Chris Soules Chooses Whiteny

The Bachelor Finale: Chris Soules Gives Final Rose to Whitney…

In the final episode of The Bachelor, Chris Soules got down on one knee and proposed to Whitney Bischoff, the fertility clinician from Chicago.

Video: Watch The Moment Chris Proposes to Whitney

The other contestant of course was Becca. Not having very much experience in love, she didn’t realize what Chris needed–the assurance of love and someone willing to be his wife.

On the Iowa farm.

With the Ashley’s, Britt, Carly, Kelsey, and everyone else, this Bachelor season with Chris has given us some good TV moments. However, since I had little emotional investment in the final two contestants, this finale lacked some of the punch of previous shows, espcially last weeks’ Women Tell All Episode.

Whitney and Chris have not yet set a date for the wedding and it will be interesting to see if their engagement holds up. Chris is now accustomed to a life outside the farm and that Whitney giggle may get irritating when it echoes endlessly through the prairie. We’ll wait and see if the engagement holds up or if they’ll suffer the same split-up fate as Andi and Josh.

The most exciting news of the evening came when they announced the next Bachelorette. Not only did they choose Britt, they are making it a two-fer with Kaitlyn as well. That’s right–two Bachelorettes. They haven’t given a complete breakdown on how it will work yet but they let on that it will turn into a bit of a competition and one of the girls will eventually be booted from the show.

It starts in May and I know you’ll be there watching!

Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Finale: Chris Soules Gives Final Rose to Whitney…
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The Bachelor Recap Feb 23rd: Kaitlyn vs Becca vs Whitney!

In Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, virgins win, tattoos lose, and fertility specialists survive.

Welcome to the the near-end of The Bachelor with Chris Soules.

If we are going to be honest with each other, the last of the episodes of some seasons of The Bachelor lose a bit of appeal if you are not “all-in” with the remaining Bachelorettes.

I was all-in with Britt and she’s gone. Quite frankly, the remaining contestants lacked the beauty or controversy to interest me. But, of course, I watched and you did too.

So, for the quick recap, they all had dates in Bali.

Kaitlyn was first. She was shaking for much of the date and trying to open up. Chris did not seem that into it but, I have to say, Kaitlyn’s vulnerability heightened her appeal. In my first episode review where I critiqued all the girls, I wrote that “Kaitlyn is a great example of the girl who takes it too far.” Up until this episode, she hid her vulnerable side and this date she let go. As I watched, I found their date rather…boring. And I thought, “I wonder if Kaitlyn’s tatoos will get her kicked off the show…” I’m not sure that did it (and Chris would never admit to it) but we know one thing: she has lots of tats and now she’s gonzo!

Whitney, the fertility specialist, was second up. Of course, Becca was going to be last because the entire attraction of this episode was how Becca would reveal to Chris that she’s a virgin. Whitney has a very narrow face and a somewhat irritating voice but she’s kind of sexy. Plus, she brings endless enthusiasm which has kept her around. However, that enthusiasm may be her downfall in two weeks. I initially wrote that Whitney’s problem is that “She’s wearing a perfume called “Desperation”. She mentions in her profile that her greatest fear is “being alone”. Unfortunately, that fear creates behavior that will leave her, well…left alone.” Will that be her fate in two weeks? Being left alone?

Becca was the final date behind much ado (and promotion!) about being a virgin. She accepts the fantasy suite date with Chris and tells him when they arrive that she is, in fact, a virgin. I mentioned in my last Bachelor update that this virgin thing is being portrayed as somewhat negative: “Will he leave me after I tell him that I am a virgin?“, the girls ask. Most men (I would think as I am one of them) would applaud the fact that a girl has held out. The only problem with waiting is that you might end up with a girl who is not a sexual being. However, Becca must have given some provocative signals because Chris opted for her in the end.

Unless you are a huge romantic and have some skin in the game with one of the girls, this episode of The Bachelor is one that you do not need to rush to see. But you’ve already watched it so too late for you!

The good stuff comes next week when The Bachelorettes tell all. This is always the best episode of any season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette.

