Dimitri Phone Message

I had a friend at work who, in his pursuit of someone, was rather persistent.  People would somewhat jokingly refer to him as a stalker.  He would say, “I prefer to call it dedication.”

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Richard CummingsDimitri Phone Message

Why is Prostitution Illegal in the US?

why-is-prostitution-illegal-in-the-usaI was just about to create an entry about the legality of prostitution in many countries when various Internet searches brought me to Sally, who is struggling with this very issue. 

Apparently, Sally is a feminist; I liked the way she thinks through, and struggles, with the problem.  I’m not a feminist (can a guy even be one?) and would not immediately say I appreciate feminism given the stereotypical  images it conjures.   

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Richard CummingsWhy is Prostitution Illegal in the US?

Finding The Perfect Girl…

theperfectgirl1I met her on the beginning of my journey from St. Louis, Missouri to the Florida Panhandle.  My parents, who were riding with me, already seemed to know her.

From the moment she said “hello”, I felt something different, new, a sense that we would be together for awhile.  It was an unfamiliar reaction on my part, but one that felt so comfortable.  We invited her along with us on the car ride.

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Richard CummingsFinding The Perfect Girl…