Beyond the iPad: The True Legacy of Steve Jobs

legacy of Steve JobsFor many, the legacy of Steve Jobs may be the device you hold in your hand or the computer on which you are reading this right now. But the true legacy of Steve Jobs is not one of technology, but of life.

In the many accounts of the life of Steve Jobs recently written, we read articles such as how Steve Jobs changed the way we interact with music and how Steve Jobs Told Us What We Needed Before We Knew. Certainly, Steve Jobs will be remembered 100 years from now for the way he created the perfect marriage between art and technology.

But, if we stop there, only acknowledging the great technical products that Steve Jobs bestowed on the world, we miss the greatest lesson that Steve Jobs has given us.Read More

Richard CummingsBeyond the iPad: The True Legacy of Steve Jobs

How To Focus…Or Not

how to lose focusThis morning I lost focus which happens with regularity.

Fortunately, I can control it because I am aware of it.  If you are aware of losing focus, does that by definition make you focused?

My intention was to create a page on my how to video site about how to copy a DVD to a DVD because a lot of people want to know how to do this.  I had already written about how to copy DVD to hard drive and people really liked it so I thought I would expand on the topic.

Then, I lost focus.Read More

Richard CummingsHow To Focus…Or Not

Time to Stop Watching the News

Sometimes, you think the world is going to hell and a hand-basket.  (Where did that expression come from?  I don’t like it.  It’s so cliché and I don’t even really get it.  Let’s start over….)

Last night, the news reported that someone was plotting to kill Barack Obama after mass murdering more than a hundred black people and beheading some of them.  Read More

Richard CummingsTime to Stop Watching the News

Waking Up

waking up slowlyThere are many different ways to wake up.  You can’t control them; they just are.

I liked the way I woke today.  Normally, I wouldn’t have liked it because I woke up too early.  When you wake up too early, it often means that you did not get enough sleep.  Who wants to start a new day without enough sleep the night before?

People sleep different amounts of time each night.  I know some people who can survive, and even thrive, on 4 hours of sleep a night or less.  I don’t know how they do this.  It seems not human.  Can I trust these people?  I normally need 8 hours.Read More

Richard CummingsWaking Up

What John McCain Can Learn from Boo Weekley

boo weekley ryder cup victoryLast Sunday, I watched the U.S.A. win the Ryder Cup, a victory spearheaded by an unlikely individual named Boo Weekley, a victory that made all who watched proud of our Americans, and our America.  We saw all of the characteristics that made our country great:  tenacity, teamwork, honesty, competitiveness, friendship, and fun, lots of fun.  I felt great.

Later that same night, I watched 60 minutes which featured an interview with John McCain.  This depressed meRead More

Richard CummingsWhat John McCain Can Learn from Boo Weekley