videos of best songs of 2014

Videos of the Top 10 Songs of 2014!

videos of best songs of 2014

Best Song 2014: See Honorable Mention Below

Each day, we list the top 10 daily songs on our site, but today is different. We’re bringing you the top 10 songs of 2014 and their accompanying videos. We love year-end countdowns and here’s our favorite, counting down from #10 to #1. Be sure to check out the last section: Our Honorable Mention video of 2014…Enjoy!

Stay With Me: Sam Smith Earns the #10 Spot

He starts off the song with: “I guess it’s true I’m not good at a one-night stand.” Well, that’s a shame because they can be fun! But who can not relate to the song “Stay With Me”. We’ve all felt it. C’mon, I know you have and that’s why you love this song!

Problem: Ariana Grande Comes in At #9 With Iggy Azalea

This song is like the reverse of Jay-Z’s 99 problems. Jay-Z’s got all sorts of problems but a b*tch ain’t one. Not so with Ariana as she refrains: “I got one less problem without you.”

All About That Bass: I Love This Song at #8. Should Meghan Be At #1

I have a confession. I first heard this song in a Zumba class and thought it was saying “All About That As*”. I couldn’t wait to see the video and then sadly discovered that they were saying “bass”. Love it anyway!

Rude: Magic Makes #7 With This Sweet Song

That day when you have to ask your girlfriend’s dad permission to get married? Stressful…and then he says, “not a chance.” How rude!

Jason’s Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” Comes in at #6

I had to watch my niece and nephew for a week while my sister went on vacation this year. She said to me: “Don’t let them listen to Talk Dirty.” First time in the car…we blasted it. What a beat!

Counting Stars: One Republic Tops the Year at #5

“Lately I’ve been I’ve losin’ sleep dreaming about the things that we could be…” Great intro to a great tune!

Fancy: Iggy Gets Me Jiggy at #4

From the moment I heard this, I knew. Iggy’s got talent…she’s hot…white girl got rhythm…take a listen…She be fancy!

All of Me Reaches Legendary Status as the 3rd Best Song of 2014

John Legend is simply a smooth crooner romancing this hot babe! Who is she? I love all her “curves and edges”. Ooops, now I feel bad…that’s actually his new wife, Chrissy Teigen. Go John…you got a winner there 🙂

Katy Perry Can Never Be Considered a Dark Horse: The #2 Best Song of 2014

Juicy J gets in on the Katy Perry show as she becomes an Aphrodite! Do people like Dark Horse? More than 740 million YouTube views would suggest that the answer is yes.

Pharrell’s Happy: The # 1 Song of 2014?

I like Pharrell and I have to put him at #1 because this is an official list. But is it fair to say that this song has been overplayed? Anyway, here you go…but check out just below for A Rich Ideas pick of the best song of 2014!

Honorable Mention: A Rich Idea’s Pick of the Best Song of 2014 — Snoop and Wiz Khalifia, Young Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars

This songs earns our personal pick as the #1 song of 2014! Snoop and Wiz Khalifia. Are you kidding me? It doesn’t get any better. Enjoy!

Richard CummingsVideos of the Top 10 Songs of 2014!

Best Songs Ever

Born To Run--One of the Best Songs EverMany of our visitors have requested a list of the Best Songs Ever. We are at your service. We have searched the Internet and come up with a list of the best songs ever and provide that for you here in the form of the Top Best 100 Songs of All Time List.

Compiling a list of this nature is a fun, exhausting process. Opinions differ and musical opinions can certainly be subjective. However, songs on this list have proven the test of time and are beloved the world over.

You may disagree with our list or want to add items to the list. If you do not find one of your favorites on this list, add it in the comments below. If we deem it worthy, we will place it in the Additional Reader Suggestions below.

All of these best songs ever can be found on MP3 if you would like to listen to them. Simply click the link to listen to the song.

Let’s begin.

The 100 Best Songs of All Time

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Richard CummingsBest Songs Ever

Best Song On YouTube Ever – Rick Astley, Really?

When I am working and want to take a break, I like to hear music. This morning, not having anything in particular in mind, I went to YouTube and searched for “best song on YouTube Ever“.

The first song in the results that struck me was Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up. But, the best song on Youtube ever?

Is this a comment on how lousy all the other songs are or just how cool Rick Astley is?

You be the judge.

Rick Astley: Never Gone Give You Up

Richard CummingsBest Song On YouTube Ever – Rick Astley, Really?

A Little Bit Of Riddim

Below, you will find the A Little Bit of Riddim Video by Michael Franti and Spearhead.

Why do I bring this to you this Wednesday morning?  Because we all need a little bit of riddim in our lives!  Plus, if you have read  Why Tuesday sucks, you know that Wednesday is the “over the hump” day and it’s time to celebrate.

So, here’s a little bit of riddim for you!

A Little Bit of Riddim Video

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Richard CummingsA Little Bit Of Riddim

Funklicious Fridays Gets “Frantilicous”

Michael Franti Spearhead Sailing Southern GroundFunklicious Fridays has never gone exclusive with just one artist, but today’s a new day. We are going “Frantilicous” today with Michael Franti & Spearhead.

After seeing Michael Franti & Spearhead on the Sailing Southern Ground cruise, I was nearly left speechless. There are moments you have in life where you just feel the positive energy in the air and are thankful to be alive.

One of those came when Michael Franti & Spearhead sang Say Hey (I Love You) on the Sailing Southern Ground cruise.

Here’s the video to start off your day in Frantilicious style!

Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You) Video

It’s perfect that this video takes place in Rio, a place where people have mastered simply “living for the day”. And, damn, can they move those hips!Read More

Richard CummingsFunklicious Fridays Gets “Frantilicous”

Open Pandora’s Box: A New Online Radio Website

I was just taking a look at the top 10 pop songs to see if I am missing out on any good, recent music when I came across a website called Pandora Radio.

Occasionally, I listen to the radio online instead of playing songs from my iTunes. This was the first site that was returned when I searched for “online radio” so I gave it a shot.

This site completely stereotyped me…and I loved it!

Here’s how it works: You put in the name of an artist that you like and it will create a radio station for you.

It was as if I was playing my songs from iTunes but with a much greater selection. I put the name “Dave Matthews” into Pandora because I had just seen that many people were accessing my page on the Dave Matthews Cruise (because he has a new cruise scheduled–you should go by the way, it might just be the best trip you’ll ever take!). All of the sudden I was listening to Dave, Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, and a bunch of other artists I love.

I think I’ll be opening Pandora’s Box everyday. It’s a great, personalized online music site. Check out Pandora when you get a chance.

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Richard CummingsOpen Pandora’s Box: A New Online Radio Website