot.  He swang smoothly but pulled it left in front of a bunker and into deep grass.  Second shot?  Perfect!  Landed it on the green and two-putted for par.

And, his chipping yips were just tested on 3, a test he passed perfectly, an easy up and down for a birdie on 3.

He’s now -1.

Easily the most anticipation of a golf event that I have felt since the Ryder Cup.Read More

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Return!!! Dec 1st, 2016
has tiger woods been suspended for one month

Tiger Woods Suspended for PEDs?

Former PGA Tour Player Dan Olsen claims, from supposedly credible sources, that Tiger Woods has been suspended for one-month from the tour for the use of PEDs.

On a radio show in Lansing, Michigan called The Game, Olsen made the following comment:

I heard he’s on a month’s suspension. … It’s kind of a strong witness. It’s a credible person who is telling me this.Dan Olsen, Former PGA Tour Member

Olsen later retracted his statement saying that it was pure speculation on his part.

However, any speculation regarding Tiger Woods always makes front page headlines and this story is no different. In the video below, Scott Van Pelt discusses the issue on his radio show:

Of course, Tiger Woods’ agent is denying all of this. But did this just come out of nowhere? Would Tiger Woods be playing right now if he could? What do you think?

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Suspended for PEDs?

Tiger Woods “Illegal” Drop at The Players Championship

After winning The Players Championship, people are discussing ad-nauseam whether Tiger made an illegal drop on the 14th hole after hooking his ball into the water.


Tiger Woods Drop on the 14th Hole

Tiger Woods can’t buy a break these days. Well, actually, he could probably buy anything given that he has already won 4 times on tour this year, the fastest in any year that he has achieved that many wins.

In fact, his win total might be 5 were it not for the first illegal drop that started “drop-gate” at The Masters. There, he readily accepted the penalty assessed and went about his business.

Now, all the talk is of Tiger Woods’ illegal drop on the 14th hole at The Players Championship. On YouTube, as you see below, a user named John Ziegler spends about 5 minutes on the issue:

And certainly, if you watched the coverage, Johnny Miller was not going to let this go without expressing his opinion that it seemed to be a very generous drop.

However, the coverage that we are all seeing, which makes it look like the ball traveled over water the entire time, is from the blimp and is not what anybody on the course saw.

And Tiger saw nothing. He had lowered his head in disgust, as all of us golfers do when we realize that we have just hit a duck hook. So, according to how the rules work, Tiger must consult with his playing partner(s) to determine the proper place to drop the ball. His playing partner that day was Casey Wittenberg and here is what he had to say: “I saw it perfectly off the tee. I told him exactly where I thought it crossed, and we all agreed.”

So, Tiger dropped where Casey pointed out that the ball had crossed the hazard. That’s the rule and Tiger did the right thing…as he did at The Masters.


Richard CummingsTiger Woods “Illegal” Drop at The Players Championship
Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open Today?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Grahm McDowell, Jim Furyk...?

Who will win the U.S. Open today?

Yesterday, before tee-off time, many pundits were already coronating Tiger Woods as the U.S. Open champion of 2012. Then, the unthinkable happened. Tiger faltered.

This leaves the field wide open. There are 17 people within 5 shots of the lead. If one of these early players can post a great score, you have to like their chances. You also have to think that if either Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell, both past U.S. Open champions, can post a score at even par or better, they will win.

If this does not happen, the tournament is clearly up for grabs. There are only 3 people at a score better than +2. If any of them falter, I would say anybody at +7 can shoot a great round and win.

Of course, it will probably be Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell. But, we won’t know until tonight…and that’s what makes sport the most interesting attraction on the planet!

Richard CummingsWho Will Win The U.S. Open Today?
Tiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open

Tiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open As He Begins Saturday’s Round

Tiger Woods U.S. Open Saturday

Tiger Woods Leads U.S. Open

Tiger Woods tees off with the co-lead at the U.S. Open today, Saturday June 16th.

By nearly everyone’s account, nobody has a chance if Tiger plays well. However, yesterday we witnessed Tiger have 3 bogeys in a row so this U.S. Open should not be written off as Tiger’s just yet.

Tiger is paired with another U.S. Open champ in Jim Furyk who also finds himself at one under par. Also at one under par, we find long-ago PGA champ David Toms, who just might have the game to do it at Olympic Club as well.

To catch all of action, watch the U.S. Open on NBC today beginning at 4pm Eastern time until 10pm this evening. Also, while you are watching, be sure to have your laptop or iPad handy and get a look at all of the holes and real time scores at the official U.S. Open site.

Enjoy the show folks…it will be a great one!

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open As He Begins Saturday’s Round

Tiger Woods Set To Tee Off in Round 2 of the U.S. Open

Tiger Woods U.S. Open 2012Tiger Woods is set to tee off for round two of the U.S. Open. He is currently in second place behind Michael Thompson.

Who? I said “Michael Thompson”. I know that you don’t know him and I don’t either. And, by the end of the day, his name will probably be well down the leaderboard.

Where will Tiger’s name be?

The groups that played in the afternoon yesterday did not do so well. And the weather conditions will not improve as the afternoon temperatures drop.

So, where will Tiger be after round 2?

My bet is that he will have or be tied for the lead.

What’s your bet?

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Set To Tee Off in Round 2 of the U.S. Open

Tiger Woods Press Conference: What Will He Say?

Since the Tiger Woods affair began over Thanksgiving three months ago, we have heard from nearly everyone except Tiger Woods.  Today, he speaks. (Watch the Tiger Woods Conference live here at 11am Eastern Time).

Many people simply want to see him.  With all the speculation that his face was badly damaged in the November incident, people want to see if he still looks the same.  There was the photo below that was circulating in everybody’s inbox for the last couple of months.

picture of tiger's face

Will he look like that?  Obviously not.Read More

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Press Conference: What Will He Say?