videos of best songs of 2014

Videos of the Top 10 Songs of 2014!

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: February 27, 2020
videos of best songs of 2014

Best Song 2014: See Honorable Mention Below

Today, I’m bringing you the top 10 songs of 2014 and their accompanying videos.

I love year-end countdowns and here’s the 2014 favorites, counting down from #10 to #1. Be sure to check out the last section: My Honorable Mention video of 2014…Enjoy!

Stay With Me: Sam Smith Earns the #10 Spot

He starts off the song with: “I guess it’s true I’m not good at a one-night stand.” Well, that’s a shame because they can be fun! But who can not relate to the song “Stay With Me”. We’ve all felt it. C’mon, I know you have and that’s why you love this song!

Problem: Ariana Grande Comes in At #9 With Iggy Azalea

This song is like the reverse of Jay-Z’s 99 problems. Jay-Z’s got all sorts of problems but a b*tch ain’t one. Not so with Ariana as she refrains: “I got one less problem without you.”

All About That Bass: I Love This Song at #8. Should Meghan Be At #1

I have a confession. I first heard this song in a Zumba class and thought it was saying “All About That As*”. I couldn’t wait to see the video and then sadly discovered that they were saying “bass”. Love it anyway!

Rude: Magic Makes #7 With This Sweet Song

That day when you have to ask your girlfriend’s dad permission to get married? Stressful…and then he says, “not a chance.” How rude!

Jason’s Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” Comes in at #6

I had to watch my niece and nephew for a week while my sister went on vacation this year. She said to me: “Don’t let them listen to Talk Dirty.” First time in the car…we blasted it. What a beat!

Counting Stars: One Republic Tops the Year at #5

“Lately I’ve been I’ve losin’ sleep dreaming about the things that we could be…” Great intro to a great tune!

Fancy: Iggy Gets Me Jiggy at #4

From the moment I heard this, I knew. Iggy’s got talent…she’s hot…white girl got rhythm…take a listen…She be fancy!

All of Me Reaches Legendary Status as the 3rd Best Song of 2014

John Legend is simply a smooth crooner romancing this hot babe! Who is she? I love all her “curves and edges”. Ooops, now I feel bad…that’s actually his new wife, Chrissy Teigen. Go John…you got a winner there 🙂

Katy Perry Can Never Be Considered a Dark Horse: The #2 Best Song of 2014

Juicy J gets in on the Katy Perry show as she becomes an Aphrodite! Do people like Dark Horse? More than 740 million YouTube views would suggest that the answer is yes.

Pharrell’s Happy: The # 1 Song of 2014?

I like Pharrell and I have to put him at #1 because this is an official list. But is it fair to say that this song has been overplayed? Anyway, here you go…but check out just below for A Rich Ideas pick of the best song of 2014!

Honorable Mention: A Rich Idea’s Pick of the Best Song of 2014 — Snoop and Wiz Khalifia, Young Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars

This songs earns our personal pick as the #1 song of 2014! Snoop and Wiz Khalifia. Are you kidding me? It doesn’t get any better. Enjoy!

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Richard CummingsVideos of the Top 10 Songs of 2014!

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