10 Best Rules Of Netiquette

What is netiquette?

 Netiquette is how you behave in cyber-space.  The dos and the don’ts of proper behavior.  The term is derived from network etiquette.

 Virginia Shea penned a book entitled Netiquette in which she examines the proper rules of behavior on the Internet.

Are you behaving yourself?

Here are the 10 Best Rules Of Netiquette according to Virginia Shea with explanations from http://www.albion.com/
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Richard Cummings10 Best Rules Of Netiquette

Best Tablet PC Computer

best tablet pc computer to buyAs tablet computing becomes more pervasive, it is time to take a look at the best tablet PCs on the market. As we see, the iPad is not the only game in town as many manufacturers have come out with Android-based tablet computers that many people find beat the Apple iPad in a price-to-performance contest.

Our list of the best tablet PCs is updated frequently as new tablets are being introduced everyday, each with different size screens, updated processors, and different tablet operating systems.

When making your decision to buy a tablet PC, one important consideration is the tablet operating system. From day to day on our list, you will find tablets based on one of three tablet operating systems: the Apple iOS (used for iPad), Google Android tablets, and Windows 7 tablets.Read More

Richard CummingsBest Tablet PC Computer

Best Laptop Cases for Women

laptop carrying cases designed for womenThis page is dedicated to the best laptop cases for women! Ladies, you are stylish, beautiful, and feminine and you need to carry your laptop with you in style. We have designed this page so that you can find the best laptop cases for women.

When you are carrying the best laptop computer, you need to protect your assets. Not only is the computer worth a good amount of money, the contents inside likely carry all the important data of your personal and work life. Thus, you need to protect your computer and be comfortable doing it.Read More

Richard CummingsBest Laptop Cases for Women

Best Laptop Computer

On this page, we feature the best laptop computers on the market today. Technology changes everyday and people are constantly asking us “Who makes the best laptop?”

Choosing the best laptop computer can be difficult with so many options available. Fortunately, we do the work for you. Laptop computers are heavily reviewed by those who use them and thus the best selling laptops are those that are also the best-reviewed laptops. Read More

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Best Bluetooth Headset

bluetooth headset reviewIn this article, we examine the Best Bluetooth Headset that you can buy. We provide bluetooth headset reviews of the leading headset manufacturers so that you will always have the latest access to the best bluetooth headsets available on the market.

These days, if you have a bluetooth compatible cell phone, you must have a bluetooth wireless headset to go with it. Why? Aside from the many obvious benefits, many states now have laws stating that you must drive hands free. A bluetooth headset allows you to drive hands free and speak with clarity while doing so.

As more bluetooth products have hit the market, it has become more difficult to decide which headset to choose. Fortunately, the cost of bluetooth headsets has dropped significantly and you need look no further than this page: We have a daily, updated list of the best bluetooth headsets available.Read More

Richard CummingsBest Bluetooth Headset

Best Digital Camera

Best Point Shoot CameraOur readers constantly ask us What is the Best Digital Camera for the money? With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide on the Best Digital Camera available on the market today. Not only do these digital cameras differ in price, but their styles and quality also vary greatly.

Thus, we have set out to find the 10 Best Digital Cameras based on quality, price, and functionality. Also, we factor in the digital camera reviews in formulating our list.

You will find that most of the cameras on the list of best digital cameras are compact, point and shoot digital cameras. This is because most of us want simplicity to accompany quality. Who wants a great digital camera that is too difficult to use? In this list, you will find the best compact digital cameras (or best point shoot cameras as they are sometimes called) that money can buy.

That said, many of you are what we call advanced amateur photographers and want a camera that provides a bit more control and greater quality. You will find some of the advanced amateur photographer cameras on the list as well (many over 14MP) as more and more people realize that advanced photography does not have to be technically challenging.

Since technology moves rapidly, we do too! We update our list of the 10 Best Digital Cameras for you everyday so that you can always make the best, and latest purchasing decisions.

So, let’s get started with the list.Read More

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How Can I Add Text to a Photo?

Adding Text to PhotosQuestion: My question is about adding text to photos. I have some great pictures and I would like to jazz them up by adding some text to explain the picture and make it look more professional. What is the best way to add text to a photo and is there a way that this can be done for free? Many thanks, Gina from Golden Colorado.

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Richard CummingsHow Can I Add Text to a Photo?