Beyond the iPad: The True Legacy of Steve Jobs

legacy of Steve JobsFor many, the legacy of Steve Jobs may be the device you hold in your hand or the computer on which you are reading this right now. But the true legacy of Steve Jobs is not one of technology, but of life.

In the many accounts of the life of Steve Jobs recently written, we read articles such as how Steve Jobs changed the way we interact with music and how Steve Jobs Told Us What We Needed Before We Knew. Certainly, Steve Jobs will be remembered 100 years from now for the way he created the perfect marriage between art and technology.

But, if we stop there, only acknowledging the great technical products that Steve Jobs bestowed on the world, we miss the greatest lesson that Steve Jobs has given us.Read More

Richard CummingsBeyond the iPad: The True Legacy of Steve Jobs

The N-Word, Huck Finn, and Racism in Society

In the past couple of days, I have been incidentally exposed to three instances in which the topic of racism surfaced. The first illustrates how alive racism is in some circles, the second is just funny, and the third is about removing the “N” Word from Mark Twain’s classic “Huckleberry Finn”. I will share those with you here. If I actually use the word (which, as we will see, I am really not suppose to because I am white), I do not intend to be offensive but it seems silly to say the “N” word all the time.

I use the word “incidentally” above because I was not searching for issues on racism in any of these situations. They found me and just got me thinking on the topic.

The first incident occurred on Saturday as I was searching for animal attack videos after watching a show called “When Animals Attack”. I know…it’s a bit morbid but we’ll leave that for another day. So, I visited and searched for the term When Animals Attack. The fourth search result returned the video that I have posted below:

Black Females Attack a White Pregnant Women

Read More

Richard CummingsThe N-Word, Huck Finn, and Racism in Society

Waking Up

waking up slowlyThere are many different ways to wake up.  You can’t control them; they just are.

I liked the way I woke today.  Normally, I wouldn’t have liked it because I woke up too early.  When you wake up too early, it often means that you did not get enough sleep.  Who wants to start a new day without enough sleep the night before?

People sleep different amounts of time each night.  I know some people who can survive, and even thrive, on 4 hours of sleep a night or less.  I don’t know how they do this.  It seems not human.  Can I trust these people?  I normally need 8 hours.Read More

Richard CummingsWaking Up

Are You Feeling Lucky?

my lucky horoscope Are you feeling lucky?  There’s a lottery going on right now and you could run out and buy a ticket.

Do you know that today, there are hundreds of people who are going to visit google or other search engines and type in the following:  “What are the most lucky mega numbers played?”  You might be one of them.

But you might not want to win the lottery today.  This sounds silly I know (who would not delight in winning $3,000,000 today?).  But experts say that “excessive wealth, particularly for people unaccustomed to it, such as lottery winners, can actually cause unhappiness.”  In fact, over 1/3 of lottery winners end up declaring bankruptcy.Read More

Richard CummingsAre You Feeling Lucky?

Priests: Presumed Guilty

Most Priests Have Dedicated Their Lives to Helping Others My uncle just came by for a visit.  My uncle is a priest, a Jesuit priest no less.  If you want to get technical, they’re super-priests.

My uncle has like 5 masters degrees.  Jesuits are uber-educated as they have to study for like 13 years before becoming full-fledged Jesuits.  It’s great-you to get to keep going to school well beyond when you’re suppose to stop going to school and get a job.  Your only trade-off for this?  A lifetime vow of poverty and celibacy.Read More

Richard CummingsPriests: Presumed Guilty

Contacting Paulo Coelho, Part III, The Email

(Read Contacting Paulo Coelho… to learn the background of this email)

Dear Paulo Coelho,

In The Alchemist, you mention that “…when someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”Read More

Richard CummingsContacting Paulo Coelho, Part III, The Email

Contacting Paulo Coelho, Part II

(click here to read part I of the story)

David knew what that normal life entailed.  He had lived it the past 5 years.  At 28, he thought, if I go back now, that will be it.  I will probably never return.  And he was probably right.

A traveler who returns home from his journeys always wants to travel again.  Perhaps he need not travel to the same physical place, but he will want to travel to recapture the feeling, the spirit, the adventure of meeting new people and having new experiences each day.  He wants to, but he probably won’t.Read More

Richard CummingsContacting Paulo Coelho, Part II