Racism or Good Ole’ Boy Fun?

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: March 7, 2020

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This email is appearing in email inboxes throughout America. Is it Racism or Good Ole’ Boy fun? Comments are welcome below.

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Richard Cummings

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Richard Cummings
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Richard CummingsRacism or Good Ole’ Boy Fun?

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  1. Sandra

    Racist, ignorant, and indicative of portions of America. Do we really need to see this? To ask the question at all is the height of ignorance.

  2. Richard

    Sandra, I agree with you…on this first point. On the second point, that posting this is the “height of ignorance”, I disagree. I hope that people will see it, and those who might have had a laugh, will at least ask themselves…”am I being a little racist by laughing?”

  3. qang

    you people are all way too sensitive. i am a racist. most people are, they just don’t say so because we have all been made hysterical about the issue of race. “racism” is the modern equivalent of accusations of witchcraft. blacks, whites, hispanics, chinese, etc. are all racist. if you love your own people you are to some degree racist, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

    slavery is not inherently racist, people all over the world had slaves (but white people were the first people to ban it outright), and often they were the same race. genocide is not inherently racist either. tutsi’s and hutu’s are the same exact race (same genes)–and the hutu’s caused more damage in two months than hitler did in the same amount of time. hitler killed 12 million over 6 yrs, thats 1 million every six months–the hutu’s slaughtered 3 million in just two months by the most primitive way possible–by hacking people to death with a machete (do you realize how up close and personal ya gotta be to kill someone with a machete??). so it’s not like whites have a monopoly on genocide or slavery. they certainly do not have a monopoly on racism either, one only has to go to johannesburg, south africa to figure that out. you can also take your white butt to martin luther king blvd any where in america and find out how racist blacks are.

    i think people should be free to be racist. so long as everyone has equal protection under the law against harassment and violence, people’s opinions are the province of their own mind. to deny them the right to their “racist” opinions is THOUGHT CRIME.

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