Episode 4 of The Bachelor

The Bachelor Episode 4: 4 More Girls Gonzo!

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Here is a quick look and analysis of the 4 girls who were booted from Episode 4 of The Bachelor with Chris Soules.

If you want to see all of Chris Soules’ Bachelorettes and the episode that spelled their doom, click here. Now, let’s get started!

Photo of Ashley S the bachelor season 19 with Chris Soules

Ashley S

From the get-go, nobody could understand why Chris kept Ashley S. Her behavior seemed quite literally certifiable. Yet, he kept her and we, as viewers, were seemingly promised some quality crazy for a few more episodes. Unfortunately, it never really materialized and Ashley S vanished as quietly as she entered crazily.

Photo of Juelia the bachelor season 19 with Chris Soules


Juelia’s quite a beauty with a lot of tragedy in her recent past. Obviously, when she spoke of her tragedy with Chris at the pool party, Chris realized the emotional challenge that Juelia would be. And, understandably, he may not have wanted to take this on. Thus, he had an emotionally positive goodbye with Juelia allowing her to return to be with her child.

Photo of Nikki the bachelor season 19 with Chris Soules


I have found Nikki’s presence rather humorous because she never shared any time with Chris yet he kept picking her. And this is the life of an NFL Cheerleader: You ALWAYS get to stay around for a few weeks but, if you have no substance, your beauty can only sustain you for so long. Apparently, the exact length is 4 episodes.

Photo of Jillian the bachelor season 19 with Chris Soules


I’ve had so many random, irrelevant questions about Jillian as the show progressed: Why do they keep blacking out her bikini bottoms? Why doesn’t she maintain below? Is she crossed-eyed? Does she have some dwarfish qualities? Is she beautiful? The only question that Chris needed answering was: What’s your 5 year plan? This set Jillian off on an endless session of dribble that left her ruthlessly roseless.

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Richard CummingsThe Bachelor Episode 4: 4 More Girls Gonzo!

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