Dimitri Phone Message

I had a friend at work who, in his pursuit of someone, was rather persistent.  People would somewhat jokingly refer to him as a stalker.  He would say, “I prefer to call it dedication.”

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Richard CummingsDimitri Phone Message

Finding The Perfect Girl…

theperfectgirl1I met her on the beginning of my journey from St. Louis, Missouri to the Florida Panhandle.  My parents, who were riding with me, already seemed to know her.

From the moment she said “hello”, I felt something different, new, a sense that we would be together for awhile.  It was an unfamiliar reaction on my part, but one that felt so comfortable.  We invited her along with us on the car ride.

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Richard CummingsFinding The Perfect Girl…

Cracker Barrel Travelin’

cracker-barrel-reviewA drive through the deep south affords you plenty of opportunities to eat at Cracker Barrel, so named because the mid-section of all the patrons resembles the shape of a barrel. 

These people are normally found at the local All-You-Can-Eat in their hometowns, but on the road Cracker Barrel has won their affections with extremely large portions and a country store that sells baseball caps saying things like, “I Do It In a Mustang.”

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Richard CummingsCracker Barrel Travelin’

How to Enjoy a Movie Twice [or a Mr. Brooks Movie Review]

mr-brooks-movie-reviewMy friend “rented” the movie Mr. Brooks last night. The dance clubs were a-calling so we were only able to see the first 15 minutes. We will watch it later today.

I have seen the movie Mr. Brooks…and I haven’t.

I did see it. About 6 months ago, Mr. Brooks was one of the first movies that I saw when I arrived in Uruguay. They promoted it very differently here and made the movie seem much better than the promotion I had seen in the USA.

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Richard CummingsHow to Enjoy a Movie Twice [or a Mr. Brooks Movie Review]

Did John Edwards Mean What I think He Meant?

When someone has no good reason to say something, they might be saying more than you think.

As I got to thinking who would win the 2008 November elections (Barack, Hillary, McCain) today, I thought of the words John Edwards spoke to Wolf Blitzer while he was still in the race…”I am the most electable of the three of us in the general election.” At the time, John Edwards trailed by wide margins in all of the polls and seemed to have no justification for saying this. Perhaps, this was just politics as usual. Perhaps.

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Richard CummingsDid John Edwards Mean What I think He Meant?

Letter to George Bush Before the War

President Bush/Whitehouse:

I hope that this email falls into the hands of someone with authority.

I am a 34 year old business owner originally from St. Louis, Mo. and now living in San Francisco, CA.  I have never emailed the government and my participation in government has always been limited to voting 4 times a year for president.

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Richard CummingsLetter to George Bush Before the War

What Happened Today

what-happened-todayThis is an essay I wrote way back in 1992. I keep it hear on A Rich Idea for those who may want to let some words of reflection trickle across their being.

            The day is done and the darkness falls from the wings of night as a feather wafted downward from an eagle in flight.  Yep, it’s true.  Another day ended.  Revelations didn’t present themselves as readily as tabloid TV showcases adulterous activities, but there are always miracles to be found, shooting stars only noticed by those curious enough to look. 

            Sally Jesse Rapheal’s daughter died yesterday to compound her misery which accrued from a son just getting struck by an automobile.  Her life is now as tragic as many of those who appear on her show.

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Richard CummingsWhat Happened Today