Sex and The Three Different Types of Women

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women-sexual-preferencesI recently had a Skype chat with my friend Lynne about sex and the 3 categories of women.

Lynne is French, resides in London, and she runs a Sex in the City type of blog about being single in the city of London.   She mentioned to me that she had not had sex in awhile.  She speculated that, at this point in her life, she was dormant.  Her femininity was there and ready to be activated but, currently, she had no libido.  She joked that she should rename her blog No Sex in The City.

So, I said:  “I wonder what category you fall into?”

“Category?”, she responded, “What are the categories?  Tell me!.”

I don’t believe that I had ever formulated these ideas.  They just sort of came to me during this chat.  In retrospect, I think they withstand the test of time.

So, I proceeded to tell Lynne my idea of…

Sex and the Three Different Types of Women

  1. Girls who love sex almost all the time, almost like an athletic sport. Some are rather promiscuous with many guys but others are faithful and loving to their partner but they need sex almost all the time.
  2. The “I must be in a good emotional place and then I really enjoy sex and the physical and emotional fulfillment it provides.”
  3. “I really don’t like sex too much but I will do it sometimes with my boyfriend when he really needs it.  But, if not, I don’t need or want it.”

And, of course, Lynne’s first question was:  “…and which category do you think I belong to?”

This following chat ensued:

Lynne:  For me there are only two categories:  1 and 2.

Me:  You don’t think #3 exists?

Lynne:  3 is an illusion, because of men who don’t know how to do it properly

Me:  That’s what women say, but I am not sure that’s true.  It’s a ruse contrived by women who are really #3’s.

Lynne:  Well…

Me:  …Because not many women want to admit that they don’t like sex.

Lynne:  I believe all women need to be revealed by a man.  A man or several men.  Sexual maturity comes with practicing, with complicity.  And actually a women’s vagina gets more and more sensitive with contact.

Me:  …and less sensitive without…

Lynne:  So for example, some young woman will prefer foreplay because the vagina is has not been prepared enough yet.

Me:  This is interesting…

Lynne:  But coit after coit (sex after sex-remember she’s French :)), it gets more and more sensitive.

Me:  This is one topic that I have been considering:  Sexual differences between women of different ages…

how to make him love youLynne: And from their 30s, women are craving for sex.  This comes from the theory which says that the more a part of our body has been touched, the more erogenous it gets.  Men have this almost immediately, as their erogenous zone, the penis, is external and easy to touch.  The vagina is inside and it is never touched. And so it takes several years penetration to get the best of it.

Me:  You’re so not a number 1  🙂  You’re too smart to be a #1.

Lynne:  Lol.  Why wouldn’t a number one be smart?

Me:  #1’s can be smart…with business intelligence, perhaps emotional too, but they’re ready from day 1.  They didn’t have prolonged vaginal warm-up  periods in their life.

Lynne:  Some are ready sooner.  Some say it can come from tampax use.

Me:  …or riding horses.

Lynne:  Exactly.  We read the same things!

Me:  For guys it just takes a gentle breeze 🙂

As we both had to go at this point, we ended our discussions here with a to be continued.  But, of course, there was one last question:

Lynne:  One last thing…

Me:  Yes?

Lynne:  Which category do u think I fall into?

Me:  You want to leave with that question?  To leave some suspense, let’s chat more about it next time… then I’ll have more information from which to draw my conclusions.

I relish my discussions with Lynne.  I agree with most of her ideas on this topic except her notion that “there is no #3.”

I need look no further than my one of my friend’s sisters.

She despises sex.  She no longer even pretends with men that they are going to get it.  From the outset, she’ll say, “I’ll need you to know up front-I don’t like sex and I won’t do it.”

tips for a better sex life

The guys, subscribing to Lynne’s theory, and thinking that they are the ones that can unleash her wild beast, always say, “You just probably have not had the right guy yet.”

“No,” she’ll respond, “I really just don’t like it and won’t do it.  But I compensate in other ways!”

And, in their mind, the men hear, “Oh, perfect.  Lots of bl@wjobs!”

And they are right and very happy!  Until that one day, when they want to change things up a bit, and they say, “Ok, baby, we’ve been together a while now.  Let’s have sex!”

To which she’ll respond, “I told you this from the beginning.  I don’t like sex.  I’m a number three.  If you don’t know what that is, go read this article on the Internet called:  Sex and The Three Different Types of Women.”

Thoughts?  Put your comments below…

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Richard CummingsSex and The Three Different Types of Women

Comments 9

  1. Rodrigo

    i know that third kind of women…; by the way..don´t tell me that´s sarah´s sister… anyways if she is, sarah won´t introduce her to me!! haha

  2. lisa

    I would like to add to the theory… I think women can be a 1, 2, or 3 depending on what stage they are in their life. For example, most women I know would fall into the 3 category just after having a baby. This lasts for awhile b/c as a mom of babies/toddlers your body is being touched so much by children that you just want to have time when no one is wanting something from it. Here’s the good news guys… This stage passes and when it does, get a vasectomy and your sex life will vastly improve. When a woman doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy and is finished having children, sex can just be for fun again, which seems to work out very well for the woman and her partner!

  3. billy

    SUBJECT: Reply to girls and cars,C’mon baby how do relationships border on the absurd?;and what man enjoys being used?You are or seem to be the one being used and by that i mean being used by your own limited thoughts.I wish you happiness and for Gods sake ask for wisdom. Thank you. Billy

  4. blessing

    hi thanks for your enlightenment abt sex with your break down i am no 1 but the problem is is it normal wanting sex the more get the opposite sex fed up u no men are busy coming back home having stayed a while i just want to jump into his hands but whenever i do is complain will be we just had sex yesterday. do you think my situation is normal.

  5. frustrated

    Hi everybody!

    How can a man know if a woman is a number 1?

    I heard that if she has oily skin then she has a strong sex drive….?

    Can anybody help?

    It would be a damn sight easier to tell from the beginning rather than get involved and end things because she can’t keep up.


  6. Demanda

    Wow! How very narrow-minded of you to imply that a woman who loves sex (a #1) can’t be smart (other than the extraneous ways you offer as a token for your insults) and typical of the faux feminist mindset. It’s why I will fuck women but never get involved with one emotionally. I have yet to meet another truly enlightened woman. And so I remain a proud, happy, enthusiastically sexually active #1, happy to take on the many unsatisfied men that sad, frustrated small-minded women leave in their wake.

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