I’ll be critiquing so stay tuned :)

Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Recap Feb 23rd: Kaitlyn vs Becca vs Whitney!
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The Bachelor Update Feb 16th: Chris Choosing With Heart Not Hormones

After nearly 4 hours of programming on Sunday and Monday night, the Bachelor Chris Soules is now down to 3 women: Whitney, Becca, and Kaitlyn.

In these four hours, four women were tossed: Megan, Carly, Britt, and Jade.

When you look at all of The Bachelorettes this season, one thing is clear: Chris is making decisions not based on beauty but on a genuine look towards a future and marriage.

Certainly, Britt, Jade, and Megan are sexier than the remaining Whitney, Becca, and Kaitlyn.

With Megan, I am reminded of a saying of a friend of mine who claims long distance relationships don’t work: “What the eye can’t see, the heart can’t feel.” Megan had a great date with Chris but that was way back in the beginning. They had not seen each other much since and she left his heart.

Britt’s departure is the most shocking. After she opened up quite a bit to Chris, he gave the rose to Kaitlyn. Offended that she was not chosen (and she’s clearly accustomed to being the chosen one), Britt unleashed her emotions in-front of Chris and the other girls. Clearly, throughout the show, the chemistry between Britt and Chris was the strongest of all the girls. And, clearly also, she was by far the most beautiful remaining bachelorette.

But, Chris is letting his head and not his hormones do the choosing–an unlikely methodology from a farm boy but you got to give him respect. Similarly, he let Jade go after her revelation that she had posed sans clothing in a men’s magazine.

And Carly? Well, as we learned in the last episode of The Bachelor where Ashley I gets kicked off, the rat never wins. Carly ratted out Britt (unfairly in my estimation) and then got booted right after her. There have also been reports that Carly may be the next Bachelorette but I’m thinking not. She is funny and would be sure to throw down some juicy commentary but she’s not quite sexy enough.

Go with Britt for the next Bacehlorette!

So, of the remaining, who will Chris choose? I’m thinking not Kaitlyn because she’s too…over the top. So, that leaves 2 southern girls: Whitney & Becca. How is Whitney going to maintain the job she loves in Arlington, Iowa? Hmmmm…

So, that leaves Becca, the Virgin. This virgin status thing has made quite the headlines this year and much commentary seems to trend toward the negative. Of that, I’m not sure why. Is a guy going to pick a girl who has slept with many people or a virgin? What do you think?

I am sensing a big problem on the horizon though. Once you take the farmboy off the farm, and introduce him to the world–and the women of the world, can he comfortably live on the farm the rest of his life?

Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Update Feb 16th: Chris Choosing With Heart Not Hormones
ashely i interviewd by jimmy kimmel after The Bachelor dismissal

Ashley I from The Bachelor on Jimmy Kimmel…And Quite Likable!

ashely i interviewd by jimmy kimmel after The Bachelor dismissal

Ashley I Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

Ashley I, the “Kardashian Look-A-Like” from The Bachelor, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel (see video below) after her dismissal from Episode 6 of The Bachelor.

Unlike her character on the show, who seemed no deeper than a kiddie pool and more emotional than a Jerry Springer guest, Ashley I donned a funny t-shirt and traded some good jibes with Jimmy.Read More

Richard CummingsAshley I from The Bachelor on Jimmy Kimmel…And Quite Likable!

The Bachelor Episode 6: A Recap in Tweets

Episode 6 of The Bachelor saw 4 Bachelorettes sent packing (Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, & Ashley I) and a whole lot of drama. Here is our weekly recap in Tweets!

Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Episode 6: A Recap in Tweets
The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap: No Rose Ceremony But Lots of Awards!

Episode 5 of The Bachelor with Chris Soules ended dramatically with no rose ceremony. Because of this, we are giving out awards to all of the girls as we recap the the action from episode 5. Let’s get it on!

The Bachelor Episode 5 Pseudo Award Ceremony

Kelsey on The Bachelor

The Shameless Widow

Bachelor Episode 5 Award 1
The Shameless Widow Award

Oh, that sounds harsh as the show ended with Kelsey having a panic attack. However, bear in mind, from the first episode of The Bachelor, I was rooting for Kelsey because of her situation. However, as the show has progressed, she’s oddly celebrating, and using, her widow status to claim a higher moral ground and manipulate Chris.
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Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Episode 5 Recap: No Rose Ceremony But Lots of Awards!